Nine Years, Many Lives.

Today William and I celebrated nine years of being married. It was a real low key celebration. I guess that’s what happens when you move to a new city and are on a tight budget. There were no big gifts exchanged, but we did have breakfast as a family, a family nap, a kid free coffee/putt putt date and dinner as a family. It was a nice celebration.

Somewhere between cards being exchanged and coffee being drunken we were in agreement that although we’ve only been married nine years it seems like we’ve lived many lives in that time. There are pivotal moments that have happened in our lives that have marked us and changed us and now is no different.

We had newly wed lives, before and after Miami lives, before and after Kiwi lives, NICU lives, not to mention the mission trips, the trainings and conferences that have marked our lives or the lingering effects of our before marriage lives. We were told this life together would be an adventure but we had no idea what that meant let alone what it could look like.

As hard and long as these years and lives have been, it’s all been worth it to call William Michael Harding my husband. He truly is the man for me. He balances me so well, and loves me so deeply and I look forward to this life, and the future lives with such hope, wonder, and gratefulness to experience it with him.

William Michael Harding! I Love You! Happy Anniversary!

Kobi’s 2!

It’s amazing how much things change in a year!! Although we weren’t near anyone we spent Kobi’s first birthday with, we made the most of our time together celebrating her life! We had so much fun going to OMSI (the science museum) with our friends Katie and Doc in Portland, where Kobi got to run free for hours! We had pizza for lunch and some ice cream because that’s what she likes and then we came home for dinner and cupcakes with our friends, the Zauners! Oh and there was some present opening in there too!

It was kind of simple and didn’t take much planning but it was so much fun and Kobi enjoyed every minute of it, and that’s all I wanted! I know how hard this move has been on her and I just wanted her to be able to enjoy her special day!

Kobi is quite phenomenal if you ask me! She knows her alphabet, their sounds, and can recognize them when we are out and about, she can count to 20 and also recognizes her numbers, she loves to sing and dance, is getting better at legos all the time, loves to eat apples, chicken, chips, and bread of any kind, still doesn’t like green beans but asks for veggie pouches all the time. She is kind and compassionate, rarely meets a stranger, Strong-willed, and so smart!