Chew On This: Romans 8:1

This particular verse came from yesterday’s sermon as a compliment to last week’s sermon that focused around Nehemiah 8:10… the sermon was titled Conquering Condemnation…  simply put it explained exactly what Romans 8:1 means.

Pastor Fikri of Bridge Church (formerly PlantMiami) talked to us about how this particular verse is actually not for everyone.

  • He told us that it was a conditional verse for those who are in fact followers of Christ.
  • He pointed out that there is a difference between fearing God and being afraid of Him.
  • He said that our God is not a God of punishment but of mercy and that
  • God never rejects us but that Jesus is the only one able to successfully bridge us to God.

Romans 8:1 says this

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

and at the end of the day as long as we remain in Christ there will be absolutely NO condemnation!!!

So there you have it this weeks Chew on This verse!!! Happy Memorizing and Reciting!!



Did You Know…

that God is in the small things? Yup that’s right the seemingly every day mundane small things? If you knew that please just allow this to be a kind reminder because I myself forgot that wonderful fact.

It all started a couple of days ago when I was encouraging a friend in the Lord. She is in grad school right now and is a little overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. So I ended up telling her a story about how I had prayed to God during a semester when I was taking a math class (math is my absolute most horrible subject) and how He answered my prayer every day!!! My prayer was that I would get what was being taught to me the first time… that the light bulb would go off and no matter what was being taught I would get it… I told her it was like a praise report every day; because every day He answered my prayer ( I ended up helping others in that class and getting a B).

Anyway, relaying that story got me to thinking about how God is in all the little things. And that my faith for my math class had to start with something… and believe it or not it started with Him helping me find my keys just about every morning. I would pray to Him to help me find my keys and every morning in His own loving way He would guide me straight to them… seeing that seemingly small thing happen every day grew my faith until I could ask Him for help in my math class…

I had forgotten that God is in the small details. But today He reminded even more… I was running a little late for work because I couldn’t say no and agreed to take some materials over to a friend’s house for an outreach they were having well with this Miami traffic that put me majorly behind… so I simply asked God to give me all green lights so that I could get to work on time… (there are over 10 lights on my way to work) once I finished praying the light turned green and I just began to praise God for hearing my prayers and for being right there with me…

I drove through the next green light and the next and the next and every single light I encountered was green and I couldn’t help but praise God for loving me so much to show Himself to me in the small things even as simple as giving me all green lights so that I could be on time to a job that I hate!!! He reminded me that if He cares about the small things how could he NOT care about the big things… and at that moment in my car somewhere between the seventh and eighth light I cried tears of joy and a peace that I had forgotten I could have came over me. I remembered how dependent I was on Him for the small things and I knew that I wanted to go back to that place. So just remember that no matter what may be going on in your life God is right there with you even in the smallest details.

Thank God for Facebook

three little girls playing

True Friends Always Stick Together!!

I know that some people may think to say this is blaspheme however I really am thankful to have the modern technology that allows me to keep in touch with great friends in different states!!! Today I was able to chat with my best friend Valerie (in N.C.) and we got to talk and share and laugh together about The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl from YouTube!!! It is a super hilarious ADULT show that is definitely me and Val all the way. You can check out the show here. I was also able to talk with my other best friend Jennifer (in R.I.) for a quick pick me up and we were all able to talk simultaneously to each other for a wonderful experience…

Together we are planning some great things and I am super excited about them… and I know that this could have never happened without Facebook so today I am most thankful for it… because for about two hours I got to have a wonderful conversation with friends about things that we care about, and it was like we were actually in the same room… I was laughing out loud and everything! For a brief moment I could see their faces and hear their laugh and almost touch them… and it made my day that much better!!!

True friendship is hard to find but those two ladies have been with me from the beginning of my adult life, and that’s saying a lot,  they’ve seen me through two engagements, piercings, tattoos, bad days, army life, school days, birthdays, many a hookups, countless heart breaks, pre and post Jesus, one wedding, and now this crazy move to Miami… they have been my support system and my biggest fans and I really wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for them!! I know it sounds so clichéd but it’s the truth. They are every part of me that I can’t always be!! And today I had a chance to visit with them.

God knows exactly what we need even if we don’t… I had no idea that sitting at the computer on Facebook chatting with two friends would bless me so much! But He knew that being in fellowship with my best friends was exactly what my heart needed!!! It definitely fed my soul and allowed me to have a certain pep in my step and a joy in my heart that I haven’t necessarily had. And for that I am thankful!

Christian Women + Girls Night Out = ???

Is it possible to have a girls night and be a Christian? I’m asking this because I feel like I haven’t ever had one before… well at least not the ones where you dress up and go out…like everyone is dressed up not just you… I only ever really see this type of girls night out demonstrated by those who are either non-believers or new believers… but can a group of mature Christian women go out and get dressed up and have a good time… maybe even get together for drinks if they so chose?

eight lovely women dressed up and out on the town

Can mature Christian woman have a girls night out??

I know that I had a few moments before I became a believer where I went out yet we hadn’t quite met our matures selves just yet so we were a little less covered, a little less classy… then I became a believer and pretty much every get together included jeans and flip-flops… either worn by me or other women in attendance… maybe this happened because of where I came into maturity (Tennessee) or maybe it just happened because mature Christian women don’t do such things… I have no idea…

please don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy wearing my jeans and flip-flops, but every once in a while when there’s a get together with women I’d love to get all dressed up in my best put some heels on and maybe even some make-up and go have fun and not be the one person that’s over-dressed!!! It doesn’t have to be anything more than what we were planning on doing whether that be out to dinner, or the movies, or if we decide to go and check out the latest museum or even just getting coffee…it doesn’t matter!!

I’m asking this question because I have a yearning for a night like this… where I and a few girl friends get all decked out and go have fun… I mean I know it’s not a sin as long as I’m not sinning but I wouldn’t want to start an uproar either… Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you as a Christian woman have a girls night out where you get all dressed up?

Chew On This: Nehemiah 8:10

So today starts my new chew on this memory verse… partly because it was the application portion of Sunday’s sermon… but nonetheless it’s a great one to know by heart and to be able to spit it out when I need it.

Nehemiah 8:10 says,

Then he said to them, Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

It was so nice to get a better understanding of what the rest of the verse meant… just about everyone knows for the joy of the Lord is your strength… but does anyone know the whole verse… the part that talks about eating and drinking and sharing? Probably not. At Bridge Church (formerly PlantMiami) Pastor Fikri talked about the pursuit of happiness and what the Bible had to say about it. Using this verse he simply said:

  • We are to enjoy what we have now
  • We are to share with others
  • We should rejoice that we are alive
  • We shouldn’t live a continuous woe-is-me life
  • Jesus Christ in our life, being the hope of glory; is true joy!!

Now of course he did mention that we shouldn’t hear what he didn’t say and start living any ol’ kinda way… but that God truly does want us to be happy and wants us to live an abundant life not just in heaven but here on earth as well…

So here I am sharing what I’ve learned with you in hopes that you will find His joy in your life!!!

Work Update

So it’s officially been a week since I started this grand adventure as a meat department clerk… and really I can’t  believe that I made it…cause I wanted to quit after the very first day. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like certain textures of food, I’m not too crazy about seafood, and I’m not to keen on calling the innards of animals food … well Jesus in His infinite wisdom has seen fit that I work here so that I can get over some of those things…

In the week that I have worked in the meat department I have touched a veal liver (two of them actually) and wrapped it up all while smiling (and trying not to vomit) for a customer, I have tried some smoked fished dip (which is a best seller at the store); however I thought it needed more salt… I have had fish water in my mouth (I wanted to disinfect my mouth but thought I’d die of the chemical ingestion), I’ve cracked a snow crab claw, I have taken the skin off of a piece of fish (won’t be doing that again), and I have seen more parts of the lamb then I ever cared too… their little hoof, paw, foot pad thing really does look like it should be on a whole animal that’s grazing in a field somewhere; out of all of the things that I’ve come in contact with; seeing that little hoof, paw, foot pad thing really traumatized me the most… I kept wondering where the little lamb was… oh and I called a piece of fish a person… that was a little awkward… and did I mention that I come home smelling like uncooked meat!!

I haven’t even begun to mention the people who I work with yet!!! They are the best part of my job hands down… they are super helpful, nice, and funny… they don’t mind explaining things to me and showing me a better way to do things… and most of them are really curious to find out about the church that brought us to Miami… It’s a completely different dynamic than I’ve been around for the last couple of years…

Matter of fact it is highly reminiscent of my military days… there are more men than women and you can tell… but that’s what I love about it… the guys have their jokes, and it really does remind me of all the great friends I’ve had in the military… most of them where guys… and surprisingly enough the women are pretty awesome!!! No crazy drama, or jealousy, or anything like that… I am super grateful to work in a place where everyone gets along great and actually like each other…

And above all else, I get to introduce them to Jesus in all that I do… even by simply saying things like “thank you,” and “I appreciate all the help,” I mean really showing my gratitude to them. I have even begun to ask them about their lives (although you can’t really ask too much when there are customers) I still know a lot about the people who I work with… I can’t wait to invite them over for dinner or out to lunch or bring them a little something for their birthday!!! Oh I can’t wait!!! Jesus has something special for each one of them and I get to play a part in Him revealing it to them!! What a privilege and an honor…

The next time you past your local meat department or go into your freezer to begin cooking some meat please say a prayer for me, not so that I would make it through the day (although that helps) but so that I can impact the people who I work with, with the love of Jesus and the knowledge of who He is in their lives!!!