The date that doesn’t really matter…

Today is the date that doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t mark a special event nor is it the anniversary of anything but some how in the big picture it helps fill in a detail so important to Kobi’s life that I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! See today was Kobi’s original due date. Now I know that due dates are at best educated guesses and the baby ultimately comes when it’s ready be that a few weeks early or late give or take. But this is bigger than a few weeks early. We are talking months early!! 

I think I will remember this day because it’s a testament to how great our God is! It’s a testament to the miracles He did on Kobi’s behalf and are still doing. It reminds me of just how far we’ve come and just how strong Kobi, William, and I are as a family and individually. It reminds me of the long road filled with prayers and praise, love and support that got Kobi home and kept us up when we were tired. This is the day I had dreamed about from the moment I found out what it represented and although it’s not at all what I expected it’s become so much more than that! Today’s date is a testimony of what the Lord can do, has done and will do in my family and especially in Kobi’s life!
Thank you to all those that have prayed us to this point… You know where Kobi is at home in my arms as I type this almost weighing eight pounds learning to nurse a little more everyday scooting around on her tummy and always talking to us… Yeah, this point!! Thanks again and may God continue to bless each one of you and grant you the desires of your hearts! 

Don’t believe the likes 

In this show I talk about how important it is not to solely depend on what you see on social media when it comes to reaching out to people! Just because something received a lot of likes and reactions doesn’t mean that people are reaching out in real life and we all need to be mindful of that and act accordingly. 

I do know a few things I need to work on but am overall happy about the way things turned out! I hope you enjoy the show and please let me know how you support those around you.

Happy 2-months Kobi

Today Kobi is officially 2 months old and what a difference a month makes!! For starters she’s home!!! So that means that she is breathing on her own and her spells are nearly non existent! It also means that she can eat from the bottle and breastfeed too! 

She’s growing by leaps and bounds everyday! Kobi weighs 6 lbs 7 oz and we couldn’t be more excited! She practices tummy time and we are still getting up every three hours to feed her but that’s okay because she still isn’t suppose to be due for another 22 days or so therefore a little extra time spent eating is fine by me! 
Thank you so very much for all of your continued prayers! Your love and support have definitely kept us all fighting the good fight of faith!! 

We know that everyone is eager to see her and we will have a welcome home party for her eventually but in the meantime please remember in the name of keeping Kobi healthy that you can look at her but you can’t touch her just yet! But the minute she is able to be loved by you all with hugs and kisses we’ll let you all know! Thanks for understanding and take this as your warning because we will swat hands away if necessary! We love you all but don’t want our baby back in the hospital over something that could have been prevented. 

On a lighter note enjoy some pictures of our Kobi:


We have a baby!!

I still can’t believe that our baby is finally home!! In this video I talk a little bit about what the first two days have been like and the things we’ve had to learn already like how to defrost milk and pack a diaper bag! It’s not the most exciting but this is our life now! 

Thanks for watching!

P.S. We shot this, edited and uploaded in about 2 hours total (I’d say I’m getting better)!! 

Question: Do you think my wearing of real clothes, no mom buns and shaded eyebrows will last? 


Y’all I am in such awe. I can hardly believe that our baby girl is home. Even though she is almost two months old it feels like Kobi wasn’t quite our child until we brought her home today!!! Now it seems official. There is so much that needs to be said but for now all you need to know is: Jesus Did It!! 


Forward motion!!

Kobi is doing so great! She’s been holding steady at 5 lbs 12 oz and is 17.5 inches long! She has no more tubes and is bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding (which is a completely different ball game)!! She’s grown so much and I can’t wait to live this life with her and William!! It’s gonna be great! Please enjoy the pictures of our Kobi’s progress this past week! And thanks for your continued prayers, love and support!

Representation looks like…

This show was probably my quickest edit just because I really wanted to get it out on time even though I had a few wrenches thrown into my plan! 

I did keep my time down which was one of my goals and I also picked a topic and touched on a few points. Bill felt that I could have given him more direction on what I wanted him to talk about so I’ll have to work on that. 

In this show I talk about representation and what that looks like to me and how that affects my life. I also got to hear what Bill thought on the topic. I’m gonna keep chugging along and I hope you come along for the ride.