My Major Miracle!

God is so good and is always working and listening to the prayers that we send His way…. Just a few minutes ago I had a major miracle answered in less than an hour! Here is the back story… my dad was arrested (I’m guessing for homelessness cause Cali don’t play) and was sent to this facility where he’d have a place to live at least… my grandmother called me about it on Thursday well me and my nonchalant attitude decided I didn’t need to call the facility until today… when I called the place, my dad was nowhere to be found and the man on the line told me that he had only stayed for a day and if he didn’t call them in two hours they would issue a warrant out for his arrest…

Fast forward to the present… I got off the phone and called the last number I thought I could reach my dad at and he wasn’t there but his friend said he would have him call me when he found him. So after that phone call I started praying for the Lord to pull my daddy outta darkness and into His marvelous light. I knew it would be a miracle if my dad called me and got to that facility all in two hours but I know that God can do anything!!! So I sat there believing that my dad would call and that he would be able to get a second chance.

30 minutes later the phone rang and on the line was my dad’s friend giving the phone to my dad I talked to him and told him he had to call that place within the hour… (actually right after we got off the phone) that they were giving him a second chance but that he had to call them… he told me he would and I believe him… I’m gonna call the facility later on tonight to check up on him… and whether or not he’s there… God still answered my prayer and He is worthy of all my praise!!!

It’s never too late to call on the name of the Lord! There were so many different places my dad could have been…  yet God knew and made sure that I found him just in time… so I am praying that my dad succeeds in this program and that his life is forever changed. Thank you God for answering my prayer and for allowing this wonderful miracle to take place right before my very eyes!!!


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