Six months later 

Today marks six whole months that I’ve been without Kiwi. I’m further along then I ever thought possible especially in the beginning… Of course I’m not at 100% and I think a part of me will always ache for my baby but I’m not where I use to be!! I can smile, laugh and enjoy my surroundings without feeling like, “I’m supposed to be sad.”

Kiwi’s father and I actually went up to North Carolina in the Smokey Mountains to celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday. It was a last minute road trip and it was so fantastic to get away and relax! We shared a little bit about Kiwi and the time we had with her, the mood wasn’t too somber I was surrounded by good friends, the love of my life, and near perfect weather!!

God is definitely doing something in my life in this new season and I know that what I’m going through concerning the loss of my daughter has a lot to do with it!!
The pain that I’ve felt is unlike any other and in a weird way it has made me stronger which, I figure is the kind of strength I’ll need to pursue the plans God has for me, whole heartedly and full of faith knowing that I will survive it all!
Thank you for the continuous love, support, encouragement and prayers!! William and I know that we wouldn’t have made it to this point without you and our God!!