We made it!

Y’all we made it! Today is the last day of the blog challenge. I am so excited that I was able to post a blog every day this month especially with everything that has been going on! 

When I started I had no job, school was quickly approaching but not really thought about, Kobi was barely 6 months old (she’ll be 7 months on Saturday), William and I hadn’t been on but one date night without Kobi ever, and now I just put in my notice for my temp job in order to start my new job, I’m in the second week of school and making it, Kobi is growing faster than I’d like, William and I are planning our next alone date night and somehow I’m managing it all. 

I don’t know how well I’m doing but everyone is still alive and well. I’m still trying to figure out a free way to post pictures because magically finding an extra $100 isn’t going to happen just yet and Kobi’s seven month update is coming soon! 

Thank you for your continued support! Above all else remember that His Love Is Real! He hears you and sees you and only wants the best for you! 

Stay Blessed,

❤️ Terri 


Hola, yo quiero practicar mi español. Ahora yo muy consada porque estoy estudiar para mi clase de universidad. Mi hija Kobi no es dormir bueno para los tres o cuatro noches. Yo cocino pollo y vegetables ultima día para cena. Y yo duermo con mi esposo William.

Okay that’s all I have… I’ll translate what I was trying to say… 

Hello I want to practice my Spanish. Right now I am really tired because I am studying for my college class. My daughter hasn’t slept well for three or four days. I made chicken and vegetables last night for dinner. And I went to sleep with my husband William.

Thanks for letting me practice my Spanish! Hopefully one day soon I will be able to write a longer blog in Spanish.

Giving Notice

So I have come to find out that when you work as unto the Lord and give your very best every day, giving notice is hard because you’ve given everything you had! 

Today I gave notice to my temporary job that I have found full time employment with the State of Tennessee and although I am super excited to be starting something that will be fulfilling and a dream come true I’m sad to be leaving. Although I’ve only been there a month these people are some of the nicest, and some of the happiest of people I have ever met. The big boss man greets me by name every day (like really, who does that)!

Most of the poeople have worked for this company for 30 years and they don’t hate their jobs! They aren’t run down and mean instead they are happy and pleasant and for me that type of environment is very much needed, appreciated, and sought out! 

I cried several times (but did you expect me not too)  and although I don’t normally care about what others think in this case I did… I dreaded when the news would trickle from HR to the management and yet everyone is genuinely happy for this new opportunity that has come my way! I know that I’m leaving and my job is done! I have left a piece of me with every one that I have met… Which is exactly what I always try to do. 

A congested baby

Y’all so the time as come where Kobi doesn’t feel good and there isn’t much I can do about it… I mean at least when she’s been teething I can put some Ambesol on her gums, but her being congested has been the worse. We (William and I) have been tag teaming her nose to make sure it stays clear and that seems to cause her so much pain…

 Like screams, real tears, and face changing colors! It breaks my heart every time. But I know that’s all we can do besides hooking up the humidifier (which we’ve also done)… I do know about the streamed up bathroom but we haven’t used that just yet… We’re praying whatever this is runs its course quickly and doesn’t linger! 
How do you deal with a congested baby? Any tips or tricks I’m missing?

Church family picnic

Today was our church family picnic and it was so much fun! The food was good. We met a bunch of new people. And saw a couple of friends and even got to know some of the people we already knew better! Kobi did great and she met a few new people as well! 

My favorite part was when I got to double dutch for the first time in a very very long time like 15-ish years, and I got in on the first try and stayed in for a little while too! It was so much fun!! Then William got to participate in the Bethel Olympics and he did the obstacle course that almost killed him but he made it through and his team ended up winning that event!!

Sometimes it’s just a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and get to know the people that you see every Sunday but don’t always get to connect with… And since we just transitioned to this church a few months ago it was a great time to do just that!