I Published My Book!

Its called So, You Found Yourself In The NICU, Now What? And you can get it on Amazon in both a Kindle and a paperback version!

My first book on Amazon

It’s a bit of a surprise even to me because although I have had this blog for almost ten years and grew up writing poems, I never considered myself a writer! Years ago, I had words spoken over me that said I would write books, so I always just waited to see what the books would be about because nothing seemed right. So I waited, and life happened, then more life happened, and even more, life happened, fast forward to now, and I have finally written and published my first book!

You can purchase it here

It’s the first one, it was written out of an ask from a friend who found herself in the NICU. I sent her this long text and then realized that maybe if I put this in a book, it would be a resource for other parents. So I got to work writing, finding different perspectives to share, and asked friends to be a part of seeing my vision come to life, and everyone said yes (thanks guys)!

The book is designed to be a practical guide, things that can be done almost immediately to help the days go by faster. It’s from the perspective of a first-time mother, a father, and a veteran mother with other kiddos to consider. I hope that this book is used in hospital NICUs as a resource for parents all around the world!

So if you are in the NICU, this book is for you, and if you aren’t, this book is for you to give away! Consider buying a copy and giving it to your local hospital that has a NICU or a nonprofit you know that helps with the NICU, or you can just buy it to support me and keep it on your shelf.

Thank you, dear readers, who have thought enough of my writing to subscribe and keep coming back over these almost ten years! I appreciate your encouragement and support, and I look forward to continuing to write for you!

A Letter To My Daughter: 4 Years at home

Kobi: four years apart

My Dearest Katherine: Today marks THE DAY you came home from the hospital after you stayed in the NICU for two months four years ago… that was a mouth full, that’s for sure.

It may not seem like a huge day, but in retrospect, it’s everything to me! This was the day that we finally got to take you home and start living life fully and completely, and today, four years later, you have already surpassed my wildest dreams!

Right now, you can read and write, and your storytelling abilities are fantastic. You are a great athlete (soccer and pseudo volleyball). You are super into drawing, and you are beginning to help out around the house more by making your lunch and folding laundry. You care about people genuinely and are very emotional, and you’ve got a funny way of calling me bro and dude in casual conversation.

Simply put. Kid, you’re fantastic!

Today we did school work: we worked on odd and even numbers, and you memorized Deuteronomy 31:8, which says

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you or abandon you. Do not be afraid or discouraged.

Kobi’s memory verse written out

We also played outside for a little bit, and we got to pray with Mr. Red and Mr. Leo, who are essential personnel during this COVID-19 situation. You blew them bubbles and wished them a happy, almost April! We told stories together using your story cards, and you picked what you wanted for dinner.

You’ve changed so much in four years, and even though I’m sad that you will never be this young again, I am so excited to see where you will go and how much more you will grow with each passing year! I love you, Kobi, and I hope you always remember you can always come home.

Kobi, my love, I simply wanted to say thank you for being your beautiful sweet self and always remember that I love you.

Love mom

Where Was God Today Day 31

Today, Jesus was in my memories, reminding me of His goodness and faithfulness in our lives! Today we celebrated it being 2 years since we were able to bring Kobi home from the NICU. We called it Kobi’s coming home day and had donuts for breakfast, and then went and let her pick out some things at Toys R Us with some gift cards she had. We wore matching shirts and just spent time together.

What better way to end my blog challenge than by being reminded of one of the greatest miracles God has given me thus far! Kobi was and is an answer to many prayers and she never ceases to amaze me or anyone she is around for that matter. God speaks through her and works through her to soften hard hearts and bless and brighten the day of those she meets.

I started this challenge in a funk, and I’m ending on a high note, encouraged and very aware of God’s faithfulness in my life and in the lives of those around me. He is moving and working on our behalf even while we sleep, and regardless of what we don’t see He is good and worthy to be praised!

God is a miracle worker!

Y’all God is showing up and showing out!! Monday night Kobi took a whole bottle for the first time, on Tuesday she began exclusively bottle feeding resulting in her feeding tube coming out. Today, at 7 weeks old she’s continued eating from a bottle and has maintained her temperature and everything else and has been moved to a different area of the hospital where we can room in with her, meaning we are the ones that take care of her! Can y’all say sleepover?!?! After a few days we should be able to take Kobi home!! 

Yep, you read that right! We are that much closer to being discharged and bringing our baby home! God is and has been so faithful!! He continues to answer my and your prayers not only concerning Kobi but concerning our every day lives! He is worthy to be praised and you better believe we will be worshipping our King Jesus tonight in her hospital room!!  

Thank you all for your continued prayers, encouragement and support! We wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Many blessings to you always!


6 hard weeks

This week has been harder than most. Mainly because I had and am still having a mini meltdown about my baby not being home! Oh how I wish I could say that these last six weeks have been hard because of the sleepless nights but those are still to come on top of everything else. I just feel so helpless because there’s nothing I can do to help Kobi get better. It’s a waiting game, pure and simple! It doesn’t help that all she has left in order to go home is to get her feedings under control either! I have to remind myself that God will release her in His timing NOT mine!

I am technically suppose to be 34 weeks pregnant this week and if I were still on bed rest at the hospital they would have made me deliver her this week. However, Kobi is six weeks on this earth as of today! She is breathing on her own, in a bassinet, in her own room, taking her feedings over an hour now instead of two and she weighs a whopping 4 lbs 14 oz!! 

Please continue to pray that her feeding times go down from an hour to 30 minutes and that she will be able to take a bottle without any complications so we can move on to nursing! Thanks for your continued support and enjoy a few pictures of our precious baby girl!