My goals when I get home…

So I am reading Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure and it is pretty amazing! I am already half way through the book which is amazing because I’ve only been reading it for 2 days and I’m a slow reader, but this book is just that good anyway back to why I’m writing…

So as I was reading her book she goes over Luke 19:23-25 which pretty much says whoever wants to gain his life must lose it by picking up their cross daily and following Jesus, and what’s the point if you gained the whole world to lose your soul…

It got me to thinking, I die to myself everyday to spend time with the Lord and if I just made a few adjustments and died to myself in the areas of exercise and hair I would see some really awesome changes in my overall health, cause at the end of the day that’s what I am going for…

In this book she also mentions that our homes are a reflection of us and we need to get rid of things that we are not using that way our house can reflect the self-discipline we aim to achieve which brings me to my goals once I get home…

When I get home I will be getting rid of all my clothes I can no longer fit as well as anything else we are not or have not used… I will be adopting the good ol saying, “When in doubt, throw it out.” and everything must go, to include hair products, and yard sale finds I never used… Plus it will definitely help us scale down for when we go to Miami, which is an added plus.

During this time I will also be taking the time to wash, deep condition, moisturize my hair daily and style my hair in protective styles until we leave to Miami with the occasional twist out for special occasions.

I just want to live a healthier life in general and I am going to do my best to hit all the little areas to see my goals accomplished.

My eating plan will mostly consist of small portions with mostly water and the occasional sweet treat a couple of times a week I will also stop eating by 8:00 pm and will at least stretch daily if not do a simple workout each day!!

I know it sounds like a lot and that’s why I am asking you to be my accountability buddy… If you see me ask me how things are going? Ask me what I ate today? Ask me if I got rid of all those old clothes and yard sale finds, ask about my hair and it’s current state and if I’ve been treating it nicely… Ask me and I’ll tell you the truth and say thank you for asking… Thanks for the help and thanks for reading my somewhat random thoughts and goals for when I get home.

Note I said these are my goals for when I get home because now I am on a wonderful road trip to the eastern part of the country with my dear husband and our niece and our schedule is wacky although I am working on portion control… Until next time.

My dad is leaving

My dad is leaving, actually as I type this from my car (thanks iPhone) we are on our way to South Carolina to take him to his sister’s house… He is starting anew and won’t be going back to California which I don’t blame him.

I am praying that he finds a job quickly that way he can save up for his own place and he’ll be free to come and go when he wants. I think he’s tasted what he can have and I have a peace that I didn’t have when he first got here that he won’t go back to his old life; Praise God!

As much anxiety as I had about him coming I am going to miss him. I actually learned a lot about him during his visit. I got to ask him what it was like for him growing up in Mississippi and that was eye opening! I learned more about my grandmother and grandfather and I even got to learn some of his secret recipe’s!

I had the great opportunity to spend some quality time with him that I rarely had growing up. And I don’t know when I will see him again but I do know that I’ve had a wonderful time making memories with my daddy!

To everyone who had the opportunity to meet him and spend time with him thank you for showing him true southern hospitality and making him feel welcome. He really has enjoyed his time here in Clarksville and him and Bill have become inseparable. So thank you and just know that if he met you he’ll never forget you! Literally! He has an amazing mind to remember names and faces!

As we leave his goal is to get a job and then go to truck driving school so please keep him and his aspirations in your prayers thanks so much, and thanks for praying me through this time in my life!

Life is short and sometimes unexpected!

So just in case you needed a reminder I thought I would let you know… Life is short and sometimes unexpected!!! Today I found out that one of my friend’s son was killed in a shooting. He was 20 years old and played football in college and he had so much potential. I feel sick to my stomach as I type this and my mind is in a whirl-wind. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through, I can’t find the words to pray for her so I am praying in the spirit for now, I am wondering if he was saved, and what’s happening with him on the other-side of this earth.

How unexpected was this news to me, and more so to his family… it has got me to thinking that everyone will die whether they like it or not, but what am I doing about it as a Christian… Now just to put your minds at ease, I am not gonna become this crazy Christian lady who starts to shove God down peoples throats to make sure they’ve heard the gospel before they die, but I will be more intentional when I speak to people. I will present the gospel to them over time and I will make sure that they know that His Love IS Real and all He wants is a genuine relationship with them.

If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so. Sorry if I just peed in your Cheerios, but I guess what I wanted you to know is that we really need to live more intentional lives and tell people about all the great things Jesus has done for us and be open to sharing our lives with them that way they can see the hope we have in Him. Please take a few minutes to lift my friend and her family up in prayers. I know I didn’t include her name but that’s the greatness about my God, He already knows exactly who I am talking about and He will know who you’re talking about when you pray for this family. Thanks so much and remember to live intentionally today!

God, exercise, and hair

So I have been learning more about God every day and it is pretty amazing how much closer I feel to him in such a short time. I have been learning the different names of God and thereby learning more of His attributes. I must say that my favorite name right now is Jehovah-rapha, which means healer, repairer, restorer, to make better… I mean there is something about knowing that no matter what occurs in life Jehovah-rapha my Jesus can take care of it. He is always making something better and continually restoring things in my life such as relationships that I thought where beyond repair.

Along with learning more about God I have been slightly convicted, slightly encouraged by my dad simply telling me that I filled out nicely and that I was healthy (he meant it as a compliment) to exercise. This is something that I have put off and pushed backed numerous times. At one point I would complain about the way I looked every day and yet not bother changing anything, that is until now… I am ready to make necessary changes to my diet and to actually start exercising on a regular basis!

I have also learned to take better careĀ of my hair in the last couple of months. I have worn my hair natural for the pass 6 years but have always been to lazy to style it! I have been learning different techniques to styling my hair and taking care of my hair so that it remains healthy and I am looking forward to the results, I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned is that good styling and healthy hair takes time! I am not going to see major results overnight nor will I get things right the first time but if I stay consistent and persevere I will see my hair at its finest. Afterall, patience is a virtue right?

Ok so why the seemingly random paragraphs on three seemingly different topics? Well that’s because I had an aha moment in the shower! I thought I am trying to do these things to live a more healthy and devoted life so why not record my journey by writing it down in a journal! I know it sounds really easy and I am sure it will be but it just came to me… I have always known that I am most effective when I write things down, and for my exercise and hair to be where I want it to be my method can’t be any different.

I already have notebooks galore for all the great things Jesus has said to me over the years and the sermons I’ve listened to so why not journal about the changes my body and hair are going through with Jesus’ help . Who says He won’t help me stay focused and determined in these two aspects of my life. And whats to say that during my times of working out or doing my hair God won’t speak to me? I will also keep you updated on how things are going but I will get a journal to document my progress as well. I am so excited to jumpstart these aspects of my life with some Holy Spirit help of course… thanks for stopping by, Until next time…

P.S. the update on my dad’s visit will be coming soon, I am still trying to process it all, but it’s been better than I ever thought it would be…

My dad is here…

So my dad is here… And now I can exhale. It’s a sigh of relief. For alls well that ends well. We’ve embraced each other and I’ve watched him today…

He’s a bit grayer than I remember but I see my sister’s face when he smiles an my brother’s personality when he speaks and even though he’s a bit older than I remembered those subtle hints remind me that he really is my dad.

I wish I could say that there were tears of joy streaming down my face but there wasn’t. It’s not that I’m not happy it’s more like I don’t really know how to act. I mean one minute I want to run into his arms and sit in his lap and the next minute I want to scream at him for all the times he wasn’t there.

But what good would that do? It might make me feel better for like 2.5 seconds but it’s not going to make him feel any better…

He came to me so that he could rest and relax, regroup and practice restraint. He came to me because he needed to get away. He won’t be here forever… So I better enjoy this time that I do have with him. Regardless of the things that may or may not have happened.