Where Was God Today Day 30

God showed up several times today. First He came in the thoughtfulness of an Easter basket… Those eggs we dyed yesterday, were put into baskets for all of us, not just Kobi and it made me cry to be given such a sweet and thoughtful gift. Each of our baskets had the eggs with our names on them, and then some of our favorite things (jelly beans, cashews, toys).

Then God showed up to fight for me. During a misunderstanding, where I could have really argued my point in a not so nice way, I decided to keep my mouth shut and fingers from typing and just thought about how I could approach the situation and the Lord allowed for the other person to see their mistake and make things right.

Lastly, God showed up in the conversations that William and I were able to have. We didn’t agree about everything and I didn’t shut down, but instead pushed through until we finished and had resolutions in place. All of which is progress for me!

Where Was God Today Day 29

God was here…

We sat around a table and decorated eggs for each other and it was so much fun!! I hadn’t dyed eggs in years and this was Kobi’s first go at it… not only did this family activity give me a chance to reflect on Easter, it also gave me a chance to reflect on family! The blessing of a family is remarkable, and when you choose your family it makes moments like these that much more special!

Where Was God Today Day 28

Today God used Instagram to show up and encourage me! I was able to have a really uplifting conversation with a forever friend via Instagram and I read several things that encouraged me, one of which was from Steven Furtick and I shared it in order to encourage others, because it was that good and that timely!

It just reminded me that God can and will use anything to get His message out. It also reminded me that it really is all about who you follow and what they share that can determine the impact on your life.

Where Was God Today Day 27

The day has just begun, but God already showed up and if He doesn’t do anything else for me today; THIS IS ENOUGH!

Kobi, who has had a horrible cough and fever that really took her out (not eating and just wanting to sleep), is now up asking to eat Mac n cheese, drinking apple juice and water and dancing around!

She wanted to play and run around so that’s what we did. I’ll definitely still make her rest today, and getting up before the sun (when I started this blog) was hard but I am so glad that she is her regular independent, strong willed self again!

Where Was God Today Day 26

He was with me today as I took care of Kobi. She isn’t feeling well at all, and to be able to stay home with her on a weekday to ensure she gets better is a huge blessing! Usually William would stay home with her because he’s the one that had sick days or tía Silvia would take phenomenal care of her!

Although my skills are limited on how to make her feel better, I’m still happy that I’m the one that gets to be here. This small thing has definitely allowed me to reflect on how God has orchestrated these last few months and I am truly grateful for the blessings that have come from this hard time we’ve been in.