God is moving!

Y’all when I say God is moving I really mean it! He is performing daily miracles when it comes to our baby Katherine Obadiah (I like how her whole name sounds together)! Technically Kobi is only 32 weeks gestational age however she is going on a whole month outside of my womb, with that being said she continues to breathe on her own, she has a nasal cannula just in case and to help when needed, she gains weight every time she eats and is now 3 lbs and 6 oz! 

 The best part thus far is she was recently moved to the Children’s Hospital NICU at Vanderbilt; which is a step closer to her coming home! There she has a private room that allows us to spend more quiet/quality time with her (as in I can pump next to her and play worship music)! Here they will get her to start bottle feeding (and eventually breastfeeding), will move her from assisted air to regular room air with no assistance and take her from her pod to a crib! 

We are super excited for the continued progress that Kobi is making on a daily basis and we know that Jesus is the One doing the miracles but we also know that He hears each one of the prayers spoken on behalf of our Kobi! William and I can’t say Thank you enough but we will always try to keep you updated with what’s going on with Kobi as a way to say Thank you!! Thank you and enjoy a few recent pictures of our love!!

3 Weeks already

Kobi is 3 weeks old today and I can hardly believe it! Our baby really is growing up so fast and I’m sure this is just the beginning!! As of today she weighs 3lbs and 3oz and is drinking 26 ml of breast milk. 

She is still breathing on her own and her CPAP machine was set to the lowest level which is one step closer to being completely removed! She loves to snuggle and she opens her eyes only when she feels like it and never when we want her too but I love her little personality already. 

Thanks so much for the continued prayers, love and support! Kobi is doing great because you all are helping us go and see her and praying for us to have the strength to make the 2 hour round trip every day safely!  We are blessed in part because of you and we are so grateful for each one of you. 

Mind Dump

It’s one day until Kobi turns 3 weeks old and there are so many feelings I have inside of me at this very moment. Mostly I just want her home with me. I don’t know if that’s a feeling or what but that’s what I’ve got at the moment, there’s also guilt and sadness in there too. I’m trying to allow others to bless me as they see fit but it’s so hard to be so vulnerable again! I thought that losing Kiwi was bad enough but this sucks too! The only thing that doesn’t make it just as bad is knowing that I get to go and see Kobi every day!! But even that makes me miss her sister a little more…

I cry all the time over the smallest things: a commercial, food, a card, William thinking of me and showing me with little gifts. Despite me being overly emotional (post pregnancy hormones are real and in my case a lot more weepy than when I was pregnant) everyday life makes me extra grateful! The fact that I can walk around freely with minimal pain is wonderful and even if I overdo it I know that I’m still not confined to the bed anymore so I just rest up and go again in a few days… I still can’t bend down and pick things up or even lift overly heavy items (this could be my purse with a bible and a water bottle in it) but I try to do what I can when I have the energy to do it. My life right now consists of pumping, sleeping, taking my meds, drinking enough water and trying to eat three decent meals a day. it may not seem like much but it’s actually a huge task right now. My goal is to get healthy enough to take care of Kobi when she comes home…

Did I mention we still have the nursery to get finished as well as my baby shower to attend that I don’t even really feel like going to because I’ll be baby less and still look pregnant and now I have to try to find something to wear for a bump less baby shower although there’s still a bump there and I have no idea how I want to wear my hair… gosh those things don’t even seem that important but because this is my first baby shower I just wanted things to be a particular way; mainly I wanted to have a baby in my belly during it but that won’t be the case this time around… Oh and I never got my maternity pictures done between bed rest and bad weather so I have like one picture on the day I began to go in labor of my bare belly that William took while the doctors where examining me!

Gosh I just feel like my life has always got to be a testimony for someone else (meaning everything has to be done the hard way) and that knowledge can be a lot to take at times. I know I have to trust God and I am but it doesn’t make this life any easier. I’m tired. I’m worried about my baby. I’m trying to find the balance between being concerned and not letting her become an idol. I’m trying to be kind in my impatience and trying to extend more grace specifically to William all while trying to rest… If I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day I don’t know that I would ever sleep.

I’m still trying to figure out if I should be working or go and finish my degree first and then I keep thinking of possible theses to research and thinking about how close I am to finishing my degree. I’m thinking about childcare and if I could really leave Kobi right away and I’m thinking about moving but know that moving would require a two income household and I want to find a job that I am passionate about and that I love going into every day!  I don’t just want to work at something I’m good at because that brings me no joy and I need to have joy in order to be fulfilled and satisfied… so many things running through my head I just needed to get them all out so I could breathe. Thanks for listening/reading.

2 Week Kobi Update

Hello everyone! I realize that although I share pictures of Kobi I don’t really tell you how she is doing… So hopefully this update will give you some idea of how to pray and where to Praise the Lord!

Kobi  is two weeks old today and has been breathing on her own since the second day she was born, as of right now she has surpassed her birthweight she no longer requires an IV to receive nutrients and she is being tube fed a combination of my breast milk and some donor breast milk when needed. On her first brain scan (done at 7 days) everything came back normal. They won’t do another one until day 30 so I’ll keep you updated when that occurs. 

She is strong, loves to be touched just like her daddy, and is always trying to help the nurses do something (i.e. She grabs onto whatever instrument they are currently using to take care of her at the time). She squeezes our fingers when she is in agreement with us about something and is already kicking off her blanket and opens her eyes when she feels like it! 

Talking about her makes my heart swell! I love her as much as I miss her sister Kiwi and I can’t wait to get her home! 

The doctors are waiting for her to be able to gain weight, suck, eat and breathe at the same time, and be able to regulate her body temperature… Once those things start to happen she will be that much closer to coming home. So feel free to pray that those things take place sooner rather than later and that they are consistent when they do occur. 

Thanks so much for taking this journey with us and for your continued love, support, and prayers! 
  This was William’s first snuggles!I love this picture of all 3 of us!  
    This is my new favorite pic of her!!
Look at her personality already! 

 Kobi and daddy were dancing for the first of many times together!

7 Year Celebration!

I’ve been waiting for this moment since we got married because of the “7 year itch” myth, legend, tall tale, saying… I’ve wanted to make it past this year and I know we will but I don’t just want to make it through this year I want this to be our best year! I want this year to be full of joy and peace and pure happiness! I want to love my husband deeper and more of the way he likes to be loved. I want to go on a family vacation with out little one to the beach, and just keep living for Jesus! 

It’s kind of hard to really celebrate in the middle of winter when our city actually decides to be cold and it decides it wants to snow and rain all day. We started our day by going to church then we had a modified donut date for the first time in months. We finished prepping the nurse’s Valentine’s Day treats exchanged gifts and then left for Nashville. We went to our favorite restaurant and then we went to spend the rest of the night with our daughter Kobi in the NICU at Vanderbilt. We were fortunate to get the best anniversary gift; we both got to snuggle with Kobi! Can you say BEST DAY EVER?! 

This anniversary has been like any other but I wouldn’t change a thing!! Thanks to those who helped us get this far and thanks to those of you who have been praying for us through this difficult time with our baby Kobi.