Happy 12 Year Anniversary

Today is our anniversary!! We have been married for 12 years. It seems like we were such babies when we were first married.

We’ve been through so much, and I am thankful that we’ve stuck together through it all. I love you, William, and I love being married to you!

Thank you for your continued love and belief in me. I look forward to growing older with you each year, and I look forward to continuing to learn about you as time goes on. Thank you for being my knight in shining armor all those years ago, and thank you for being the perfect husband just for me!

~Love Terri

Happy 5th Birthday, Kobi

My love, you are our greatest treasure and our miracle, answer to prayer! Thank you for showing us every day how to love each other, how to communicate better, and how to serve each other well.

My Dearest Kobi! We love you and are so grateful for you! Happy Birthday! We made and decorated your cake, we went to breakfast, had lots of phone calls, pizza for dinner, ate the cake, opened up presents and enjoyed our books, unicorn decor, and balloons!

You are such a ball of energy and joy I can’t fully comprehend how I’m supposed to steward all of your talent, treasure, and power in such a short amount of time, but I promise to keep trying every day to love you well and to open the door for you to walk through and follow your dreams!

Happy Happy Birthday, may this be the year you find your joy and passions, and may you know the Lord for yourself in a more profound way! Keep growing and Keep shining!

Love Mom!!

To my daughter on her last day as a four year old…

My love, today has been a doozy!! We walked with Ms. Renee this morning before school, where we had to talk about safety because there were rando kids all over the place… but once we got home and in our routine, you worked so hard and stayed focus and aced a few quizzes and turned in a lot of your science work.

We watched a presentation on the life of Fredrick Douglas for Black History Month. Then you played on your iPad for a while until we began making your cake… that’s what you wanted for your birthday, to make your birthday cake from scratch: a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting so that’s what we did… but that’s not why I’m writing you…

You baking your cake!

I’m writing this because it’s what I do… I always try and take a moment to remember who you were as it will be the last time you will ever be four!! I don’t know why the last time always makes me so somber, but it does.

So as a four-year-old… you lost your first tooth, started Kindergarten, and have been wishing you were already an adult so you can make more decisions (mainly around screen time). You are also OBSESSED with Minecraft.

You still love unicorns, and you even let us snuggle you, and tonight you let me hold you like a baby while we did affirmations.

I’m so proud of your brilliance and love for all things people, science, Jesus, and your family! You make me so happy, you are my greatest treasure, and I love being your mom!

Your last four year old picture with me!

As each year goes by, I promise to try and let you grow up a little more, and I will always do my best to prepare you for this great big world that you are already making your mark on!

Here is to five… it’s coming in hot, I’m not ready, but I know you’re gonna have a blast, so remember always to be kind, shine your light wherever you go, and don’t ever hide your brilliance!

Love Mom!

Big Six: It’s Big Sister Day

Today did not go as planned. We wanted to go to the bike trail and the beach, but it rained all day. Luckily for me, I could get up and do some yoga right at 5:34 am when Kiwi Hannah was born. I took some time to cry, pray, and cry some more and move my body so that I could celebrate today!

Maybe the continual rain was Kiwi’s way of crying because she missed us just as much as we missed her. Perhaps it was her way of telling me she understands how much I love and miss her every day!

I don’t know, but we tried to make the most of it. We had donuts with Claire and Derek, got some errands done, had the most beautiful orchid delivered to us, ate cake, walked through the new place we’re renting, had dinner and dessert, then came home.

I’m thankful I made it this far, this many years, without Kiwi here on this earth. It’s a trauma I’m still healing from, one I know I won’t ever fully get over but instead be able to see it as a life event worth celebrating! I mean, Kiwi is living her best life with Jesus!

Happy sixth birthday, Kiwi! Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy love you!

NICU Awareness Month: Shoutout to Kobi

Go to Nicuawareness.org for more info on what you can do to help.

I just found out that September is NICU Awareness Month! I had no clue until only a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon it. For me, the month of September has been one of mourning and profound sorrow. It has been one of dread and a countdown to the worst day of my life.

Kobi holding Williams hand in the NICU

I’ve been blinded by grief for six years, the last four of which I’ve had our NICU baby here on this earth, and yet have never been aware enough to know about what else is going on during this time of year until now. I’m grateful for the healing that has taken place in my life to see this month as a time of remembrance, both of sorrow and strength, life, and life with Christ, and of course, all the love!

Kobi made scrambled eggs all by herself

So today, I want to shout out my NICU baby, Ms. Katherine Obadiah Harding!

Kobi, Thank you for bringing me back to life! You are joy unspeakable and shine the light of Christ wherever you go! Thank you for loving people so well and showing me how to put others before ourselves so consistently! I love you and am so grateful for the rockstar that you are!! I am so excited to continue to see you grow into the woman God created you to be! You are brilliant and I love seeing you live life with such a wonder and so much energy!! I fully believe that you will do great and mighty things, because you’ve already touched so many lives in your short time on this earth! Keep being your confident, Jesus-loving, self and may you always believe in unicorns!!

~Love Mom!