Happy First Birthday, Kobi!

Y’all we made it! Kobi is officially one year old today!! I have so many emotions running through me but I haven’t had time to process them all because I was too busy getting everything together for her birthday celebration that we had tonight. But I’m sure things will come rushing in soon enough.

Kobi has grown so much over this pass year it amazes me every day! She is starting to walk a little bit with assistance, she loves eating real food (we had pancakes earlier today as a birthday tradition and she ate pasta and rolls, for dinner) She loves music, dancing to music or singing to the music. She knows how to clap, and she loves animals (we’re hoping to take her to the zoo tomorrow if the weather cooperates). She’s gone from a 2lbs. 11 oz. baby to a 24lbs. infant… she’s getting tall and she just wants to see everything and figure out how things work (we think she might be an engineer). She likes watching t.v and spending time with her daddy. Kobi loves to laugh and has such a big smile, Oh and she has two teeth now!! It’s so fun to hear her crunch on different foods.

Y’all my baby made it! Despite everything that happened to get her to this point we made it and I am so thankful and grateful to my God who kept her, and us! Thank you to each and every one of you who said a prayer, who brought food, who shared kind words, who rallied around us this past year. Thank you for your love and support and for cheering us on, you are loved and appreciated and I hope that each of you get to see Kobi one day in real life!

Here are a few pictures from her celebration!

Love Y’all,



Kobi is 10 months!

Ten whole months have gone by and she’s so close to being one we definitely need to start thinking about her birthday party among other things. She is 20 lbs. She loves to eat and wants to try all the food that everyone else is eating. She is finally saying mom and she says dada and baba and just today while holding daddy’s hands she can pull herself up in a standing position! She still loves music and is learning to pray for people. She loves to talk, loves people and her daddy and is genuinely a happy and joyful little girl! She’s so smart and clever and strong and I completely love her even when she tries to hold her spoon full of food and gets it everywhere or kicks me in the stomach while she’s sleeping or grabs my homework and tries to eat it (she loves paper too)! The hard days are always worth it and I love being Kobi’s mom!


Here’s a link to see a picture of Kobi for those of you who aren’t already following me on social media. Be blessed!!

Guess who’s 9 months?

Can you believe Kobi is already 9 months old? She is growing up so fast I just want to hold her forever! She is 27.5 inches long and weighs 19lbs 9 oz! She is catching up percentile wise to where she needs to be and she’s just an all around joyful baby! She wears shoes now and is beginning to eat more table foods. She holds her own bottle and has a sippy cup she uses on occasion. She loves to talk and spend time with others. She is still teething but we’re hopeful she’ll have teeth soon! 

I honestly love spending any extra time I get with her and she enjoys helping me with my homework and helping me cook (meaning she usually sits on my lap or next to me when I’m doing homework and is in the kitchen watching me cook). She can stand with assistance but is cautious of falling and she absolutely loves going to the park! 

That’s Kobi in a nutshell! Sorry there are still no pictures… it’s further out than I’d hoped on the budget list… but if you’re friends with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr you can catch glimpses of her there! 

Stay blessed,

7 months of Joy

Today Kobi turned a whole seven months old! And I am so excited because she is really coming into her own personality! When she doesn’t like something she blows spit bubbles, and she doesn’t hesitate to chew you out when necessary! She does like talking to people and she is very curious. She is almost sitting up by herself, she’s a good 16 pounds now and 25 inches long, and she loves to eat squash! She has found her feet while on her back and she still likes to roll over from her stomach to her back. She is also teething and may be cutting teeth soon soon and very soon!

Y’all Kobi is pure joy and we are absolutely blessed she is here with us! When I get the ability to post pictures again I’ll update this with her cute 7 month old pictures!! Love y’all!!

We made it!

Y’all we made it! Today is the last day of the blog challenge. I am so excited that I was able to post a blog every day this month especially with everything that has been going on! 

When I started I had no job, school was quickly approaching but not really thought about, Kobi was barely 6 months old (she’ll be 7 months on Saturday), William and I hadn’t been on but one date night without Kobi ever, and now I just put in my notice for my temp job in order to start my new job, I’m in the second week of school and making it, Kobi is growing faster than I’d like, William and I are planning our next alone date night and somehow I’m managing it all. 

I don’t know how well I’m doing but everyone is still alive and well. I’m still trying to figure out a free way to post pictures because magically finding an extra $100 isn’t going to happen just yet and Kobi’s seven month update is coming soon! 

Thank you for your continued support! Above all else remember that His Love Is Real! He hears you and sees you and only wants the best for you! 

Stay Blessed,

❤️ Terri 

Kobi is right where she is suppose to be!

Today we had Kobi’s developmental NICU followup appointment in Nashville and I didn’t really know what to expect. But they weighed her and measured her and ran some tests. Now before I tell you what they said I have always thought that besides her weight Kobi was where she was suppose to be development wise. I don’t know if people just agreed with me because I’m her mom or if they really believed it… So technically Kobi is 3 months and 28 days old adjusted age so that’s what they were testing her skills at. 

Kobi was above average for her adjusted age and well within the average range for her chronological age, which means Kobi is exactly where she is suppose to be! The doctor said it had everything to do with how well William and I work with her but I know that our work is only a portion of the answer because the bigger part of why Kobi is doing so well is because God is a miracle worker and has kept and made sure Kobi was good every step of the way! 

He has made this little girl strong and smart and beautiful and kind and patient and joyful! He speaks to her and the Holy Spirit teaches her because we invite Him into our lives and give Him access to the things He needs in order to work and Kobi is no different. Every night we pray for her and ask the Lord to continue to speak to her, teach her and strengthen her and He has done just that and more! 

Kobi won’t have her next appointment for another six months and if she is doing well then her next appointment won’t be until she’s two! We are already praying and believing that Kobi will stay on course and continue to improve at the rate she is suppose to be at! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! And when I buy more storage (it costs $100) I will upload the pictures we took of her from this visit!

My baby is 6 months!!

Y’all I can’t believe Kobi is already six months old!! Like I’m gonna blink and she’s gonna be one! She really is getting so big! We’re gonna start trying solid foods this month and I think I’m more excited than she is!  

She’s talking more, she’s almost sitting up with no assistance, she’s almost rolling over on her own, and she can hold her bottle and put her paci in her mouth if you hand it to her.

She has a mind of her own, and sometimes refuses to do things until she is ready. She doesn’t mind being in the car and still hates to be hungry oh and she has just started sleeping in her own room and her own crib!!

Thanks for all your love and support and prayers!