My Prayer

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for all of your blessings, all of your provision and of your grace and mercy that you’ve given me and my family in 2018. Lord we wouldn’t have made it without your hand on our lives and I’m just so grateful!

Father God in this new year, in this new season I pray that we would know more of you, that we would be bold and that we encounter a fresh anointing of your presence.

I pray that 2019 would be full of joy and peace not just for my family, but for everyone reading this. That this would be the year where we fully surrender and trust you in every moment of our lives and that hope would arise, that love would arise, that faith would grow deeper and stronger and that we would lean not on our own understanding but on every word that you spoke, wrote down and promised.

Thank you Lord for the miracles that are coming! Thank you Lord for the signs and wonders, for the restoration, for the reconciliation, thank you for the healing and favor, thank you for the new life that will come forth. Thank you Lord for all good and perfect gifts come from you and you will give it all to us! Thank you in advance for those things we are waiting for to come to pass. Thank you Lord for your continued goodness and for every answered prayer, in Jesus name Amen!

Highlights of 2018

Our church did a top ten greatest moments of this year and I decided to highlight several things that I am thankful for that happened to me and my family this year.

God provided a place for us to live for most of the year when we had nothing and no where else to go.

We were able go see family on several different occasions this year, both near and far.

I was able to get a job coaching middle school kids and realized how much I love it!

We sold our home in TN for more than we paid for it.

We made enough for me to get a gym membership and actually use it regularly.

William was able to work remotely and thereby had the freedom to teach Kobi.

We were able to put Kobi in a childcare program twice a week.

I got a job that provided benefits that went from half time to full time hours. Allowing me to support and encourage little brown boys and girls.

I made some really strong life long friends.

I caught a glimpse of what unconditional love looks like.

I found my voice.

First of Many

Death has a way of changing you forever. Just over a month ago someone I cared about went to be with Jesus. It was so unexpected we were all so shocked. Many of us still are in some sort of disbelief. He was a runner. A pretty darn good one at that, in fact he had qualified to run in the Boston Marathon in 2019. So you can see what I mean when I say he was a good runner!

When I found out he went to be with Jesus after the ugly cry I had on my apartment floor. I went for a run. I was all alone and didn’t want to begin mourning his passing in negative ways or just my usual emotional eating ways… so I grabbed my key card and went to my apartment gym and got on the treadmill (cause running outside while Black at night wasn’t gonna happen).

While running, I was listening to worship music and I got the idea to run a marathon in my friend’s honor. So I decided right then, that this bucket list item to run a marathon would actually become a reality. Especially because it was always just an idea that sounded good, but like I said, death has a way of changing your life so I decided it’s time to make it happen.

I say all that to give you context of why what I did today was so big for me! I ran my first official race! I got a race bib and everything. It was only two miles, but I have to start somewhere before I can get better. I had two goals: finish before 30 minutes (22:58) and don’t walk, and I completed both! I know this will be the first of many and I’m excited for what 2019 and beyond will hold for me!

brown girl, white guy, Spanish girl after a fun run.
Me at my very first official race with Cookie and Pilar. 12/29/18

My independent boundary pusher

Dear Katherine,

You my dear are so independent it wears me out on a consistent basis. I can’t imagine myself that independent at such a young age but maybe I was. I know that in many ways I was very independent and still try to hang on to pieces of my old self but you My Love have taken it to a completely different level!

Today we went bowling with Papa and Nana and you insisted on doing everything yourself. You just wouldn’t have it any other way. Needless to say, we were there for about 3 hours had only bowled 2 of the 3 games and you needed a nap! Not to mention you insisted on going outside on your own after being told not to on several different occasions.

You try things on your own terms and have already learned how to casually get distracted just enough not to hear me or your father make a request for you to do something. Just the other day, you pretended to read the directions for one of your toys instead of trying a piece of potato with dinner. You held up the instruction booklet as if you knew exactly what it said and refused to look at us or eat said veggie.

I can only hope that I find the best way to steward your gifts now, so you can really change the world one day because you My Love, are going to do great and wonderful things that I could only dream about! Right now my only prayer is that I recognize them when they happen now and that I am alive to see some of your greatest moments come to life!

I love you even more in the hard times, because you are still one of the best answered prayers God has ever gifted me!

~Love mom

Present Memories

Little girl with grandpa on brown couch reading a book and dog laying on rug

Even though this picture was just taken tonight, it holds so many memories already…

The excitement Kobi had upon finally seeing her papa Cook.

The joy reading brings her.

The time spent fulfilling a wish.

The special conversations had in this moment.

The love shared.

The sweet, sweet moment spent with family.

Captured for memories sake, to hold onto the moments that will shape her life and the moments that have healed ours.

Stuffing all the emotions in a grab bag lined in gratitude.

This life has been good to us.

Thank You Jesus!