Memorial Day is not always happy

As a veteran I find Memorial Day to be a time to reflect on those soldiers who lost their lives during combat. I also see it as a time where soldiers can spend extra time with their families, which is so important especially when getting ready for deployments and long training cycles! It’s also a time where people get together and party, after all it’s usually a day where people don’t have to go to work. 

I know someone who lost their life during combat and I know plenty of soldiers who lost someone they knew in combat as well. So as you are out celebrating today enjoy yourself but please remember the real reason for Memorial Day and while you are at it say a prayer for the families of those who lost their lives not just today but often! And if you see a soldier or know a soldier please don’t tell them Happy Memorial Day, because they could be grieving and reflecting on their fallen comrades, which isn’t at all happy! 

If you want to thank a soldier go ahead but remember you can also thank them every other day of the year as well. There doesn’t need to be a special reason to say thank you! 

memorial day flags
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Life thus far

It’s crazy how a technical difficulty can stop you in your tracks and then life gets in the way! I have a draft from 37 days ago which means I really haven’t blogged in about that long!! Maybe a little less but either way it’s been too long and I know there hasn’t been a video in forever because that’s where the difficulties came in! Lol!

Anyway life with Kobi has been amazing! I am really trying to work on balancing taking care of her needs and things around the house because I have failed horribly up until this point, but have really (as in the last few days) been determined to do more around the house. It’s been hard but I am really trying to do better and take some unnecessary burdens off of William. I am also working on finishing the Steven Furtick book Unqualified and I’ve been working on a few other things as well as trying to find the right job overseas for me to apply to so we can finally go live abroad!

I know it’s been a while since you got a Kobi update but she’s doing great! She’s a whole whopping ten pounds now!! She has found her hands and her tongue, is outgrowing her bassinet, is no longer in newborn clothes or diapers and she’s just getting so big! She shares more of her personality, is sleeping through the night and definitely lets us know when she’s hungry, she is starting to wear shoes and travels pretty well! I love her more and more everyday and I am so thankful I get to be her mommy!

Thanks for all the prayers and support! 

Happy 3 months Kobi!

Today Kobi is three whole months old! I can hardly believe it! She’s 8lbs 6.5 oz and she is 20 inches long! Even though she is technically only a few weeks old she is already doing so much! She talks all the time, she rolls and turns and kicks and grips.

She tries to help hold her bottle, lifts her head and does so many other little things! I am so amazed by all the things she can do and I am so excited for all the things she will do in the future.

She has a sweet temperament and loves to sleep. I really think she would choose sleeping over eating if she had a choice but we’re still trying to fatten her up so missing meals is not an option…

William and I love her so very much and we look forward to all the new things she will bring to our lives! Thanks for your continued prayers love and support we appreciate it all!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!

Daddy bought Kobi a plant to celebrate!