My Dearest Kobi

It’s been a long time since I wrote you. In fact there’s a journal that has been neglected so long that all of your major milestones since we moved to Oregon are captured in my mind and via phone. Check your Facebook for all of the pictures when those words run out you’ll be certain to find them there.

You’re growing up so fast. I want time to stand still so I can treasure each and every moment with you. I know it can’t and won’t and I’m actually really excited to watch you learn. I mean just the other day you came in the kitchen with your shoes on the correct feet with straps through the loops and Velcro in place. The week before that you wrote the most perfect letter H all by yourself (check Facebook for that highlight your daddy made it his profile picture). The week prior to that you peed in the potty for the first time! And yesterday when we went to the store, you pointed out the peppers in the produce isle and began reciting, ” if Peter Piper picked a peck of peppers…”

You are incredibly brilliant! You love to read and be read to, and you love to dance and sing. So much so that you’ve begun making up your own songs! You love people so well and really do walk around to the beat of your own drum. You aren’t afraid to ask for prayer or pray for those around you. You are compassionate and strong. You love to write and color with pens. You really do know what you want. You’re interested in Engineering and you love planes so much that you have to stop and look for them the moment you hear them flying over head!

Oh and did I mention that you are only two and half years old right now? I’m sure you can do the math from when this was written in your head because you are your father’s child after all, but I decided to just throw that out there.

My Dearest Kobi,

You. Are. Brilliant! Don’t ever forget that. Don’t let anyone EVER tell you otherwise. You were meant for greatness. The favor of the Lord is with you wherever you go, and although we may not be with you, know that our love for you is deep and unconditional. Oh and please hear me when I say, doing it differently is what we do best!! Trust God because He’s never failed us! You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

Love you FOREVER,

MomMother and daughter in dresses

Daddy picked your dress and you picked mine for church one day. Photo taken 7/18 in Eugene, OR.
Mother and daughter spinning
You asked to spin in our princess dresses so we did. Photo taken 7/18 in Eugene, OR