My First Gray Hair!

Y’all I got my first gray hair and I am so excited!! When I found it yesterday morning my husband asked me how do I know it’s my first one and I told him well it’s the first one I’ve seen so to me it’s my first! I even got to show my mom when we video chatted last night and we were both smiling and laughing and celebrating it!

There was a tinge of sadness but it only lasted a moment. And then I thought about what could have caused it and how long it takes for a gray hair to appear… I told William that this gray hair was the fruit of last year, but really it could be the fruit of the last two years!! Either way whatever caused it I survived it and I feel just a tad bit wiser for it even if it’s not true.

I’ve always loved gray hair. I feel like it’s regal and represents a life well lived so I will gladly welcome the gray hair because to me it means that I’m living life well!
When was the first time you got your first gray hair and how did you feel?

Happy First Day of December!

Gosh, I’m so happy and I can’t believe that it’s already December!! Like where did this year go?! I’m filled with so much hope and expectation for this coming year! There are dreams that will come true and goals that will be met and I am already working on them! 

I have a sense of whimsy in my spirit that I haven’t had in many years and I feel almost carefree!! God is showing me some things and I’m ready to follow through and go after what I want for my health, my marriage, my family, my life!! I’m happy and I like the way Happy looks and feels on me!!

 It’s been way overdue and I’m done just trying to survive! It’s time I started living life a little more boldly!! So Happy first day of December and may this be the beginning of something special, real, and extraordinary for you! 



God is faithful

I have been searching for a job for a while now. I have also had a goal to stay with Kobi until she was six months old before I started working. Bill’s car broke down today. We have less than desired in the account and our marriage has seen better days. But we are making it because God is faithful and he continues to provide. We have not lacked for anything and have still been able to give and be generous as well as take time and treat ourselves. And William and I are learning to start everyday giving each other a fresh grace and mercy and love! I’m saying all this to say that we have been going through it but the whole entire time we’ve been going through these things God has been right there listening, speaking, and moving on our behalf!!

As much as it pains me to leave Kobi she will be six months in a few days and tomorrow I start my first day working! It’s not quite what I want but it’s better than nothing and I know that God has something for me to do while I am there! It may only be for a month or it could be a lot longer but whatever He has for me I will see to it that I always do my best to show them the love and light of Jesus! I know that this will help us in more ways than one because God is faithful and He knows what we need even before we say it! 

So be encouraged dear friends because our God is a good God and He only wants the best for you!! That’s right the best not just good or great but the best so if He has you waiting don’t fret just rest! If you are going through it lean on Him, read the word of God and watch it come alive, pray for understanding and you’ll get new revelations!! Our season is now and it’s time we walked in and relished in it!