Happy 4th Birthday Kobi

Unicorns! It was all about the unicorns this year with Kobi, and I was so excited to see how on-trend she was (read it made it easy to find items because they were in abundance and reasonably priced). So this year Kobi turned four and we had several celebrations: we went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, we had dinner and ice cream with some great friends, met up with a past teacher of Kobi’s during the weekend, made sure to continue the pancake breakfast tradition, had a few friends over and she received a good amount of phone calls, texts, cards, video chats, and messages! She really did have a great day and was so excited and thankful for all of her gifts!

I’m exhausted I took the day off thinking I could knock out the set up and then rest, and that didn’t happen, but I’m not even mad or sad about it, because seeing her joy and smile and excitement at the surprises was all worth it!

Runners in the making

Tonight I went on a run with Kobi, and a few women from MOPS and church that I met. It was the first time I’ve run outside/with others since I left Oregon and it felt so good! Not to mention I was so proud of Kobi who ran most of the way and l only stopped a couple of times and even then it wasn’t that long.

Kobi hydrating after our run

It was her first time running for fun and it was my first time being brave enough to run with her as a form of exercise and not just a quick race. I’m proud of me too. I didn’t want to go because I’m so tired and I had already gotten a workout in earlier in the day and it was dark and Bill wasn’t home yet, but I stuck to my word and showed up and I had a great time! I’m excited to see how we improve as we continue to show up!

I got home and checked my Facebook memories and found this picture from four years ago:

I realized looking at this memory that I had just found out I was pregnant with Kobi in this picture and so “we” ran this fun run way back then and we just so happened to run together again tonight!

What a cool little memory. I am so happy that I showed up and fought through the sleepy whiny kid and my excuses because I love when things line up like this and Jesus knew that, and did I mention I actually had fun and don’t feel horrible after running?!

I am excited to see where this running thing takes us, as individuals and as running buddies. As I watched her run and love winning and struggle when our friends left us, I realized that she had no clue how well she’d actually done and how if we keep running she’ll get it and she’ll only get better.

Our time and distance to beat next time

Then I realized as I was talking to my dad that if I could have believed in myself when I ran track as much as I believe in myself now I would have been an even greater force!! I didn’t know then that I could run more than a lap back then. As I grew older I saw glimpses of it and obviously I learned how (while I was in the Army) to run longer distances but I never enjoyed it, until now.

So here I go, again. It took me a minute to get here but hopefully with Kobi’s help I’ll stick around a little longer.

Date Night

It’s been a minute since we had a date night so we wanted to make sure we did a little bit of everything to make up for lost time. We went and had a wonderful meal, got drinks, and dessert and we even went shopping.

All these things took place in different areas and it was so fun to drive around Miami to do them all. We ended up watching a bit of Netflix to round out the night before we had to pick Kobi up.

I’m hoping it won’t be quite as long until the next one, but if it is, I know for a fact that we made the most of this night together!

I’m Thankful For Sunshine

Today, as we are packing to embark on our next journey I am thankful for the sunshine… It has been a great pick me up this whole year we’ve been in Miami, FL! It has been an almost constant occurrence in our lives here and I have come to enjoy it so much so. I guess because of the heat it provides and the cute clothes that come from that heat (can anyone say flip flops and dresses in December) and knowing that where we are headed is gonna be a lot colder than it is here now makes me extra thankful for that good weather also know as sunshine! On this last full day in Miami, I am thankful for the sunshine and am gonna soak it all up with my short sleeve t-shirt and no jacket!!


I’m Thankful For Yogurama!!!


Today I am thankful for a wonderful small business by the name of Yogurama! The owners are so loving and kind and really enjoy what they do and it shows in the way they care for the store and in the delicious products they produce. They have wonderful flavors such as dreamy dark chocolate, California tart, Tahitian vanilla, strawberry lemonade, caramel custard just to name a few as well as a few special flavors throughout the year such as red velvet, pumpkin pie, pistachio, and orange cream.






But their flavors are not the only reason I am thankful for them. No, in fact it has nothing to do with what they make and everything to do with what they give… LOVE! That’s right, Edgard and Celia (the owners) have shown us love and have cared for us since we met them. They even look out for me on the occasion that William goes in there with someone else who’s not me… just to make sure… and that is why Yogurama is the best frozen yogurt place in all of Miami! We searched all over the city for the best and they came out on top. They are invested in our lives and we are in theirs and it saddens me to have to leave but I know that we will be friends for years to come. It’s funny how relationships can develop over something so seemingly small such as frozen yogurt.


If you are a fan of fro-yo you need to check this place out. They are located in the Red Bird Shopping Plaza on the corner of Red Road (57th Ave) and Bird Rd (40th St). The physical address is 5783 Bird Rd Miami, FL 33155. You can also find them on Facebook where you can look up hours of operation (they’re open Thanksgiving Day) as well as what flavors they have… and you can also get a look at the other things they offer such as coffee and Belgium waffles!! Thank you Yogurama for being a place of pure delight for me my husband and our friends. There will be no more fro-yo for this gal!!

**Just in case anyone was wondering NO I was not paid to write this, these are my opinions of a place I enjoy. That is all.**