Book update

So exactly one month ago, I launched a short organic marketing campaign for my book. The object of the campaign was to sell 35 books for my 35th birthday! I set out hoping I would make my goal but not quite sure if I would or not.

I did this whole thing scared and unsure of myself, but I am more confident in my abilities and more sure of myself now more than ever! I know that what I have to say is important and that people will listen to what I have to say if I ask them.

Well, I asked and let me say this, my people showed up and showed out! All I did was share my goal, share my heart, and people bought a book just to be a part of what I was doing. The support was more than I imagined, and I am grateful!

The final count was 53 books sold in one week! And I was overwhelmed by the support of everyone who made this dream of mine come true. I just wanted to say thank you for your help. And if you’re able to grab a copy of my book, you can go to Amazon and grab one! Also, if you’ve already read it, please go and review it. Thanks again!

You can find it on Amazon

Jesus Loves You!

It’s late; I can’t sleep yet again… this time I think it’s self-inflicted though, I drank an energy drink to make it through my Usborne Book Consultant launch party and then was excited from the said party so now I can’t sleep. I’m asking Jesus what he wants me to do, so here I am writing this to you.

Jesus loves you! It sounds like a cliche because people say it so often in an effortless way, but don’t let that negate the fact that it’s true! He loves you enough to have willingly gone to the cross for you just in case you decided to believe in Him! He had no certainty you or I would choose to believe in him, yet He did it anyway! That’s the kind of love I was looking for, the type of love that wouldn’t hurt me, the kind of love that allowed me to make mistakes, and loved me through them, and that’s the kind of love He gives!

Jesus, walked this earth and lived a sinless life, he NEVER did anything wrong, then He chose to die on the cross, a death we should have died, he could have easily said anything but chose to keep quiet. Only to be resurrected three days later, because of His innocence defeating death and hell, all so that we could have eternal life and a relationship with His Father, GOD(See the following books of the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)!

His love IS real! If you believe that and believe the above (The Gospel), you are saved. It’s the faith in what Jesus did on the cross that saves us, nothing more and nothing less! Our salvation comes from the grace that is The Gospel, and if we reflect on it, we will continuously be reminded of His love for us (see Ephesians 2:8).

I just wanted to remind you that there is someone who loves you unconditionally, and his name is Jesus!

Continued Blessings,


I’m 35 Today

Today is my 35th Birthday, although I’ve been celebrating for a week, with the mini-organic marketing campaign I ran for my book, to sell 35 books for my 35th birthday (more on that tomorrow) today has been low key and fantastic!

I participated in an art class with Kobi and loved it, I did some yoga today, got all dolled up in a dress that I have never been able to fit until now (it was given to me at least four years ago) to have a chat with some friends who made me feel like a million bucks, got tons of texts, phone calls, and messages, had the best authentic Mexican food I’ve had in years! I got the sweetest cards from William, Kiwi, and Kobi, followed by the best chocolate cupcakes around (thanks Emily for introducing them to me). I bought makeup, I’m going to buy my upgraded yoga mat and maybe a grown-up pair of earrings (due to a later in life allergy I can no longer wear costume earring pieces).

I have rested and reflected, praised Jesus read my Bible, and I am in awe, overjoyed with gratitude, and I am genuinely proud of me! It’s been a few years since I’ve felt this way, and even then, it was different. I think it’s also because I really love me right now, and that truly does make a difference. Like I love everything about me! Especially the way that I look, which might sound stuck up, but I know that it’s taken me years to feel this good about myself, and so, it is what it is! I love that I have tangible and practical coping skills, I have a better grasp on communication within the walls of my home, I have grown my fruit of the spirit muscle of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control, (Galatians 5:22). I have been able to express my emotions, thoughts, and opinions adequately and I have learned to do hard things!

I feel happy! It’s a new emotion for me. I’m still learning that it’s okay to be happy and that I don’t always have to hold my breath and wait for the other shoe to drop! Instead, I can breathe, be present, and sit in whatever momentary emotions come up as they do, but my baseline can be happy, and that’s okay! I have worked hard this last year to be able to say these things! Y’all, therapy really works, and I’m definitely going to continue to do the work!

I learned all of the things mentioned above at 34. I feel like they have given me a strong foundation to walk into this next year with big audacious faith, confidence, and freedom to be exactly who God created me to be and I am ready to understand every good thing that belongs to me in Christ because of my faith (Philemon 1:6 paraphrased)!

Despite what it looks like for most, this year (2020) has really been my full bloom year, and I have loved (almost) every moment of it, and I know that the year is only halfway over, there still six more months ahead of me to continue the manifestation of God’s goodness in my life, and I’m ready!

Let The Celebration Begin

I love birthdays, and my birthday is coming up on July 8th, so since this birthday will be a little different because of COVID-19 and everything being closed, I decided to do something a little different and attempt to sell 35 of my books for my 35th birthday!

Come celebrate with me! You can purchase the book on Amazon

I think this is a pretty realistic goal, and I have a week to complete it. So far, I have had eight people comment on my other posts and tell me they have purchased a copy, which puts me ahead of the game. I need either seven books for five days or five books for seven days to reach my goal! Either way, I hope that by the time my birthday comes around, I would have reached my goal!

Will you help me?! You can go to Amazon and purchase your copy and celebrate my birthday with me! It has my story, my husband’s story, and a friend who had twins in the NICU and a whole family at home to take care of, so the books are multidimensional with a few commonalities!

Like I said in the video, if this is not your story, please consider buying a copy and donating it to your local hospitals, doctors’ offices, churches, and nonprofit organizations as a resource to families who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. Or you can simply purchase a copy to support me.

Thanks for taking the time to read, purchase, and celebrate with me!

Continued Blessings,


The Big 4-0

Today is my husband’s 40th birthday and I wanted to mark this occasion with a blog post. I made breakfast, made sure he got his long awaited veterans hat, we spent time having dinner with friends and cakes at home. Not pictured the sick bike he got as well as the lemon cake Kobi and I made him for his office!

My Dearest William,

Thank you for loving me so well. Thank you for growing with me and thank you for continuing to be who God created you to be! I love you forever!