**Miracle Update**

So today, just a few minutes ago I received the call I’ve been waiting for!!! My dad called me from the facility and told me that he would continue with the program! If you have no idea what I am talking about click here to read the back story…

God is soooo good! My dad told me that the only reason he agreed to do it was because I got a hold of him yesterday… God has a mighty plan for my dad and I can’t wait to see it!!! I know that while he is there, God will begin to deal with him and show him the love and understanding he’s needed!

Please agree with me in prayer for my father to see the one and only true God! To understand who HE is and what HE has done for us… Thank you Jesus for calling my father out of darkness. Thank you Lord that he will be set free once and for all. Thank you Jesus that you are showing him unconditional love, through me and my husband. Help me never to forget that. I love you and am so humbled by your love for me; for all of us! Thank you for hearing my prayers and for answering them like only you can! In Jesus’ Name Amen!!

Oh and what’s also great is my dad ran into one of his cousins that helps out at the facility!!! They grew up together in Mississippi, lived in the same house and all of that… So they are reunited and I got a chance to talk to him. He is going to help my dad take things one day at a time… So keep praying… press in and pray even when you don’t know what to pray for cause the Holy Spirit knows… thanks for reading and even more so thanks for praying!

My Major Miracle!

God is so good and is always working and listening to the prayers that we send His way…. Just a few minutes ago I had a major miracle answered in less than an hour! Here is the back story… my dad was arrested (I’m guessing for homelessness cause Cali don’t play) and was sent to this facility where he’d have a place to live at least… my grandmother called me about it on Thursday well me and my nonchalant attitude decided I didn’t need to call the facility until today… when I called the place, my dad was nowhere to be found and the man on the line told me that he had only stayed for a day and if he didn’t call them in two hours they would issue a warrant out for his arrest…

Fast forward to the present… I got off the phone and called the last number I thought I could reach my dad at and he wasn’t there but his friend said he would have him call me when he found him. So after that phone call I started praying for the Lord to pull my daddy outta darkness and into His marvelous light. I knew it would be a miracle if my dad called me and got to that facility all in two hours but I know that God can do anything!!! So I sat there believing that my dad would call and that he would be able to get a second chance.

30 minutes later the phone rang and on the line was my dad’s friend giving the phone to my dad I talked to him and told him he had to call that place within the hour… (actually right after we got off the phone) that they were giving him a second chance but that he had to call them… he told me he would and I believe him… I’m gonna call the facility later on tonight to check up on him… and whether or not he’s there… God still answered my prayer and He is worthy of all my praise!!!

It’s never too late to call on the name of the Lord! There were so many different places my dad could have been…  yet God knew and made sure that I found him just in time… so I am praying that my dad succeeds in this program and that his life is forever changed. Thank you God for answering my prayer and for allowing this wonderful miracle to take place right before my very eyes!!!


Point Of Grace in Clarksville?

Yup!!! They sure were. all three lovely ladies and their guitar player came down last weekend and took part in the 3rd Annual Mother Daughter Tea put on by Hope Pregnancy Center, and boy was it exciting!!! I’m not gonna even lie I had no idea who point of grace really was and I couldn’t even name one of their songs but boy do they put on a great show!! They sound so amazing live and in person the radio just doesn’t do them justice!!! I would highly recommend you see them in concert/in person whenever you can; they are a hoot! Not only are their voices amazing but they have some of the best personalities ever!!! They were all so real and genuine you couldn’t help but fall in love with them… And you could tell that it was about more than just singing and performing but it was about ministering to their audience there was more than a few times that I myself felt God’s presence in that place…

Three ladies viewed from back stage
The view from back stage of Point of Grace!

If you are a super big huge Point of Grace fan you can check out their website here to see their blog about the tea (it’s on the 16th of August post) and of course anything else that may be happening in their lives. Also if you attended the tea you can go here and look at all the pictures taken and even buy your favorite ones! The pictures were taken by the very talented Scott Hollingsworth who can be found right here in Clarksville! And if you have any questions about any of the events or programs that the Hope Pregnancy Center does feel free to click here and learn more or to contact a member of the staff. They would be more than happy to answer any of your questions!

It was a huge blessing to have the women of Point Of Grace come to the tea in Clarksville, Not only to sing to us but to minister to us and to share their hearts and lives with us. It was a great time of food, fun and fellowship and all the tables were decorated so nicely! Plus there was no better excuse to get all dressed up than a mother-daughter, grandma, aunt-niece; all girl tea!!!


We don’t owe God

So the you version devotion for today talked about four main reasons why we should walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh. The first reason they listed was because we owe God!

Are you kidding me… I couldn’t believe that I had even read something so preposterous. All I could think about is how that could be perverted rather quickly by those who are religious by saying things like well you owe God so you need to give His church all your money and time… Or you owe God so you need to do as I tell you because I’m a man/ woman of God. What a bunch of crap.

I have never been told that I owe God nor would I ever say anything like that to anyone. I do know that we should live whole-heartedly for Him but that doesn’t really change the love that He has for us or make us any different than those who don’t love Him that way because He still loves them regardless!

And there is nothing that we could ever do that could pay off our ransom that Jesus paid for with His life. I thank God that He opened my eyes to this and allowed me to see that something wasn’t quite worded or translated right. They used Romans 8:12 to state their case that we owe God… I could be completely wrong but what do you think?


was a great day full of family and friends and natural hair! It started off with family breakfast which is a tradition me and my husband started once we bought our house 2 years ago; we decided that every first Saturday of the month we would have all of our friends and family over for breakfast. They bring the food and we open our house and cook it. It’s just a massive time of food and fellowship, and this time we had a few new people, a few people we hadn’t seen in a while and then we had the people you know will always be there and it was a perfect mix of people; of family!!!

That was put on pause for my first natural hair meetup here in Clarksville TN! My friend Cotton put it together and we had “Let’s talk Natural” (who is on Facebook) come down and give us some helpful tips on how to get and maintain healthy hair. As well as what products worked for her and ones she recommended and we got to listen to why each person decided to go natural which was refreshing to hear everyone’s story. It was a small and intimate gathering that ended up back at my house to continue talking about our regimens and what products worked for us and what didn’t.

Then me and a couple of girls went to another friends house where she got her hair done and we shared about our lives and testimonies, and struggles, but how God’s hand was on our lives even then and brought us through it all for something better! It was so amazing to sit and hear each story and realize that the girl sitting next to me that I thought was perfect really isn’t! I mean I know that everyone has a story but still it’s hard to believe that the very people you see as “put together” are barely hanging on just like you! HECK just like me!!!

It was so nice to just be around people who love Jesus and who love natural hair! Plus I got to spend time with people who love food and fellowship and Jesus (of course) and it is one of my most favorite things and one of the dearest moments I’m gonna miss when we go to Miami because some thing this authentic can’t be duplicated!