I’m Thankful For My Family

This month has come to an end… today is the last day in November, which means I am done with my blog challenge of giving thanks for something each day… some have been serious and some a little silly but each thing represents who I am and what I am thankful for. As this day winds down I decided to write about what has made me who I am and that’s my family… I am most thankful for each person in my immediate family! My brothers, my sister, my mom, my dad, my father, my cousin Nichole, and now my husband! It may not be considered normal but then again what is “normal” these days? So today as I sit in my semi-empty kitchen I am thankful for each member of my family… without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today…

This is my mom. The woman who absolutely hands down made me who I am today. I get my love of music, writing, praying, and taking pictures from her! I never quite knew how sentimental I was until I realized that my mom’s the same exact way… She’s strong, and supportive, and loving, and has a way of remembering every special date… she has ALWAYS believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself or she disagreed with my decisions. She has been my number one cheerleader.

This is my sister Amber. She has every quality I wish I had. She can sing, and dance, and is a really awesome mother, she’s smart, and beautiful, and she’s tougher than I’ll ever be. She’s my only sister and I continue to learn from her in more ways than she may ever know. For me, she is proof that there is a God.

These are my brothers Kortney and Anthony. They are sweet, and kind, and giving. They are all about family, and making memories, and they are some goofballs, there’s always a joke around the corner with these guys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are wonderfully protective, and I don’t doubt their intelligence for a second. They have shown me what it means to persevere.


This is my father Terry. I am named after him. I think I get most of my creativity from him. He loves writing, and reading, and drawing, he's a really great artist. He's taught me so much about what inner strength is and overcoming adversity.

This is my dad. He’s been there for EVERY important milestone in my life. He’s always been there to take care of me, encourage me, cheer me up, and let me cry. He has shown me what it means to love unconditionally and whole heartedly, and what it means to be a Christian before I even realized that was an option. He has shown me what a healthy marriage looks like and gives me the hope that with a little hard work anything is possible.

This is my cousin Nichole. Now I know that a cousin is not usually apart of immediate family but in this case she was. She was the sister I always wanted probably because at the time she was only a year younger than me which meant no pesky little sister to worry about (sorry Amber) anyway she is super smart, and totally generous with just about everything she has, she’s talented and very focused, extremely passionate about life and loves a good adventure. She makes me want to be my very best.

This is my husband William. He is the only guy I’ve ever loved that has entirely with his whole heart loved Jesus! He has shown me what it means to be sold out for Christ. He is loving, caring, and passionate, he’s a risk-taker, and a dreamer. He has BIG dreams, and a love for all things computers, cars, and church systems. He likes to dance, and sometimes plays too much but he shows me that it’s okay to sometimes be a kid and cut loose…

Together these people have made me the loving, sentimental, sensitive, family loving, risk-taking, passionate, strong-willed, artistic, creative person I am today. To my family: Thank you very much for loving me and teaching me and showing me all that I ever needed to know. Today and every day I am thankful that I am apart of this family.

I’m Thankful For My Home


Today I am thankful for my home! It’s always been a dream of my to own my own home and by the grace of God I (along with my husband of course) do in fact own my own home!




I like that there are memories in this house of relationships that were built and those that were nurtured. I love to think about our children one day being in this house but most of all I am thankful that others find our home warm and inviting which has always been our collective goal as a married couple.


Thankful For Modern Conveniences

This whole month I have realized that I use modern conveniences every day, in one way or another… and today I am thankful for them all! I have been struggling for the last couple of days to get internet hooked up at the house but luckily for me there is a great coffee shop near my house… of course close in Tennessee doesn’t always mean within walking distance, which makes me extra thankful to have a car that I can drive that brings me to this place of refuge. Here I have internet, as well as yummy coffee treats that I don’t have to attempt to make at home.

I am also thankful for things like heat and air, there is heat in my car that didn’t get used until a few days ago but it was there… and it also has air that has been used a lot. And there is both heat and air as well as in house laundry capabilities at my house all of which I am thankful for. Modern conveniences really do make my life a whole lot easier and for that I am truly grateful because I couldn’t imagine traveling from Miami to Clarksville by way of horse and buggy or worse; by foot!! How about you? What are some modern conveniences you enjoy?

I’m Thankful For Warm Clothes!


Today I am most thankful for warm clothes!! It was a bitter 37 degrees today so I was very thankful to have a coat and boots and gloves to put on with my jeans today. I also found a turtle neck shirt to wear and I even wore socks for the first time in a year!! It’s cold here and even though the locals don’t think it’s that cold, a year of pure sunshine will make the cold that much worse? How do you deal with cold weather?

I’m Thankful For Growth

This morning as I sit in bed trying to go back to sleep because it’s still early and cold it hits me that I am (we are) really here in Tennessee! It also hits me and I am sure I will be reminded many times of how much this place has grown and for that matter how much I have grown as a person, as a wife, as a friend… and instead of getting anxious about it I decided to be thankful for it! I know that i’m different than before I left, I’ve been through some growing pains and transformations, a maturing process and it’s all been God moving in and through my life.

I am not the person I use to be and even though that old person wasn’t horribly bad, I feel like now I’m the updated version of who I once was. I still have all the same traits, some just got faster, and there were a few bug fixes, a couple of tweaks here and there and now I am here waiting to be used by God but I know that it won’t be in the ways I think or the ways that I once was used but it will be different because I am different. My heart aches with anticipation, simply because I know that it’s gonna be another great adventure for Jesus!! I’m both excited for what’s to come and scared… but what I’ve learned is sometimes you just gotta do it scared! So READY OR NOT TENNESSEE HERE I COME: Terri 5.0 changed, transformed, updated!