My Week Recap

So this week has been amazing! Not only did I get to spend some great time with Jesus; He answered my prayers this week too! I got to spend time with a new friend, try out a new baking recipe, I helped a friend pack, played with a kid’s toy that was super fun, played volleyball, and worked a few days but the highlight of my week was eating Popeye’s Chicken!! Yummy!!! What did you do this week?









A Day of Rest

That is what today was for me. I haven’t had a day in a long time that was just a pure day of rest and quite frankly I might not get another one for a while. I stayed in the house, spent time with Jesus, watched television, caught up on reading and just rested. I did do some things around the house like laundry that doesn’t quite stop growing even though I may stop doing it… but all in all today was a day that I needed just to be. I rested and I won’t apologize for it. What did you do today? How do you rest in your free time?

Submission is Key

Before you think of all the different ways that I could go with this post let me just tell you… When you submit to God and to the authorities He has placed in your life He really will move mountains on your behalf! How do I know? Because He did it for me! He took a situation that seemed impossible for me by myself to change and waited until I was fully submitted to Him and under proper authority of my pastor to change it; in less than three days time!! It really was a miracle!! My God is pretty amazing that way!! I’m still in awe of it all… and I just want to praise Him!! Stay faithful and fully submitted to Christ and He will… (fill in the blank)!! AMEN!!

Fun Jesus Music

Fun Jesus music is so hard to find but thanks to the local Christian radio station here in Miami I have stumbled upon the musical artist B.Reith!! He is signed with Toby Mac’s label Gotee and his music is everything that young people like to hear and it still talks about Jesus!!!

He is very talented, he can sing, and rap as well as write and produce. He is definitely using his talents to advance the Kingdom of God!! I stumbled across some of his music and wanted to share it with you!! Personally I really enjoy the stories he tells in his music!! They are so encouraging!! I hope you have as much fun as I did listening to it! I will definitely be on the look out for when he comes this way on tour!!!