Divine Appointments

Today me and my hubby had one of those divine appointments. You know one of those God ordained chance meetings that change your life… yeah one of those and it all started with our van… we finally sold our van, mind you we had been trying to sale it for the last two years… and it never sold until today! That’s because God’s timing is perfect and he had a plan and a purpose. Today we sold our van to the most amazing Godly couple!! They are both musicians have been married for 24 years next month and are so full of love!! Their names you ask? Bob and Etta Britt!! He plays instruments and produces the music and she sings… you can check out her songs here.

We were definitely blessed to be in the presence of such great people. What started off as a business transaction ended with a return invite over coffee, cookies, fresh eggs and a CD! We stumbled upon a rare friendship that was God ordained and will be a joy to our lives for years and years to come!! All because we sold our van and remained flexible enough to not be in such a hurry to go on about our business!! I am so glad to have met them and am truly looking forward to what God has planned for us. Thank You Jesus for bringing us together and may we be a blessing to each other always, In Jesus’ Name Amen.


My Week Recap

So my week recap is finally on time because well I have time… albeit not much time but I have time… So this week was full of getting the last of the fascinators done for Hope Pregnancy Center’s purity ball! For those of you who have no idea what a fascinator is, it’s a headpiece that has feathers in it… think Kate Middleton… and the purity ball is a time where fathers and daughters can come together, get all dressed up and talk about what it means to live a pure lifestyle. it’s really an amazing night!! On another note, I tried a new way of wrapping my scarf for my natural hair and I loved it enough to take pictures and wear it to school. I had a great little date night with my hubby at the library Starbucks on campus, He even cooked dinner this week! Way to go hubby!! I also had a great encounters with Jesus this week and am so excited to see what He’s up to!! I hope you had a great week!








My Two Week Recap

The last two weeks have been really hectic and busy for me. Between school, home, and getting the take home gifts done for the purity ball I have been swamped… I cannot wait until Thursday gets here so that I can finally start going to sleep at a normal hour again… There were a few great things going on though, like our awesome seats at the WinterJam Concert tour in Nashville, our four year wedding anniversary, and my official membership into my local CrossFit box!! Through it all Jesus has shown up, and has never left my side. It has been such an amazing two week with my Jesus despite how hectic it has been, and for that I am grateful! How have you spent the last few weeks?






















Fresh Infusions Anyone?


So about mid-month last month I received another great Influenster vox box… this time it was for Palmolive’s new line of dish soap… FRESH INFUSIONS!! I received three full size 16oz bottles one to give a way and two to keep as well as 6 coupons to give to friends…There are three new scents: Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme and Ginger White Tea. I let my husband pick the one he liked best which was Lime Basil and I gave the Ginger White Tea to my friend, I gave my friend a coupon to give to someone as well, and gave the rest of the coupons to people. I think I had more fun giving things away! It was so much fun that I am thinking about having a drawing to give the Lemon Thyme bottle that I still have away but we’ll see…

So I didn’t want to do a review without using the product and I have been using it for over a month now and I like it. There’s only a fourth of the bottle gone which is great when you’re on a budget, at this rate I won’t need dish soap again for another six months!! I noticed that a little goes a long way, and the scent somehow gets stronger as you are washing, which is interesting. It is phosphate free if anyone is into that kind of thing but you can’t mix it with bleach… it works on getting my dishes really clean, my glasses shine! And I am overjoyed at how well it works on grease or caked on grim, add a few drops of dish soap some warm water let it sit for a few minutes and it wipes away really easily!! I would more than likely purchase this dish soap once my free bottles run out of course and at just under $3 at Wal-Mart it doesn’t seem like a bad purchase. It works and you get a ton of bang for you buck!!


I did ALL of those dishes using Palmolive’s Fresh Infusions Lime Basil dish soap, Can you believe it? Have you tried any of the Fresh Infusions? What’s your favorite scent?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this product. This is my own opinion and I received these items free of charge in my Influenster Box.

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary and even though I had class and some other meetings during the day me and my hubby were able to get together get all dressed up and go to our favorite restaurant, which is Demos’ Steak and Spaghetti in Nashville!! We’ve gone every year for our anniversary as long as we’ve been here!!

I love being married, it truly is one of my greatest blessings!! Happy Anniversary my dear William, thank you for being everything I need and want!! I’m so excited to be your wife and live this grand Jesus adventure!! I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day babe and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!