CrossFit: A Week Of Personal Records


Y’all this week I have surpassed my expectations during CrossFit, probably because I have none but that’s beside the point… I mean my main goal has been to improve with every WOD… And this week I found my one rep max on the main lifts that we have been working on… And I have new personal records for them all!!

On Tuesday we did the Clean and Jerk and I was able to lift 100lbs!!! We also did the Back Squat and I was able to squat 155lbs!! I couldn’t believe it when everything was totaled all up!! Thursday comes along and we have to do Snatches and Dead Lifts… If you recall earlier in my experience of CrossFit the Snatch was the move that made me cry and feel stupid… So from that moment on I had only been working with a PVC pipe and a 10-15lbs bar…

So when I found out we had to figure out our one rep max I was a tad bit scared because up until that point not only had I had no weight but I was still doing the snatch in several small moves… But low and behold I was able to Snatch 75lbs!!! I know right? Talk about a victory!! I then went to do bench press which I maxed out at 85lbs
and did the Dead Lift which I have been great at from the beginning. Like my posture has been great from the beginning and my form has always been good so I just kept adding weights 10 by 10 then 15 by 15 on a bar that was already 35lbs until I got all the way up to 185lbs!!! That’s right I Dead Lifted almost 200lbs!! I was super stoked and could hardly believe it!!

This week has taught me a lot about myself and about hard work and perseverance but the one thing I took away from this all is that it’s all in the technique of things!! I really do feel like I succeeded because I took the time out in the beginning to stick with the PVC pipe and work the technique until I felt like I had the movements down and then I added weight as I progressed and that made all the difference. So If you are just starting out and are still using the PVC pipe or a 10lbs bar don’t be discouraged keep pushing and keep working on those movements you’ll get there!!

Will I PR again next week probably not partly because I’ll be in North Carolina attending a class and doing a lot of travel WOD’s but regardless of what I do next week I think me having a week of PR’s was a wonderful way to leave the box for a few weeks because I know that I truly left everything there!! There’s nothing like a PR to solidify your real love for something and I really do love CrossFit!!


I Won The HUG Award!

I actually won this award a while back (like in April) but school was no joke and I just didn’t have the proper time to do what needed to be done. But here I am just as grateful to be accepting this award as the day I found out I was nominated for it! Thanks so much to the bargindiva for nominating me. She has a wonderful fashion blog that really focuses on great finds for affordable prices and making you feel special! I got my idea to decorate myself from her and still love the thought of getting all dressed up just for me!


The HUG Award@ was initiated by Connie Wayne, which promotes hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.

Hope is an expectant desire; a confidence in a future event; a ground for trust and confidence; to think; to look forward to with trust and expectant desire.”

The HUG Award© was initiated by Connie Wayne at A Hope for Today athttp://ahopefortoday.comwhich promotes hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.

The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity;Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation;Hope for Oneness

The HUG Award© recognizes and honors those who help keep hope alive in our current world, which is plagued by war, natural disasters, and economic recession.  They nurture hope, in any of the above areas (in italics),  by the work they do, or in their personal lives with things such as blogging, public speaking, charity work, etc.

The HUG Award© is for anyone, anywhere in the world, who meets the guidelines and wants to be nominated for the award. Please leave a comment on this page if you are interested in receiving this award, or if you would like to nominate someone else for the award.

The HUG Award© is for people who, without giving up or compromising their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs, are able to nurture hope and respect the dignity of all people.

The HUG Award© is for those who, without bias or prejudice, use their resources and gifts to make the world a better place for everyone.

The HUG Award©is for people who have a hope or an expectant desire that the work or talents they use in things such as blogging, public speaking, charity work, etc., will make a positive impact on the world.

These people do not have to actively use the word “hope” in their work or creative talents.  They only need be conscious of their desire to make the world a better place for everyone.

These people use their available resources–a smile, a hug, a helping hand, a listening ear, a voice, time, money, possessions, education, personality, talent, websites and blogs—to make a positive impact on the world and make the world a better place to live.

My nominations for the HUG Award are Working For Christ, Anelemc, and Double Hockey Sticks! These are some of my favorite blogs! Not only do these people embody these qualities in their writing, but I learn and have learned some great lessons from their posts!


As always there are rules to be followed:


1.  If you receive a HUG Award©, you may nominate others who also meet the above guidelines for the award.  You may nominate as many people, websites, or blogs as you want to nominate to receive the award.  I do ask that, upon receipt of the award, you nominate at least one other person.  The award is also not time limited, so you can nominate new people or sites you encounter in the future.  Please try not to nominate those who have already received the award.

2.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTING YOUR NOMINEES and telling them you nominated them for the  HUG Award©.  AND when you contact them…

3.  Please link this page:  When you contact your nominees for the award, please include a link to this page, they will have the same information you received about the award.  Then, they also can perpetuate the award by nominating others.  AND…

4.  Please post a comment on this page at with the name and the complete website or blog address of the site(s) or person(s) you nominate.

5.  If you know, I would appreciate you informing me of the geographical location of your nominee(s) and /or their site(s).

6.  Social Media Sites:  You may also copy and paste unchanged copies of the original HUG Award© and HUG Award© Guidelines’ wording to other social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin.  You may also print original copies for your personal use for display, etc.

7.  You may print a copy of the HUG Award© Guidelines for people you nominate, who do not have a website, blog, or social media account to which they can paste award and Guidelines.  If they have email, you may email them a copy of the original HUG Award©and original Hug Award© Guidelines.

 I am so honored to have been nominated for such an award. Thanks again bargindiva!

My Life Thus Far

These last few weeks were full and it’s only gonna continue. We have dear friends coming into town then I’ll be leaving for North Carolina again ( my second home) for three weeks to attend a school which I am super stoked about! But back to the last couple of weeks, we went to North Carolina a for graduation before that I attended a wonderful women’s conference with some great friends known as the glory conference and had a chance to dance there (that was definitely a God thing)! I attended a friends senior recital, have improved in CrossFit had lots of food, started enjoying my natural hair,had a picture painting get together with a few friends,today I helped with the Walk For Life that Hope Pregnancy Center holds every year!! And to make my week great my husband finished fixing the sub flooring in our kitchen so we can lay down the tile soon!!

CrossFit: Forward Motion


Y’all I am moving forward!! I am so stoked!! I have progressed to using the 35lb bar!! It was definitely a lot heavier than the 15lb bar that I have been using but like my super coach Kim said, “It’s heavier but you’re getting stronger!” We did a ton of things this week from weighted good mornings, to clean and jerks, and I have progressed in pretty much everything I even kicked out my pull-ups without stopping during my most recent WOD!! I am totally enjoying CrossFit!!

Good-Bye Scandal, Olivia, & Your Gladiators in Suits!



Sometimes, many times actually; obeying God is no fun. I have tried unsuccessfully for about three weeks now to pretend like I didn’t hear that still small voice that I know too well, tell me to give up Scandal… BUT GOD I said, “Scandal really?” “I mean it’s not like it’s Awkward Black Girl, or Weeds.” Which by the way were two other shows that I was convicted over and had to stop watching.

So here I am, I haven’t seen anything since the episode where Olivia ends up in a hospital after sleeping with Jake, only to be visited by Fitz! talk about a cliff-hanger… I tried to watch the episodes I had missed kind of like a mini-marathon last week and my ABC app on my iPad thought I was outside of the U.S. and wouldn’t let me watch a single show!! It’s never done that before!!! God has a funny way of moving and speaking especially when you won’t listen…

Today was suppose to be the day that I finally caught up, and as I was cleaning the house and spending time with Jesus reading my Bible I felt that tug, you know that familiar tug that nags at you until you answer it… I read things like, “Cast away the detestable things your eyes feast on,” and “Do not defile yourself with idols.” and I knew it was over. No longer could I run, or ignore the nagging tug on my heart by just not watching the episodes…

Nope, I had to submit and surrender my will to God. I did try one last time to reason with Him and asked Him if I could at least finish the season after all the season finale is coming on TONIGHT but instead of peace I felt an overwhelming sensation of nausea that started to develop and I knew that if I were to even attempt to watch it I would regret it…

Who is the mole??? Wait don't tell me!

Who is the mole??? Wait don’t tell me!


I even tried to say well so and so still gets to watch it, and so and so watches xyz show… and you know what He said to me??? “Yes, but you’re not so and so, you’re different and I’m calling you to a deeper place and you need to be ready.” Do you know after hearing that I read in my Bible,” I will kindle a fire in you and it shall not be quenched.” Which is confirmation of some things I have already been told. Man isn’t God so amazing! So I said okay,I don’t know what this is going to look like but here I am.  And then I said, I am definitely taking a nap (I had an earlier choice of napping or watching Scandal).

Now just to make things clear, what I have talked about thus far is a reflection of the relationship I have with God. He allows me to feel things, and hear His voice of reason although it’s ever so soft and gentle even in correction. He is teaching me that He has indeed set me apart to be different than everyone else. That doesn’t mean that I am better than you and that doesn’t mean that you are going to Hell for watching television shows like the ones I mentioned. It just means that He has different things for us to accomplish, it means that we have different relationships with Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and God, it means that this is a different season of my life and that’s okay. God loves me and He loves you and He only wants the best for us so please don’t leave here thinking that He’s something other than good and gracious because He “won’t let me watch tv.”

After all didn’t your parents monitor what you watched? I know my mom did! So it’s really no different. Just like when you were younger and all your friends were watching the Simpson’s but you couldn’t. It never really seemed fair at the time, and it may have seemed like you were missing out on the fun, but eventually you got over it, found something else to occupy your time and probably ended up way better at math or reading than your other friends.

In the same way, my not watching Scandal does kind of feel like I am missing out, in fact I know I am because I’ll never know what happened or at least not any time soon! But I know that what God is going to teach me and speak to me in the time I would have obsessed over Scandal (or any other show) will be well worth it in the long run, in the big picture of Kingdom mindedness and I will be a closer to Christ. It may not be fun but it will be worth it, just don’t tell me anything about Scandal… I don’t know that I could handle it just yet.


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CrossFit: I’m Catching On…


This week has been great!! Not only did I PR by back squatting way more than I thought possible but I also got the hang of the hang snatch and was able to lift a grand total of 40 lbs!!! It’s only up from here… I also met another Cali girl who was there on vacation and I got to show her the ropes of the box!! That’s what makes me so excited I am understanding the lingo enough to show someone else what a basic workout looks like and my friend Jonelle tried it out for the first time and doesn’t hate me!! So besides being extremely sore I think I’m hashtag winning!!