My Week Recap

So my week recap is finally on time because well I have time… albeit not much time but I have time… So this week was full of getting the last of the fascinators done for Hope Pregnancy Center’s purity ball! For those of you who have no idea what a fascinator is, it’s a headpiece that has feathers in it… think Kate Middleton… and the purity ball is a time where fathers and daughters can come together, get all dressed up and talk about what it means to live a pure lifestyle. it’s really an amazing night!! On another note, I tried a new way of wrapping my scarf for my natural hair and I loved it enough to take pictures and wear it to school. I had a great little date night with my hubby at the library Starbucks on campus, He even cooked dinner this week! Way to go hubby!! I also had a great encounters with Jesus this week and am so excited to see what He’s up to!! I hope you had a great week!








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