Make A Note Monday: Give God His Time

I am pretty sure that I’ve said this before but I will say it again partly because I needed to be reminded of it!

When you give God His time He will multiply yours!

It may not seem possible but trust me it is! I had a ton of things to do today and I wasn’t feeling too good this morning when it was time for me to get up. Actually the Lord woke me up with plenty of time to get things done but I just couldn’t will myself to get out of bed. I was tired… So I began to pray for Jesus to help me today and I made up my mind that I was going to do my longer devotional before I left for my internship this morning…

So I got up immediately got dressed (which never happens) read the devotional materials and my Bible, posted my thoughts on our Bible Study page and while I was doing that I was listening to the songs for a conference I will be dancing at next weekend to make sure I had all the steps down (which I do)! I was still able to take a picture and read my daily devotional that I post to twitter (follow me my handle is @terribell85 to receive these). I finished with enough time to grab some items for breakfast grab my belongings and head out… not only was I on time I arrived early to my internship where to my delight the day flew by I got home was able to eat lunch, practice my piano before my lesson later today do stuff for work and write this blog!!

Source: George Bannister via Creative Commons
Source: George Bannister via Creative Commons

I say all this because I know that I wouldn’t have been nearly as productive if I hadn’t first given God His time. It was only 20 minutes but it was purely devoted to Him and He in returned allowed me to get everything on my to do list taken care of and then some! I encourage you, if you struggle with getting everything on your list done, start your day off in the presence of our King Jesus! What little your give will be multiplied… It always is!

Make A Note Monday: Piano, Perfection, Perspective

Today has been one of those days where God has been preparing me to receive something although I didn’t know what it would be. I started my day off as usual with some good Jesus time. I learned that I need to love the saints more and really allow for the eyes of my heart to be enlightened (Ephesians 1 starting in verse 15).

I also realized that while I am learning to play the piano (which was one of my new year resolutions) I will not be perfect which I currently have a problem with. The only person that is wanting me to be perfect is me… I am not really sure why I feel the need to be perfect when it comes to new things, but I do. But I know that I am holding myself to an unrealistic expectation and that’s not fair to me. I know without a doubt that God is going to work on me and break that need for perfection off of me once and for all in the coming year.

Then I was talking with a dear friend of mine and I realized that often times our perspective just needs to be adjusted. If we are focusing on the wrong thing we won’t ever see the good things or the necessary things around us. When we take our eyes off of ourselves and our present situation and refocus them on what God has asked us to focus on things become a lot clearer and we begin to walk according to His plan, which isĀ always the better plan. So as a bit of encouragement for this new year think about what God is asking you to focus on instead of the things you want to focus on, and let me know the change that comes from that readjustment in your perspective.

My Week Recap

This week has been chalk full of Jesus and quality time with the hubs and family in general! I did spend an insane amount of time doing homework but pictures of me stressed are not that fun… I did some CrossFit and hung out with friends but I was too busy having fun to snap pictures!! I hope your week was just as full of memories in the making! Blessings to you and yours!











My Two Week Recap

These last few weeks have been super busy. They have been full of celebrating birthdays, Jesus time, friends coming to visit, fun things to do like having coffee, going to the beach, attending a really awesome car show as well as working, buying my iPad in cash (I felt so accomplished), and having an opportunity to style the fitting room displays!!

What was the highlight of your week?