Happy Birthday Leap Year Babies!


So ever since I was a little girl I’ve been intrigued with those people who where born on leap year!! I always thought it was kinda unfair that they only had a real birthday every four years but kinda cool that every other year they got to choose when they would celebrate their birthday!

I remember having friends in different classes through the years who had birthdays on leap year and for the class party some would celebrate on the 28th of February and some would just wait until March 1st… But my most favorite part was thinking about how even though eight years had passed they were actually only two!!! Man what a concept!!

So seeing as how today is officially the birth day of many leap year babies all across the world I just wanted to say HAPPY REAL BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that you all know just how special and unique you are and I hope that your day is full of all of your favorite things!!! Many blessings to you today!!

Are you a leap year baby or do you know someone who is? If so how old are you and what day do you usually celebrate your birthday? I’d love to know!


The Dress That Stole My Heart

Last Night I had the wonderful opportunity to watch the 84th annual Academy Awards (I say opportunity because it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to watch something like this) and share some wonderful commentary with fellow fashionista and twitter pal Jessie Artigue from Style and Pepper. Check her fashion savvy site out here. I also got a chance to follow natural hair rocker and Red Carpet attendee Patrice Yursik aka afrobella as she gazed upon the stars and interviewed them. Check out her wonderful blog here.

So since everyone has an opinion on who the best dressed stars were from last night I thought that I would share my picks as well… here they are…

…drum roll please…

Coming in at Number Ten is Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace…

Angelina Jolie in her 2012 Oscar's dress by Versace

I appreciated her understated appearance.

A lot of people didn’t think she did anything special but I liked it simply because it was special enough yet didn’t outshine why she was there; which was to support Brad on his big night!!

Coming in at Number Nine is Shailene Woodley in Valentino…

Shailene Woodley in her Oscar 2012 dress

sometimes less is more!

Although some said it was inappropriate for her age because she is only 22, I liked the simplicity of this dress. It spoke volumes in a place that tends to go overboard, and really there is nothing wrong with covering up your body no matter how gorgeous it is.

Coming in at Number Eight is Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive…

Penelope Cruz in her 2012 Oscars dress

She exudes Old Hollywood glamour.

To me she perfectly captured the Old Hollywood glamour that this night called for.

Coming in at Number Seven is Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton…

Michelle Williams in her 2012 Oscars dress

she nailed it!

It was simple in the cut, well fitted, the color looked amazing on her, and the ruffles and sweet bow added just enough detailing.

Coming in at Number Six is Maya Rudolph in Johanna Johnson…

Maya Rudolph in her 2012 Oscars dress

her look was so romantic

She looked classy and sophisticated and romantic all at the same time. The fit was perfect and the jeweled details around the waist and shoulders added just enough glitz.

Rounding out my Top 5…

 (opens envelope)



Number Five is Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford…

Gwyneth Paltrow in her 2012 Oscars Dress

Sometimes a risk is worth taking!

I loved the simplicity of this dress! the fit of this dress on her was gorgeous and the fact that she did something a little different that translated so well and didn’t come across as too different via Bjork circa 2001 is definitely noteworthy!

Number Four is Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab…

Milla Jovovich in her 2012 Oscars dress

she was simply breathtaking!

This was the only one shoulder number I liked all night! Everyone else who attempted the one shoulder number seemed to be trying too hard… it’s one thing to do a one shoulder number it’s another thing if that one shoulder looks like it’s attacking you… The detailing of this dress was immaculate, the fit was undeniable, the color was soft and seemed to shimmer on-screen. Loved it! This definitely took my breath away!

Number Three is Cameron Diaz in Gucci…

Cameron Diaz in her 2012 Oscars Dress

that dress was mesmerizing!

That color was divine! It looked like a mix between a sweet soft pale pink and champagne… it oozed romance and whimsy. I loved how she kept it simple on top and all the rocking details were on the bottom. It allowed for ample face time! The chiffon, the gold and silver embellishments. It was beautiful.

Number Two is… I might get some push back for this…



Viola Davis in Vera Wang…

Viola Davis in her 2012 Oscar dress

what a vision to gaze upon...

Now don’t get me wrong she looked absolutely stunning from head to toe, her natural hair did not go unnoticed (wasn’t it beautiful) and the fit was definitely a home run. The color was magnificent and the detailing was just enough… I loved it and it was my favorite pick all night…



that is until I saw Number One Ellie Kemper in Armani Prive!!!

When I saw this dress go by in a flash on my television screen I squealed in pure delight and absolutely needed to see more! Of course it was just a quick five seconds because the people wanted to get to other dresses. I didn’t catch her name so I immediately took to Google in order to find this dress! I tried everything “copper dresses at the 2012 Oscars”,  “2012 Oscar coverage”, etc until I found it!!! At the end of the day I am a girl who likes glitter, color and things that shine and this met all of my requirements!!

Ellie Kemper in her 2012 Oscars Dress

I'm still thinking about this dress!

The color was like a fire burning, so red, so gold, so warm and inviting. I was truly transfixed upon this dress. The sparkles just begged to have their picture taken. The dress was so delicate yet rich! It simply stole my heart and was the highlight of my night and that is why Ellie Kemper was my top pick for the best dressed star at the 2012 Oscars.

So there you have it… my 2012 best dressed list… What do you think? Is there someone missing? Or someone you think shouldn’t be on this list? If so please feel free to comment below…Would we be able to go shopping together and have fun, or would we drive each other crazy???


* All images were provided by the Huff Post Style section of the Huffington Post and WireImages.

Outfit Of The Day!

So although I love fashion and all that comes with it. I have never done any blog that is solely dedicated to anything related to fashion. I guess you can say that this will be the first of many fashion related blogs… I want to let my dreams of fashion shine through if only for a little while… So here it goes.

This is my outfit of the day… Nothing too fancy a simple dark gray tank with flowered embellishments on the right shoulder, with a pocketed floral A-line skirt in muted blues and purples, in the same dark gray. I paired these items with black and dark gray pointy toed heels and a pair of purple feather earrings. I wore my natural hair up with a side bang… I hope you enjoy my outfit as much as I do. Thanks.




I’m A Pretty Brown Girl

My eyes are dark like tootsie rolls, my hair crinkles when wet, my face is a shade of brown I haven’t figured out just yet.

My lips are full, my smile is big, I don’t have many curves I’m shaped kinda like a twig.

I love to read and write

I love fashion and dreaming

I love windy days and star-gazing.

I have many layers to who I am and discovering them is better than any life plan. My husband would agree that I am better when I am naturally; just me.

I am a lover of people, a giver of myself, a child of God, a friend to all a wife to one.

But before all of this I was and still am a pretty brown girl.

A woman in a bright red dress with multi-colored flowers on it!

I'm A Pretty Brown Girl!!!

I wrote this original poem specifically for today to celebrate the first National Pretty Brown Girl Day!!! and maybe next year I’ll be able to celebrate with some friends!!! If you are interested in learning more about the pretty brown girl movement go here to check it out and see what you can do!!!

Mission Trips Are Not Just Overseas…

What do you think about when you hear the words mission trip… Go ahead and think; I’ll wait…

Did you think about a third world country? Did you think about sleeping in shabby tin roofed hotels? Or having to use the bathroom in a modern day outhouse? If I said that a mission trip doesn’t have to be just overseas would you believe me? Well, it’s true. Mission trips take place all over the world to include in the United States or your own local areas.

For most of this week the Bridge Church team here in Miami, Florida has been encouraged by a few friends from Bethel Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee who decided to come down for a short mission trip to encourage us.

Let me just say that I feel just as grateful for their arrival as I’m sure someone in another country feels gratitude upon a missionary’s arrival. It has been a pure delight to have great friends in our midst who can encourage us to keep fighting and who can see the harvest and see that we are making an impact even if we can’t see it.

It’s been refreshing to hear someone else tell us that we’re not crazy for leaving everything behind to obey Jesus because this is exactly where we’re suppose to be. Because I know at least for me I was beginning to think those very thoughts.

Too many days alone will make anyone a bit reflective. And not that we are alone I mean there is a team here (however small it may be) but having someone whose apart of the spiritual family come and visit has been a blessing, and a comfort. It’s allowed us to relax just a bit more and let our guard down; all while working to impact this city for Jesus!

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to observe the team in action. We went out to the Miami Christian School where God has given us great favor! The team spoke to a class about our partner organization Stop Child Trafficking Now (or SCTNow).

The students had been learning about how human trafficking happens everywhere and how they need to always be aware of where they are and who they talk to. There was even a student led presentation before the team spoke.

As the team spoke the room got quiet and all eyes where on the given speaker. The students quickly realized that this was in fact happening right in their own back yards, in their city. They were challenged to raise awareness, to raise support and to pick up this life changing cause.

Once the class was over the team went into the empty gym to pray for the students at the school and for the continued progress of both Bridge Church and Bethel Community Church in order to make an impact on this city!

Then came lunch for the students that’s when the the team was able to really share their stories with the students who chose to participate in the discipleship group led by Pastor Fikri Youssef of Bridge Church.

While they had a captive audience Pastor Lance Phillips of Bethel Community Church and Pastor David Fischer missionary to Austin Peay State University and leader at Bethel told each student the importance of meeting in a group and how life transforming it could be.

They encouraged the students to seek to learn from men and women of truth who could link up with them and show them what it means to be true men and women of God.

The team then went to talk with the baseball team which was none other than a boys only meeting so I decided the best thing for me to do was leave. However I am sure the team knocked it out of the park!

This has been such an incredible week of refreshment and encouragement and I am so happy to be part of the church planting team that received it! So the next time you think you can’t go on a mission trip think again because in reality a mission trip is only a city, or state away!







Hello Dream… By Charity Faye

This is a wonderful poem that I came across and thought it was rather befitting to my current state… I found it on this pretty amazing web magazine site Made Woman which is edited in part by a friend from school Serena Watson… anyway I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Be Inspired.

Hello Dream
Let’s get right to it
I’ve known you for a while now
and you’ve known me
forgive me for putting you off
never returning your calls
getting to busy for you
ignoring the thought of your involvement in my life
thinking you were too good for me
too big for me
and nearly too outlandish to ever be real

I have been your enemy
for years now
you’ve wanted to be my friend
I let fear break up our relationship
I let family doubt you
I even wrote about you
showed you to other people
but their disapproval drew us further apart
or so I let it

I got jobs in the meantime
filled my days doing tasks I hate
with people I don’t like
and making money that will never amount to my worth
you would have never made me do that
In fact
while I was figuring out life
you maintained communication
you’d send me messages through commercials
and would have strangers talk about you in random conversations with me

I think you even prayed to God once
and asked him to disturb my sleep
so I can stay awake and have thoughts about you
don’t worry, I’m not bitter about that

you’re much better at consistency than I’ve ever been
you don’t care what others have to say about us

you’ve never left me
and you never will
let’s try this again
I’ve grown up
thank you for waiting on me to come true



Quick Update

So since I wrote last William and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary with a wonderful weekend of food, fun, sun, and slurpees! During this time we finally felt like we were at home in this new city of ours… Up until this point quite frankly we’ve been miserable and have just about hated every moment here… It just goes to show you that just because you’re in God’s will doesn’t mean it’s gonna be smooth sailing!!

I also had the wonderful revelation that I didn’t need to work someplace that I hated just for money!! AMEN!! So I quit my job at the local grocery store… Although I learned a lot in the short time I was there… (that blog is coming soon).

I have also gained a genuine heart for the people that I have come in contact with and really want to see them not only succeed but come to the true knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our neighbors are no longer a point of disinterest in fact I’ve become a little anxious every time I hear a door close hoping it’s a neighbor that I can engage…

And I have come to the conclusion that I am in fact okay to do what my heart desires… Which revolves around creating and crafting. I have to know that this deep sense of happiness and peace that I get when I’m creating has been apart of God’s plan for me my whole life… And surely He delights in me using the talents He’s given me…

So I plan on spending a lot more time creating whatever He puts on my heart to create… It may be food recipes, friendships, paintings, clothes, websites, photography, writing, or whatever but I’m going to immerse myself into seeing that my goals and dreams become a reality if for no other reason than to give God all the glory and praise He deserves.

And of course I’m still working on my goals of becoming a better wife to William which has allowed me to develop better habits in my day to day routine. I am planning on becoming far more efficient with my consistency now that I have more time to direct to this blog and hopefully I can develop it into a place where people love to come back to and tell their friends about… And that’s what I have been up to since we last were here together. Until next time, below are some photos from our little vacation! Enjoy.