My Week Recap

so this week has been cold!!! I am not a fan of cold weather and it really bites when I actually have to go out in it… but I did make the best of it despite the pure misery it entailed. I walked around campus, ate lunch with friends, cooked for my hubby and did a lot of reading and writing. I did work out today and all this week I have been challenging myself to pray through seven areas in my life… and that has been great! But I think the highlight of my week were several moments where I got to either chat with, text, face-time, skype, call or meet up with friends!! Those moments are so precious to me… What was the highlight of your week?











Thanks For The Encouragment!

Today was a pretty good day until I went into my biology lab and my world came crashing down… not only did my professor have a lab coat on but he intended to make us actually do a lab today… did I mention that it was the first day we had that lab? Well it was and I wasn’t ready to actually do work let alone feel stupid for doing it…

I mean the situation wasn’t that big of a deal but I still felt like bursting into tears right there in the lab… after I made it through and expressed my less than stellar performance on Facebook I was then greeted by warm words of encouragement telling me things like the ones who stay the longest become smarter and saying things like it’s okay if I needed help because that’s what the professors are there for… I even got a text from my cousin and she kindly rebuked me for saying such negative things about myself (I called myself stupid) and she reminded me that at least I didn’t give up or half step the process and that I should be proud of myself for not giving up…

So here I am feeling much better and oh so grateful to have people in my life that can remind me of all the things I need to hear. To those who have encouraged me thus far; Thank You!!! Everyone please continue to pick me up when I need to be picked up and please pray for me because this school thing is hard work!!

Prayer Challenge

I was recently convicted by God about my prayer life. It’s not that I wasn’t praying because I was. But I wasn’t allowing myself to pray what God wanted me to pray. See I wanted to pray for specific people, intercede on their behalf. Lift them up and cover them. Which is all find and dandy, but God wanted me to take it one step further and pray through the seven key areas of our nation. For those of you who have no idea what the seven key areas are, they are the areas that have the most influence on our nation as a whole: Family, Government, Education, Media, Church, Business, Military. They are usually brought to the forefront during the National Day of Prayer which is always the first Thursday in May.

I always pray about all of those things on that day… and some of those things more often than others the rest of the time… but God wants me to pray for all of those areas ALL of the time NOT just one day a year… so I was challenged to pray through all of those areas everyday for a week. and it was amazing! I started off praying for how these areas effected me, The next day I prayed for my city and how these things effected it, the next day I ended up praying for the city of Chicago… and every day I was reminded to pray through these areas because our nation needs to be changed.

That’s were the challenge comes in… I challenge you my wonderful readers, subscribers, and random passer-byers, to pray through those seven areas: Family, Government, Education, Media, Church, Business and Military for one week… each day pray through those seven things just to show a unity like never before. Listen to what God is asking you to pray about concerning each of those areas and watch your hunger to see change and pray grow abundantly…

During the challenge and after I would love to hear from you, about what you’re praying for, what God wants you to pray concerning these areas, what you thought of the challenge, and what you got out of it… The challenge officially ends Next Monday (but of course you can do it longer) and I’ll write a follow-up blog post which may include some of your responses to these questions next week. Are you ready? Set. Go…

School Was A Success!

So today I started my official first day of my junior year at Austin Peay State University!!! Besides the fact that I already have a quiz to study for and an assignment to work on I am super stoked! I did arrive an hour and half early because I caught a ride with the hubs, which was a good thing because it gave me time to scout out my classes which I failed to do earlier because of the weather. I even ate breakfast because I told my mom I would… and someone told me that I was all swagged out today (which means my outfit was cute) I ended up wearing my natural hair in a puff and and a pomp. It was easy and I felt cute… I had fun in my classes and look forward to what the year will bring!! All in all today was a huge success!! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me and sent encouraging texts to me and showed me love while I was on campus… I greatly appreciate all the love that was shown to me… now to do it all again tomorrow!!