We Survived Our First Overnight

Y’all life has been busy, too busy, and it really won’t slow down until the second week of May, but we decided to take advantage of an opportunity and had our first overnight without Kobi!! 

We actually picked her up like usual from our friend’s house, and then we came home gave her a bath put pajamas on her and got back in the car and dropped her off. It was hard leaving her, but I knew she was in good hands and we didn’t spend the whole time talking about her, in fact we only paused from our night to make her a goodnight video, but we did missed her terribly this morning!! 

We didn’t even do much of anything. We decided to go out to dinner to enjoy someone else doing the dishes and to enjoy a meal uninterrupted, then we tried to find me an (out of season) cardigan for the office that didn’t cost an arm and a leg (Kohls)! We did talk, and dream a little about our future, Bill told me a riddle that wasn’t really a riddle but more like a word problem, but not a word problem at all, and it went way left and I was confused for a while but we shared a really good laugh over it and then we ended up on the couch eating ice cream watching Bones. It was a great time of togetherness even though we were both tired before dinner and I had to leave early (only one episode of Bones) to do homework! 

I guess I’m surprised that we made it through the night with no tears on my part and we were able to just sit and enjoy the time we had. It’s needed every once in a while, but I do love the routines we have in place with Kobi and I look forward to being able to spend more time with my family after the second week of May!!  

Hopefully it won’t be quite as long until the next post, but alas I make no promises, because grad school!

The food adventures of Kobi: The Sweet Potato

Kobi is six months and we had to wait to try and give her solid foods so we listened to what the doctor said and waited and decided to let her try the sweet potato first!! Here are some of the pictures that captured this milestone!! 

We think she liked them but we’ll have to see.

What was the first thing you let your kiddo try?

24 Weeks & Counting

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for… Today marks 24 weeks of being pregnant which means that according to doctors we have a viable pregnancy and that if I were to go into labor they could hook Bow up to machines and save her life!!! Our Kiwi was just too little and we learned that there was not enough development in her little body for her to be hooked up to any machines… 

From that moment on I’ve always known that 24 weeks was the magic number of weeks I needed to feel really secure in his pregnancy. Now I feel like I can start decorating the nursery and even registering for different items and just overall breathing a little easier because I know that no matter what I’m going to have a baby at the end of this thing! Thank you for all the prayers up until this point and for your continued prayers until we reach full term!!   


Yes, that is a Hillman College shirt!!