was a great day full of family and friends and natural hair! It started off with family breakfast which is a tradition me and my husband started once we bought our house 2 years ago; we decided that every first Saturday of the month we would have all of our friends and family over for breakfast. They bring the food and we open our house and cook it. It’s just a massive time of food and fellowship, and this time we had a few new people, a few people we hadn’t seen in a while and then we had the people you know will always be there and it was a perfect mix of people; of family!!!

That was put on pause for my first natural hair meetup here in Clarksville TN! My friend Cotton put it together and we had “Let’s talk Natural” (who is on Facebook) come down and give us some helpful tips on how to get and maintain healthy hair. As well as what products worked for her and ones she recommended and we got to listen to why each person decided to go natural which was refreshing to hear everyone’s story. It was a small and intimate gathering that ended up back at my house to continue talking about our regimens and what products worked for us and what didn’t.

Then me and a couple of girls went to another friends house where she got her hair done and we shared about our lives and testimonies, and struggles, but how God’s hand was on our lives even then and brought us through it all for something better! It was so amazing to sit and hear each story and realize that the girl sitting next to me that I thought was perfect really isn’t! I mean I know that everyone has a story but still it’s hard to believe that the very people you see as “put together” are barely hanging on just like you! HECK just like me!!!

It was so nice to just be around people who love Jesus and who love natural hair! Plus I got to spend time with people who love food and fellowship and Jesus (of course) and it is one of my most favorite things and one of the dearest moments I’m gonna miss when we go to Miami because some thing this authentic can’t be duplicated!

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