Quick Update

Hello everyone I know that you all have been waiting to hear from me… and for that I do apologize… I literally hit the ground running once I got back from Bolivia… speaking of which was fantastic… Thank you for all of the prayers and support to get me there. I truly had nowhere to hide and was made to speak and speak often… which if you all know me is not my thing… God really used that time to build my confidence in Him. I will try to have pictures for you all early next week…

As for my few days in Miami well it rained the whole entire time I was there but it still felt like home. I got to do a little sight seeing and discovery… which was nice… I ate a cuban sandwich on Calle Ocho… and it was amazing. I also spent a lot of time practicing my Spanish. I hope to learn a whole lot more by the end of the year… Since I’ve been back home I have been talking with my husband who is way more fluent that I am… so that’s been fun…

Now that I am back in Clarksville, I have been catching up on sleep and looking for jobs, as well as continuing to pack our belongings, actually I have been trying not to mess up all the great work my husband has done while I was away… our house is getting emptier and emptier… and hopefully as we finish up I will have some good news about a place that wants to hire me… so please keep praying… well that’s all that I’ve been up to… talk to you all later…

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