Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today is my birthday. It’s not a super special one, I’m just 31 but considering the state of the nation I am extremely happy and grateful to see this day!! I finally got my hair cut. Something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years now and I had some friends over for a game night!! It really was a great day!! I had pizza and Patti Labelle’s pie for my cake along with a sour cream cake just in case we needed more. We chatted all night and it was so much fun!! I spent some good time with Jesus and my baby Kobi and had some good conversations with William. It was a great day!!

Life Update…

Can you believe it’s already the 15th of August?! Where has this month gone, better yet where had this year gone?!?! Am I the only one that can hardly believe that this year is already half way over? Man… Just like this year has flown by so has my life… I have gotten so busy I have barely had time to blog about it all so I decided to give you guys a little update via pictures and a synopsis…

This is what my body looks like since I’ve started doing CrossFit… I have scrapes and bumps, bruises and clots, calluses and my shoulders are always tender to the touch but I love it!!!
This is a picture of a few of the WOD’s that I have encountered… as well as a few after WOD pictures of me… they have been intense!! But I have learned to drink water starting days in advance because when I don’t the dynamic warm-up smokes me and to eat before I workout that way I don’t pass-out (I learned that doing “Barbara”)… I am staying pretty consistent with the amount of weight I can lift… which is anywhere from 70-85lbs so I’m happy and still loving it!!
I am loving my hair and finally feel comfortable wearing it in different “stretched” styles!! There’s the faux hawk, the bantu knot out, a protective flat twist updo, and the top knot. I still do enjoy the protective styles especially since I have finally figured out how to do the infamous top knot/messy bun; I had been trying to do those styles on hair that wasn’t stretched… which equaled no bueno… but it’s definitely been my go to style and probably will be for months to come…
The minute I started CrossFit I wanted to make sure that my diet didn’t hinder my growth so I started to eat healthier… and it’s been hard but worth it… I’ve learned a lot about protein, carbs, and fat and how to eat them in order to fuel my body! I’m not an expert at all I’m barely almost a novice… but I do enjoy the consistency that it brings…so far cheese has been the hardest to stop eating (it makes everything taste so much better) and I do still like chocolate chip cookies and ice cream… but I try to only eat those on the weekends and am doing research on paleo and gluten-free recipes… I have also realized that I can cook and eat “fresh from the garden” veggies and not die or get sick… something about seeing them get picked from the dirt freaks me out… all in all I’m growing healthier with each decision I make!
Jesus has been so good to me… both in my quiet times and in my not so quiet times… He really does know what is best for me and I am learning to trust Him more so than ever and with that trust comes a freedom I have never known before. I am loving the nearest it brings me to the Creator God!!! My husband and I have been going on weekly date nights and they have been great. I feel like we are laughing more and quicker to apologize and make a situation right. We are actively trying to remember the other person throughout the day and when we are together and it’s been great!! Not to mention we have been spending more time together with God!!! Year 5 is just around the corner and I can hardly believe it but am so thankful to be married to him!!!

SO there you have it… my life thus far… There are things getting ready to happen like school starting, worship team tryouts, a trip to Ohio, and hopefully more focused content on this here blog… I have been putting it off long enough and since I seem to manage my time better when I am in school or working full time that shouldn’t be a problem… thanks for your continued support and readership, I very much appreciate it!!



My Life Thus Far

These last few weeks were full and it’s only gonna continue. We have dear friends coming into town then I’ll be leaving for North Carolina again ( my second home) for three weeks to attend a school which I am super stoked about! But back to the last couple of weeks, we went to North Carolina a for graduation before that I attended a wonderful women’s conference with some great friends known as the glory conference and had a chance to dance there (that was definitely a God thing)! I attended a friends senior recital, have improved in CrossFit had lots of food, started enjoying my natural hair,had a picture painting get together with a few friends,today I helped with the Walk For Life that Hope Pregnancy Center holds every year!! And to make my week great my husband finished fixing the sub flooring in our kitchen so we can lay down the tile soon!!

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes…

So those of you who are my Facebook friends or who follow me on Twitter may have noticed (or maybe not) that I started a new blog… Why on earth would I start another blog if I already talk about so many different things on this blog… well it’s simple… I had to. Yup that’s right, I had to start a blog for a school assignment… and although many of my classmates will probably give up on their blogs after this semester is over… I intend on keeping my blog going. So what is this new blog about you ask??? Simple, Natural Hair and Fashion!!!

Two things that I love and sometimes hate in one place… I don’t think it will ever get deeper than different shades of purple… not that this here blog always has something for you to chew on… but in my new blog which you can check out here. it mostly talks about my struggles with my hair; my journey to find a style that I can be happy with and it will mention things about fashion that I am loving and maybe even some beauty things as well. I really want to do a bunch of copy cat/looks for less posts but I think I’ll have to wait until the summer time to get those going… but we’ll see… Feel free to go take a look, leave a comment, or some advice, or just a kind word of encouragement…

My Week Recap

So my week recap is finally on time because well I have time… albeit not much time but I have time… So this week was full of getting the last of the fascinators done for Hope Pregnancy Center’s purity ball! For those of you who have no idea what a fascinator is, it’s a headpiece that has feathers in it… think Kate Middleton… and the purity ball is a time where fathers and daughters can come together, get all dressed up and talk about what it means to live a pure lifestyle. it’s really an amazing night!! On another note, I tried a new way of wrapping my scarf for my natural hair and I loved it enough to take pictures and wear it to school. I had a great little date night with my hubby at the library Starbucks on campus, He even cooked dinner this week! Way to go hubby!! I also had a great encounters with Jesus this week and am so excited to see what He’s up to!! I hope you had a great week!