Happy Engagement Anniversary!

That’s what a dear friend text me this morning… how she remembered I have no idea… but today is in fact the third anniversary of when I was engaged to be married to my husband…

It was such a special moment one that I had been waiting for all my life and for the last couple of months leading up to it… It was done during our monthly night of worship at church in such a way that only my husband could pull off… I looked a hot mess because well it was the beginning of the weekend after a long day of work and Jesus loves me no matter how I look…

An anniversary banner in blue and purple
Which anniversaries do you celebrate?

There we were up on stage praying for our youth group that we led together when all of a sudden his prayer changes and its more me focused than youth focused and I was quite confused ( I had my eyes closed)… and then it happened… I finally opened my eyes to see him on one knee with a ring in a jewelry box from Bolivia…  I will always look back on that moment with pure and utter delight! For that was the day we started our forever future together!

So tell me dear readers… do you celebrate seemingly unimportant anniversaries like this or are we the only ones? I’d love to hear which ones you celebrate and why… if you don’t mind sharing that is…


2 thoughts on “Happy Engagement Anniversary!

  1. Yes, we celebrate a lot of anniversaries. November is really our month though. Tom and I met in November, but I cannot remember the date. I had no idea then what our relationship would be today.

    Nov. 17, 2007 was our first date, that didn’t start out as such. I was working at Tom’s office at the time, and we used to hang out occasionally and go to hockey games together just as friends, so when he invited me to go to this particular game, I didn’t think anything of it. I was developing feelings for Tom at this time, but sincerely doubted he had them for me. When he picked me up, I knew something was different. He smiled a lot more than normal. At the game he laughed and smiled more than I’d ever seen him do in the two years I’d known him. After the game we decided to go out for dinner. When we walked out of the arena it was a mad house. I was getting pushed around, and lost in the crowd. Tom reached back for me, put his arms around my shoulders and he held on to me until we got to Demos’. We have been in love ever since.

    Nov. 27, 2008 Tom proposed in the Rainbow Room Grille in NYC. I didn’t see this coming either! lol It was the most magical Thanksgiving night. I mean NYC, the Rainbow Room, wandering around Rockefeller Center watching people skate. It was incredible. We are trying to go back this Thanksgiving to celebrate, and while we won’t go to the Rainbow Room (it closed about two months after we were engaged there) we’ll enjoy NYC pizza, bagels, and all the memories.

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