A Gentle Rebuke Through Discovery

For the last three days my you-version devotional has consisted of the same simple scripture… Psalm 33:3 which says: Sing to him a new song play skillfully on the strings with loud shouts. The first day I read this I thought it was kinda cool because a few short minutes before I started reading it I was singing a song in Spanish to him… now the song that I was singing wasn’t necessarily new but singing it in Spanish was… so I took it as confirmation that I was going in the right direction.

Later on in my reflection time I took the play skillfully on the strings kind of literally and decided that I needed to start playing my violin more often just to play it and praise Him while doing it. I decided that I needed to stop being afraid and stop worrying about my skill set and to play anyway! I left encouraged.

The next day(yesterday) upon reading the same verse. I took it to mean that I need to spend more time perfecting the talents that God has given me… like painting, dancing, writing, and playing the violin… even if I don’t consider myself good at any of it (except for maybe writing)… God has given me an innate desire for all of these things and I need to worship Him accordingly.

And then this morning while reading and meditating on this same verse I discovered that God wants all of our praise, all of our worship, all of our attention, all of the time and anything less is insufficient. I realized that even though I do a pretty decent job of worshiping Him no-holds-bar on Sunday morning I am not doing it during the week. I know that it hasn’t always been this way and it’s not even like I don’t communicate with Him during the week because I do… I talk to Him maybe more than I talk to my husband.

During this morning’s quiet time I realized that what I’ve been doing is bottling all my praise from the week up and trying to release it all on Sunday morning during worship… It hasn’t been working and it has left me yearning for more, and that is why the Lord has been gently nudging me to give Him more.

As I laid in His arms meditating on what I just discovered He gave me a simple and gentle rebuke. One that I am most grateful for. He didn’t yell, or make me feel stupid (not that God would EVER do that but humans do), instead He disciplined me with loving arms wide open showing me what it’s like to be a parent. Of course I repented, and apologized for my behavior and it left me wanting to discipline my children in a similar way; lovingly, gently, with arms wide open. Knowing that it can be done.

Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes, for my gentle rebuke, for teaching me, and speaking to me. Thank you for showing me that your love is real and all you want me to do is experience it first hand through worshiping you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I love you and I will give all of my talents in worship to you! Amen.


Bolivia Pictures!

Finally!!! Here are the pictures from my awesome and wonderfully blessed trip to Bolivia. For those of you who have no clue what we did while we were there I’ll tell you! We had several days of medical missions, we spent time on one of the college campuses doing outreach and holding conferences, we ministered at different Every Nation churches, we had good food while we where there, celebrated birthdays and even had a tea party… So we had a pretty well-rounded trip… I hope you enjoy the pictures…

Happy Engagement Anniversary!

That’s what a dear friend text me this morning… how she remembered I have no idea… but today is in fact the third anniversary of when I was engaged to be married to my husband…

It was such a special moment one that I had been waiting for all my life and for the last couple of months leading up to it… It was done during our monthly night of worship at church in such a way that only my husband could pull off… I looked a hot mess because well it was the beginning of the weekend after a long day of work and Jesus loves me no matter how I look…

An anniversary banner in blue and purple

Which anniversaries do you celebrate?

There we were up on stage praying for our youth group that we led together when all of a sudden his prayer changes and its more me focused than youth focused and I was quite confused ( I had my eyes closed)… and then it happened… I finally opened my eyes to see him on one knee with a ring in a jewelry box from Bolivia…  I will always look back on that moment with pure and utter delight! For that was the day we started our forever future together!

So tell me dear readers… do you celebrate seemingly unimportant anniversaries like this or are we the only ones? I’d love to hear which ones you celebrate and why… if you don’t mind sharing that is…


Prayers Needed

Hello everyone I know that you all may have been expecting pictures from my recent travels to Bolivia but I promise I will get those up in the next few days… I just wanted to take this time to highlight a great need that I feel which is; the need for prayer!

woman praying

It's time to PRAY!

Now these prayers are not just for me although I will gladly take them, No in fact they are for people around me who are going through some tough times. Most of these people are in my church family but either way they all need to be lifted up to God the Father… They are going through things like the lost of a child, the death of other family members, sick children, sick family members, sick and disease stricken people (I’m not just talking about the common cold I am talking about things like cancer), loss of jobs, loss of houses… I could go on and on… a lot of people are in serious times of need, where they need more than a smiling face, they need action and by action I mean saints praying to God on their behalf!

So if you are reading this please say a prayer for my church family members and friends in need. I am not giving any names because God already knows exactly who I am talking about and He can bring the healing and the miracle to them without us ever discussing small details. That’s just how wonderful He is. Thank you in advance for all the prayers that will go forth on the behalf of all my family and friends in need. And if you need prayer don’t be afraid to ask for it whether you ask me or someone else… there are people who are willing to pray for and with you, and don’t ever think that something is ever too big or too small to pray about… because it’s not.

Thanks so much again for stopping by and reading this and thanks for your continued prayers. Blessings to you now and always.

Quick Update

Hello everyone I know that you all have been waiting to hear from me… and for that I do apologize… I literally hit the ground running once I got back from Bolivia… speaking of which was fantastic… Thank you for all of the prayers and support to get me there. I truly had nowhere to hide and was made to speak and speak often… which if you all know me is not my thing… God really used that time to build my confidence in Him. I will try to have pictures for you all early next week…

As for my few days in Miami well it rained the whole entire time I was there but it still felt like home. I got to do a little sight seeing and discovery… which was nice… I ate a cuban sandwich on Calle Ocho… and it was amazing. I also spent a lot of time practicing my Spanish. I hope to learn a whole lot more by the end of the year… Since I’ve been back home I have been talking with my husband who is way more fluent that I am… so that’s been fun…

Now that I am back in Clarksville, I have been catching up on sleep and looking for jobs, as well as continuing to pack our belongings, actually I have been trying not to mess up all the great work my husband has done while I was away… our house is getting emptier and emptier… and hopefully as we finish up I will have some good news about a place that wants to hire me… so please keep praying… well that’s all that I’ve been up to… talk to you all later…

Bolivia: Day Three

This is our third day in country and I am absolutely wrecked! God is moving so powerfully here, it simply can’t be denied! This morning we had the most mind-blowing team devotional time.

There was ministry that took place and words of knowledge and encouragement were given to many of us and one person even received the gift of speaking in tongues! There were prayers for miracles and BIG faith, mentions of not putting God in a box and divine appointments, and that was before we even got to our destination!

Once there each person got into their groove, those of us who were in the pharmacy worked well as a team stuffing bags and praying for each person they represented, the doctors saw each person as a child of God and treated them as such and our ministry team preached the gospel prayed for healing and led several people to Christ; Glory be to God!

The ministry that took place today amongst our team was some of the best I’ve ever been apart of and I want to remember this day for as long as He will let me. Good ministry really does start with a good foundation and a good foundation changes lives. It’s simple yet important and worth the effort it takes. I am more encouraged now than I’ve been in a really long time. Praise the Lord!

I never felt like this before

I am here in Bolivia, South America and this time it feels different, it doesn’t matter that this is my third time here it’s just different. I think a lot has to do with the way I got here… It just kinda happened in the span of three days! God made a way for me to come to this place and I know it was for a wonderful and mighty still unknown reason (but then again it’s only day one).

I have had people praying for my healing touch to be felt for at least the past month unbeknownst to me I would be here in a place where people are in need of healing, physically, mentally and spiritually! And not to mention I have been feeling bad ever since we touched down in the nation of Bolivia! I was fine traveling all the way here by myself most of the way but the minute we touched down I felt sick and that feeling hasn’t left me yet… I am just chalking it up to whatever it is that God has me here for is going to be fantastic and truly life changing and the enemy is not too happy about it. Go figure.

I’ve never felt like this before, a waiting anticipation to see God move and show Himself mighty! I mean why else would He orchestrate my being here if it wasn’t to completely take me out of my comfort zone and make me completely dependent on Him. As a way for me to see Him in a deeper way one where I can fully trust Him knowing that He really does have everything under control.

I feel Him saying trust me. He wants me to trust Him in everything. Him bringing me to Bolivia in His way instead of my way is Him flexing His muscles showing me that my Abba Father is more than able to do what He said He would do! This is more than just a breakthrough this is a releasing (of what I don’t know yet) but it will undoubtedly make me stronger, bolder, calmer, and wiser in His calling on my life!

Even though I have no idea what to expect I’m still expecting something that will make my heart skip a beat in the wonder of His awe and majesty! And I will trust Him and not worry about what my current situation looks like because I serve a GREAT and MIGHTY, ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING GOD who has gone before me and is showing me the way I need to go. PRAISE THE LORD!