This was a nice reminder to really listen for God, to stretch our ears to hear Him speak.

"Working for Christ"

“Everyone who cares for truth, who has any feeling for the truth, recognizes my voice.”  (John 18:37 MSG)


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“Doctor Brady, you’re needed in Surgery.”

“Susan Benton, please pick up extension 3491.

“Jonathon Horn, please come to the information desk.”

Sometimes the voice is looking for someone. Sometimes it gives information. Sometimes instruction. If you’ve ever worked in a hospital or large corporation with a public address system, you’d probably learned to tune that voice out.

It makes me wonder if I’ve done the same with God’s voice. Have I ever neglected to listen to Him or deliberately tuned Him out?

According to scripture, God’s guiding voice is a given. Our choice to listen to it is not. The prophet Isaiah knew God’s voice and explained it this way, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice…

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Fifty Years Ago Today

Fifty years ago today on August 28th 1963 Dr Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech during the March on Washington. It was a pretty big deal and definitely a time of liberation for a people group that had otherwise been oppressed. Today I just wanted to express my heart felt gratitude for what took place fifty years ago today and say thank you to all of those men and women who came before me who stood up for what was right when no one else would stand and who really did make it to where, “little black boys and girls will hold hands with little white boys and girls.” My husband and I would not be here if things had not changed. And now we can live our lives knowing that we are the next fifty years from today… So thank you and God Bless!




Make A Note Monday: Learning To Say No

I found this blog over at the better mom and totally needed to read it again and share it, especially since the fall semester of school just started up (a blog post on that will surely come at some point) anyway it talks about how important it is to learn to say NO for the sake of your sanity and how important it is to prioritize. I hope you walk away being able to answer and reflect on the questions and how they apply to your life and hopefully you will walk away from reading this knowing that some times NO is the best option for the season you are in and that it’s okay to say NO. This article is by Tricia Goyer and can be found below under its original title.

5 Questions That Can Change Your Schedule…and Your Life

I used to be the worst at saying no. If someone needed help at church, or a babysitter, or a work-project to get done, I was the person whom they could count on. I prided myself for being able to accomplish more than anyone I knew, but the cost was great. I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I was tired all the time. And my shoulders grew weary from the high level of expectations. Especially mine.

My husband, John, was the one who taught me to say no. After one ultra-busy season he sat me down and forced me to go over my schedule. Together we asked these questions in order to pare down our calendar:

5 Questions That Can Change Your Schedule...and Your Life (NOT a bad link)

Take a few minutes and answer these questions. You might want to start with the last one first. What do you miss out on when you forget to say no? One of the most important things is inner renewal.



Wife After God Devotional


A great way to strengthen your marriage.

A great way to strengthen your marriage.

My friend Tracy showed me this offer a few weeks ago to sign up to review this devotional and I am so glad that she did! The devotional is titled Wife After God. It’s by Jennifer Smith and you can check it out here for more information.  I like the fact that it doesn’t matter what time of day you do it, there is always time to complete the challenges that are given. I also like the status updates that are provided even if they are a bit canned but that’s mostly because I am on several different social media platforms and that gives me a morsel of content…

But my favorite part about this devotional is the fact that there are questions that can be answered in a small group setting (or if you are like me, on Facebook) and they invoke reactions!! They are not controversial questions more like thought-provoking ones that allow people to think and ponder and really reflect on their lives and marriages… I mean just the other day I asked my Facebook friends this question: Why is it important to know God’s purpose for your marriage? and one of my friends simply put, “so you can see the end result and not get bogged down by the in between-growing into it-stages, and won’t give up when (not if) it gets hard.” I mean I love the wisdom that comes from just sharing one of the questions on a social platform.

If you all know me I love prayer… And she has a prayer for each day that will surely leave you full of joy and encouraged… In fact as soon as I read her opening prayer I knew this would be a great devotional to read and share and do over and over again…she prayed for our hearts to be softened and for us to have the courage to go through and accept the challenges, she also prayed that our hearts would be guarded from distractions and prepared by the Holy Spirit… My faith was built up from the very beginning… not to mention I get to look forward to all the different topics that are covered such as Pure Joy, Marriage Is To Make You Holy, Who You Are Called To Be and Intimacy in Marriage just to name a few!If you are interested in buying a copy for you or a loved one (this would make a great gift) you can buy it here from Amazon. I can definitely see myself learning so much about my marriage during this devotional and I am excited to see what comes from this and how I can incorporate the things I learned into different aspects of my life.

Thank You!!

Hello everyone I just wanted to simply say Thank You. Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and subscribing. Thank you for commenting and sharing and most of all thank you for coming back and continuing to support my blog. It’s because of your support that I am beginning to see all that God has for me and it’s pretty incredible, so thanks! I hope to change it up a bit and have new content on a more consistent basis… what are some things you’d like to see more of? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below or by taking the poll… I would really like to take this to the next level but I want to be sure that it will be something that (you) my readers would enjoy. Thanks again and until next time,

Stay Blessed


Make A Note Monday: Catch The Foxes By Misty Krasawski

So as you all may know by now I am an avid blog reader… if I could get paid to read blogs all day that truly would be my dream job!!! Well anyway I have decided to try something new… to give a little bit more content and to change things up a bit…not to mention it will help me work on my consistency… so I have decided to post a blog that I have found interesting and worthy of sharing every Monday. It may be on marriage, children, family, priorities, life, cooking, Jesus, whatever… If I have found something that catches my attention and makes me squeal with delight it will be posted every Monday until further notice…

So this post was found in my blog reading inbox (I have an email address where all my blog subscriptions go to) and I love it. It was posted by The Better Mom which is a wonderful blog that I have happened upon… and it leaves me so encouraged I think mostly because a lot of the women who contribute to the website have a quiver full of children (like 6-8 children) and it’s just good practical advice that I am storing up and saving and in some instances putting into practice now… anyway this post was by Misty Krasawski who has 8 children which I think is amazing… and it’s about catching the “foxes” while they are small and before they get out of hand… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…



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Exercising is not my favorite thing to do.

That’s why, when my sweet new neighbor asked if I might like to walk with her in the mornings a few times a week, I was quick to say yes. Accountability plus chatting time? Winning idea if you ask me. We meet between our homes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and walk either the neighborhood or a local park, solving most of the world’s problems along with a few of our own along the way. It’s been a great time of companionship as we share prayer needs and life stories, as well as a few giggles!

Last week as we rounded the last curve of our walk, I had to stop suddenly. “It’s a sharp one,” I explained as I bent to remove my shoe. A twig of some kind had worked its way in and was poking me with each step, demanding to be attended to. My friend laughed and said, “That’s funny, isn’t it? It’s like a lot of things in life. You can ignore the small irritations, the little pebbles–if they’re tiny and don’t bother you too much, you sort of ignore them and figure you can always take care of them later. It’s the sharp ones that demand you take care of them right away.”

We laughed at our shared tendency to turn every detail of life into a lesson of some sort–typical homeschooling moms, perhaps? But I’ve thought about her comment off and on all week.

It’s true, isn’t it? There are many negative issues in our lives that we can just ignore, planning to get to them later. That roll of the eyes, the tendency to leave clothes on the bathroom floor; a couple of plates in the sink, that funny noise the engine is making.

Catch the foxes for us,

The little foxes that are ruining the vineyards,

While our vineyards are in blossom.”    Song of Solomon 2:15

Because most of us are fairly removed from vineyard-tending culture, the concept of foxes ruining them is a bit outside our understanding. Do foxes care about fruit? I know foxes are trouble in a henhouse, but wouldn’t have thought they were much into muscadine!

Apparently they do eat grapes–specifically very young fruit. They also dig holes which would damage the roots of vines. Since this scripture is found in the Song of Solomon we know the main thing the little foxes are in danger of ruining is *love*. Love of all types, I believe; between ourselves and the Lord, our marriage relationship, within our families, and of course that of church and our communities.

How often do we allow small irritants to remain until they a) work themselves into a more sensitive spot or b) turn to the sharper side? Have you ever had something in your shoe, decide to keep on walking and get it later, and that tiny pebble slowwwwwwllly manages to make its way to a spot that actually HURTS your foot? Or the little twig turns in your sock until the pointy part is sticking the right (wrong!) direction?

I do it all the time. And I’ve also allowed math homework to pile up unchecked until the mistake being made was deeply ingrained; smiled and remained silent when a friend said something that bothered me but pulled that statement out later in order to look at it from a zillion angles until I was really annoyed, and allowed misunderstandings to fester because I was too busy to get to the root of what had really happened.

Little foxes will ruin a vineyard just like a pebble in the wrong spot can ruin a walk. 

So how do we “catch” them? First I suppose we must be sensitive enough to notice them in the first place. Then we must determine to do something about them right away! If a small fox can make a little mess, bigger ones can only cause more damage. The fruit of our lives comes from our vineyard–Jesus said “I am the vine, you are the branches.” He told us that we have been called to “bear much fruit.” So lets watch out, shall we? Let’s catch the little foxes before our crop is destroyed.

Let’s catch and correct the beginnings of negative attitudes and behaviors–in ourselves and our children! Let’s study God’s word so we know when something is “off” within our own lives–so we can recognize the foxes! Let’s let others into our lives whom we trust and can point out little red noses when they see them.

Consider sitting down with the Lord and making a list. What are some foxes that might be prowling around your vineyard–your home, your family, your church, your community? What does He want you to do in order to catch them?


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