I Published My Book!

Its called So, You Found Yourself In The NICU, Now What? And you can get it on Amazon in both a Kindle and a paperback version!

My first book on Amazon

It’s a bit of a surprise even to me because although I have had this blog for almost ten years and grew up writing poems, I never considered myself a writer! Years ago, I had words spoken over me that said I would write books, so I always just waited to see what the books would be about because nothing seemed right. So I waited, and life happened, then more life happened, and even more, life happened, fast forward to now, and I have finally written and published my first book!

You can purchase it here

It’s the first one, it was written out of an ask from a friend who found herself in the NICU. I sent her this long text and then realized that maybe if I put this in a book, it would be a resource for other parents. So I got to work writing, finding different perspectives to share, and asked friends to be a part of seeing my vision come to life, and everyone said yes (thanks guys)!

The book is designed to be a practical guide, things that can be done almost immediately to help the days go by faster. It’s from the perspective of a first-time mother, a father, and a veteran mother with other kiddos to consider. I hope that this book is used in hospital NICUs as a resource for parents all around the world!

So if you are in the NICU, this book is for you, and if you aren’t, this book is for you to give away! Consider buying a copy and giving it to your local hospital that has a NICU or a nonprofit you know that helps with the NICU, or you can just buy it to support me and keep it on your shelf.

Thank you, dear readers, who have thought enough of my writing to subscribe and keep coming back over these almost ten years! I appreciate your encouragement and support, and I look forward to continuing to write for you!

A Letter To My Daughter: 4 Years at home

Kobi: four years apart

My Dearest Katherine: Today marks THE DAY you came home from the hospital after you stayed in the NICU for two months four years ago… that was a mouth full, that’s for sure.

It may not seem like a huge day, but in retrospect, it’s everything to me! This was the day that we finally got to take you home and start living life fully and completely, and today, four years later, you have already surpassed my wildest dreams!

Right now, you can read and write, and your storytelling abilities are fantastic. You are a great athlete (soccer and pseudo volleyball). You are super into drawing, and you are beginning to help out around the house more by making your lunch and folding laundry. You care about people genuinely and are very emotional, and you’ve got a funny way of calling me bro and dude in casual conversation.

Simply put. Kid, you’re fantastic!

Today we did school work: we worked on odd and even numbers, and you memorized Deuteronomy 31:8, which says

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you or abandon you. Do not be afraid or discouraged.

Kobi’s memory verse written out

We also played outside for a little bit, and we got to pray with Mr. Red and Mr. Leo, who are essential personnel during this COVID-19 situation. You blew them bubbles and wished them a happy, almost April! We told stories together using your story cards, and you picked what you wanted for dinner.

You’ve changed so much in four years, and even though I’m sad that you will never be this young again, I am so excited to see where you will go and how much more you will grow with each passing year! I love you, Kobi, and I hope you always remember you can always come home.

Kobi, my love, I simply wanted to say thank you for being your beautiful sweet self and always remember that I love you.

Love mom

We’re doing it

This is our paid in full box

Since we’ve started our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University, plan we have paid off three debts! This box houses our paid in full statements or at least the biggest lump sum payment it took to get our balance to zero!

So far, we’ve been able to pay off my ring, a credit card, and now our car, when my car was totaled back in May of last year, we had to scramble for a car when I started working. It took a little longer than we wanted too, but the person we bought it from was more than gracious, and we were finally able to pay it off.

As of today, we have paid off almost $10,000. It may not sound like a lot, but I’m stoked! I see our total debt balance going down! Right now, we have two credit cards and two student loans left until we are completely debt-free! That will probably still take four years, but it seems like it’s doable as long as we continue to stay the course, stick to our budget and let that snowball keep rolling!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep you all better updated on our Dave Ramsey journey, but even if I don’t, know that we have a monthly budget and are doing our best to stick to it, and make adjustments as necessary and that has made all the difference.

Have you done Financial Peace University? Do you do a monthly budget? How’s it going?

My Soul Is Tired

I’m tired. I’m not just the usual tired because of daylight savings or because I have spent several hours in the car commuting. No, it’s a different kind of tired, one I haven’t experienced too many times in the past but enough to known something isn’t right.

I contacted my therapist, I ate the chocolate, I drank the wine, and I will end my night by reading the Bible.

I feel like a weight is on my chest, and I’m drowning. My heart is just so heavy. I can’t make sense of things. I know it’s not supposed to be like this, but trying to wait for the relief isn’t fun either.

I just needed to vent to get it out in hopes that I will feel better. Maybe a good night’s sleep will refresh my soul after reading the Bible.

What did you give up for Lent?

Our first celebration of Lent.

This whole season of Lent is new to me. This is only my second year of participating in it, up until last year I only knew about it because my friends would be giving stuff up, but it never went any deeper than that. I guess I never asked them to explain it; I just took it for what it was.

In this current season, I find myself in, and I know Jesus wants me to really dig in deep and only be desperate for His face! So I find this moment to abstain from something even bigger because I know that it contains the moments for me to seek His face, to reflect on His great sacrifice, to say thank you, and to hear Him in new and hidden ways.

So what exactly will I be giving up? Well, I’m giving up one food-related item and one life-related item. Dairy and complaining! I don’t want to be so rigid that I’m checking labels for the hidden milk ingredient. But rather be mindful to eat things without cheese and milk, like salads and quesadillas and ice cream.

I also realized that I complain way too much. At least outwardly. I know that I am grateful to God, and I thank Him often, but I also know that I do that in my alone time with Him. I’m not so sure that the people around me are aware of my gratefulness because what they hear is the complaints… so that’s what I am giving up in this season, and hopefully, it will become a lifetime exercise in gratitude and thanksgiving.

I hope to grow closer to Jesus and to take responsibility for parts of my life that don’t correctly reflect His goodness to those around me. As well as take responsibility for my body and help it to function at its best.

To those that have only heard my complaints and never my gratitude, I apologize, and I am asking for your forgiveness because the God I serve is indeed a good God who only wants the best for me and you, but how would you ever know it if I never told you?!

So, what are you giving up for Lent? Have you ever participated in Lent? What are some things you’ve given up in the past?