Where to go from here?

This month is over! There was so much stuff going on I really don’t know what my focus should be for the coming month. Trying to find the balance between work and life has been unattainable and will probably remain as such forever, but my goal is to be at least 60/40 at any given moment. Therapy is still much needed. I actually had fun doing our budget and keeping track of what was going on with our money at any given moment. It actually brought about a freedom I don’t think I’ve felt in a long time when it comes to money. It would be nice to add another date night into the budget as well as a few other line items. I want to start running again, and continue to be mindful of what I put into my body mainly dairy and processed sugars. I want to get to bed at a decent time again, instead of past midnight. I really want to refocus and readjust my goals going into the last 3 months of the year and I want to continue to go deep with Jesus and His word. I didn’t really narrow anything down, but I do know that I feel much better about going into this new month with a fresh perspective and newly outfitted goals! Thanks again for your support and encouragement!

What brings you joy?

If this was a couple of months ago, I wouldn’t know how to answer this question. Lately, I have seen this question come up several times and it has caused me to reflect on what really brings me joy. As of this evening, sitting on the beach/a body of water or doing yoga is what brings me joy.

I do also find joy in watching my daughter in any one of her many elements, and of course, spending time with my husband brings me joy too. However, just focusing on what brings me joy. I would also add doing my nails, whether professionally done or not also brings me joy and coloring too.

It’s not much, but it’s more than I’ve had in the past, and I am excited to either gain more joy or to dig deeper into the ones that I currently have.

So, what brings you joy?

Baby Step 2

We our on our Debt Free Journey and we are currently on Baby Step 2. I am completely overwhelmed because we’ll be here for a while, and yet hopeful because we have a plan.

Right now it will take us 5 years to pay off all of our debt! I’m hoping to pay it off in 3, but that means that we really have to work this Financial Peace University plan and do the debt snowball and find other ways to bring in income in order to pay off debt.

I’m currently planning on self-publishing my book and I’ll be taking pre orders soon. I am also available to do social media management for companies/organizations, and speaking engagements and if you’re super local, I can offer individual volleyball coaching opportunities. So if you know of something or want to preorder my book please let me know, because we have goals!

Oh and just incase you were thinking, “okay, but what is Bill doing in this plan,” he will be doing the things that best suit his personality, and schedule. He will more than likely do a few shifts of delivery at night along with other things that come up like consulting and remote project management jobs. So keep a look out for things you hear about for him too!

First of Many

Death has a way of changing you forever. Just over a month ago someone I cared about went to be with Jesus. It was so unexpected we were all so shocked. Many of us still are in some sort of disbelief. He was a runner. A pretty darn good one at that, in fact he had qualified to run in the Boston Marathon in 2019. So you can see what I mean when I say he was a good runner!

When I found out he went to be with Jesus after the ugly cry I had on my apartment floor. I went for a run. I was all alone and didn’t want to begin mourning his passing in negative ways or just my usual emotional eating ways… so I grabbed my key card and went to my apartment gym and got on the treadmill (cause running outside while Black at night wasn’t gonna happen).

While running, I was listening to worship music and I got the idea to run a marathon in my friend’s honor. So I decided right then, that this bucket list item to run a marathon would actually become a reality. Especially because it was always just an idea that sounded good, but like I said, death has a way of changing your life so I decided it’s time to make it happen.

I say all that to give you context of why what I did today was so big for me! I ran my first official race! I got a race bib and everything. It was only two miles, but I have to start somewhere before I can get better. I had two goals: finish before 30 minutes (22:58) and don’t walk, and I completed both! I know this will be the first of many and I’m excited for what 2019 and beyond will hold for me!

brown girl, white guy, Spanish girl after a fun run.
Me at my very first official race with Cookie and Pilar. 12/29/18

Where Was God Today Day 30

God showed up several times today. First He came in the thoughtfulness of an Easter basket… Those eggs we dyed yesterday, were put into baskets for all of us, not just Kobi and it made me cry to be given such a sweet and thoughtful gift. Each of our baskets had the eggs with our names on them, and then some of our favorite things (jelly beans, cashews, toys).

Then God showed up to fight for me. During a misunderstanding, where I could have really argued my point in a not so nice way, I decided to keep my mouth shut and fingers from typing and just thought about how I could approach the situation and the Lord allowed for the other person to see their mistake and make things right.

Lastly, God showed up in the conversations that William and I were able to have. We didn’t agree about everything and I didn’t shut down, but instead pushed through until we finished and had resolutions in place. All of which is progress for me!