Where Was God Today Day 25

God met me during worship this morning at church and stayed with me all day! I danced and sung and reflected on His goodness during the drive to go see family. His presence was close and welcomed and it brought with it a sense of peace that I didn’t even know I needed. I’m so grateful for what the Lord is doing in and through me in this season of my life.

Fasting Saved Our Lives

Yesterday was a big day, our new church building was being dedicated so I decided to fast as part of the consecration. It was kind of a last minute decision the night before but I’m so glad I listened to that tiny urging that told me to do it. 

The day went by like any other day, except for I got to spend some great quality time with my best friend and paint my nails on my lunch break as part of my Spring Break Fun! I also spent some really good time with Jesus reading Psalm 34 and just meditating on His word.

When I got off of work, I went to get Kobi like I normally do, William went home to let Hannah out. By the time I got home all we had to do was grab some water for Kobi’s bottle, grab my Bible and notebook and hit the road…

I was driving so William could finish up some work he was doing and we were off. Even though I wanted to talk to William I was trying to be quiet so instead  I thought about how great worshipping the Lord together was going to be and I was in full expectation for what the Lord was going to do! I recalled my prayer from earlier where I prayed that I would fear the Lord but not His word or promises! 

And that’s when it happened. A two trailer FedEx truck began to creep into my lane. At first I didn’t think too much about it, because big trucks tend to ride the line so I began to slow down and then he kept coming over, I tried to honk my horn and brake even more, the only problem was we were on the highway going 70 miles an hour. So I inevitably swung out of control, and ended up in the median! 

William immediately got out once we were stopped, checked us and the car and then went to go check on the other driver, who had  stopped about 100 yards ahead and got out. Kobi who had been sleeping didn’t appreciate her nap being interrupted and began to fuss. I stayed calm and just began to thank Jesus for watching over us, for His angels making sure that we didn’t hit the back tires of the truck, and that there wasn’t any one else behind us in that lane at that moment, and of course that we were all okay! Tears definitely began to flow from relief and gratitude. That poor driver was wrecked emotionally. He came to apologize and seemed very upset and concerned especially when he found out Kobi was in the car. He and William checked the car once over made sure we were okay and we went about our business to church. We blessed that man, told him thank you for stopping, and as we were leaving I said an extra prayer for him. He did give us his information just in case but there was no need for that. 

Of course I was a little shaken up, so William drove the rest of the way to church, I was a little sore once my body relaxed from the pure shock but it’s really nothing a little ibuprofen and stretching won’t fix. We had our Pastor pray for us before we made the trek home and relief, peace, and gratitude fell and I feel fearless, and my aniexty (those little things that I was stressing about) are gone. I just want to glorify God and live! 

I do believe that my fasting played a role in us walking away uninjured, we didn’t just dedicate a building, we dedicated ourselves as the church to do all that God has called us to do, and all that The Lord has planned for us is going to require us to walk confidently in the Lord, trusting whole heartedly in His word and promises and leaving fear by the wayside. There’s a new motivation to live out my purpose; our purpose as a family and that’s exactly what I (we) plan on doing.

Stay Blessed! 


We have a new President now what?

This morning as I was driving into work I found out who our next President Of The United States will be. Instead of being sad I thanked God for being in control of all things. I told Him I knew He wasn’t surprised by this outcome and I began to pray for Donald Trump. I prayed that He would have a heart transformation and that he would love his life accordingly. I prayed that he would be surrounded by a good counsel of people who know the Lord and have been discipled and who can speak and be heard by Mr. Trump. I prayed that the Lord would give him wisdom and revelation to do what needs to be done and I thanked God for the plan He has and for the continued protection that we have as His children.

I didn’t pray the whole way into work actually that prayer didn’t take more than ten minutes. I know the Lord heard me and hears my prayers and I know that it’s going to take a whole lot more people than just me to come into agreement for lives to be changed and so I encourage you all to say a prayer for President Elect Trump today and to remember to pray for him and all other government officials often. Let the peace that surpasses all understanding take over you, reach out and be intentional about loving each other and know that God’s got this under control!

In times of uncertainty as such, Jesus Christ is the only certainty we have. And for me that’s more than enough. Be blessed and remember His Love IS Real!

One of a kind interview

So today I had an interview for a state job I applied for! It’s with the department of education and it works with student organizations that deal with career and or technical training. Old school vocational training but more in depth and on purpose! Anyway, I have never had a more wonderful interview! Although I am praying that this is the job that the Lord has for me regardless I learned a lot about myself…

When I know that I can do something it provides a confidence and a calm that I’ve never experienced until today! There were three different interviews that consisted of multiple people all of whom I’d be working with and helping to support in their roles and I wasn’t nervous at all, which is huge for me!! I had a list of questions to ask them and they were really impressed by them! I really feel like I knocked it outta the park and I feel like I could work there for a while until my ultimate goals are met in the future! This place feels like I could use all my talents and really thrive! I don’t want to get too excited but I am super stoked by how well everything went! 

It felt good to be confident and to know that I could do what they were asking me to do without hesitation. I left invigorated and ready to accomplish some things! They did ask about my references so that’s always promising but nothing is ever guaranteed. Hopefully I’ll hear back with an offer soon and very soon! 

Thanks for your continued viewership,


The Lord is at hand!!!

I write this fired up and invigorated by God’s word this morning…

“Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:5-7‬ ‭ESV‬‬


We are 27 weeks and 2 days along and right now every day counts even more than it did before! Why you ask? Well because this past Sunday evening my water broke but I have yet to go into labor. So it’s all just a waiting game! 

Not to worry because Kobi is doing great she continues to grow stronger every day and kicks a whole bunch and has the hiccups all the time (which is great for lung development) and is even breathing on her own plus The Lord is at hand and that’s the best part of all!!

When Bill and I came to the hospital we were just taking precautions as we thought I may have just peed my pants so we weren’t overly worried or stressed and didn’t speed down the highway and even packed a semblance of an overnight bag just in case Kobi was to make her debut… But alas we are still here waiting on Kobi and there is no stress, very little anxiety (I mean we are still human), and tons and tons of peace because we know that The Lord is at hand!!

  Our new bed rest location. 

I know that The Lord is here with me, William and Kobi as well as each of our doctors and nurses and all of those that have been checking in, praying and visiting and those who will do these things upon reading this!! He has not left my side for one moment;not one! There hasn’t been a doubt in my mind that this child that I am carrying is the Lord’s and she’s a miracle and has a great big mighty call on her life! 

If the Lord is at hand meaning He is right here with me I don’t really see a need to be anxious but instead I find myself being thankful and full of praise and honor to my King and daddy God and that brings a peace that surpasses all understanding and it also guards this mommas’s heart!! 

Y’all (yes I said y’all) God is good and faithful and so worthy to be praised! He is in the miracle working business and He isn’t looking to quit anytime soon!! If y’all need a touch, a word, a peace, a joy, a hope, heck if y’all need a cracker to rid hunger He can do it and will do it! It may not look the way you thought it should or even come from who you thought it would come from but call out to Him and He will answer because His love for you is real!!

Be encouraged and join me in thanking the Lord for his faithfulness because the joy I have right now runs deep!!

Many blessings to you all