Giving Notice

So I have come to find out that when you work as unto the Lord and give your very best every day, giving notice is hard because you’ve given everything you had! 

Today I gave notice to my temporary job that I have found full time employment with the State of Tennessee and although I am super excited to be starting something that will be fulfilling and a dream come true I’m sad to be leaving. Although I’ve only been there a month these people are some of the nicest, and some of the happiest of people I have ever met. The big boss man greets me by name every day (like really, who does that)!

Most of the poeople have worked for this company for 30 years and they don’t hate their jobs! They aren’t run down and mean instead they are happy and pleasant and for me that type of environment is very much needed, appreciated, and sought out! 

I cried several times (but did you expect me not too)  and although I don’t normally care about what others think in this case I did… I dreaded when the news would trickle from HR to the management and yet everyone is genuinely happy for this new opportunity that has come my way! I know that I’m leaving and my job is done! I have left a piece of me with every one that I have met… Which is exactly what I always try to do. 

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