Praise Break!

Today I had a VA appointment and during that said appointment I realized just how good God has been to me!! I had to recall some pretty terrible things that happened to me growing up… and just the life I’ve lived in general. I won’t go into very much detail but looking back I’ve been molested several times from the ages of 5-13, had a bout of anorexia my first two years of high school, was raped at 16, suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts from ages 13-27… grew up to a single mother with a father who was in and out of jail my whole life… I should be a statistic, into drugs or worse… BUT GOD!!!

He kept me…through it all; regardless of everything that happened to me and I know that He will continue to keep me and has been keeping me through the lost of our daughter Kiwi!!

His love is real and He continues to show me how real it is every single day of my life!! It’s not just the big things it’s the small things! He’s made me new and given me a life I never thought possible to have. Please believe I praised Him all the way home!! I serve an awesome God. One who has loved me my whole life and given me beauty for ashes. Thank you Jesus for loving me and continuing to strengthen me.

Make A Note Monday: Your Name Is More Than Just A Name…

I actually read this last week. It left me so encouraged and hungry for God I just had to share it. It is originally from a wonderful Godly man and fellow blogger who goes by Dave. He writes a daily devotional for the workplace called Working For Christ and they are very practical, at times convicting and always spoken in love. If any of you are wondering how to live your faith out while at work this is definitely a blog you should check out… anyway this post just captivated me and I hope that you all can glean a  bit of hope, peace and holy anticipation for that special day…

“To everyone who is victorious I will give some of the manna that has been hidden away in heaven. And I will give to each one a white stone, and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one understands except the one who receives it.”  (Revelation 2:17, NLT)

A New Name

In my Bible, those words are printed in red ink.  That means they are the words of Jesus.  They were spoken in a vision to the Apostle John about the rewards that are waiting for God’s people in heaven.  For those who are victorious over sin, Jesus promises to give Manna – the bread of life.  To those who overcome the struggles of this life, Jesus promises to give a white stone with a new name.  A different name.  A unique name.  A secret name.  Maybe we will keep our earth-born names in heaven, maybe we won’t.  One thing for sure is that we will be given new names known only to our Savior and to us.

I like the way Eugene Peterson paraphrases this same verse:

“I’ll give the sacred manna to every conqueror;  I’ll also give a clear, smooth stone inscribed with your new name, your secret new name.”

A secret new name.  Will it be a name of power?  A name of mystery?  A name of victory?  A name of affection?  We don’t know for sure.  What we do know is that God will someday rename each of us.  We’re not sure how that will happen, but it will be something special.

Perhaps it will happen after you’ve been in heaven for just a few days – after you’ve walked the golden streets, splashed in the river of life and had conversations with Esther, Adam, and Moses.  Perhaps God will approach you and ask if you have a few minutes to spare.  “I have all eternity,” you reply.  So you and your Maker go off together to a quiet, peaceful place.  There you sit and talk about the trials and triumphs of life on earth.  You blush when God calls you victorious – a conqueror.  But then your eyes nearly pop out of your head as He pulls a beautiful white stone from His robe and places it in your hand.  There in letters shining with the colors of a rainbow is a name.  A secret name.  A private name that only you and He will know.  At that time, you and your Father will have a special bond that will never be broken.

Why would God go through the extravagant gesture of giving you a new name?  Because you are unique.  Because you are special.  Because you are His.

“… The Lord who created you says: ‘Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.  I have called you by name;  you are mine.’”  (Isaiah 43:1, NLT)

Isaiah 43_1

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ!”

Dealing With Disappointment

Have you ever been so close to finally getting something that you’ve always wanted only for it to be ripped from you before you could truly catch hold of it? Maybe it was a dream job, a trip of a lifetime, a chance to move, whatever it was or may be just stand firm on what God has told you concerning that specific situation. Never stop believing, Never stop praying, Never stop trusting in God and that HE knows better. HIS LOVE IS REAL!!! HE cares about you more than you care about yourself and HE ALWAYS has your best interest in mind. What you think you need HE already knows how it’s going to end therefore, HE may not give you what you think you need in the time you want if at all!

And if we claim to love Jesus we should be okay with what ever answer He gives us. If His answer is wait, not yet, no, go back, start over, apologize, forgive, or repent, we should gladly obey and take the necessary actions to do what it is He has said to do. We may be disappointed but we need to know that FATHER knows best and deal with the disappointment by standing on the word of God, praising HIM for what He’s done for us and what He continues to do! Today I am disappointed but I know that although I am sad today JOY will come in the morning!! So instead of sulking I’m gonna praise HIM and continue to stand on the word of God and His promises and I encourage you to do the same! AMEN & AMEN!!

Chew On This: Matthew 11:29-30

I  have heard these verses numerous times and kind of already know them but I just ran across them again in a book that I am reading and it hit me in a new way… and I understood for the first time what it meant to really give something to Jesus and allow him to take care of it…

There was such a burden lifted off of my soul as I read it I had to keep reading it just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken… But God knows exactly where I am and exactly what I am going through and He knows EXACTLY how I need to handle it… which of course involves me giving Him everything to include the burdens that I carry.

Matthew 11:29-30 says,

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Since I ran across this the other day I have had nothing but rest and a peace that is so wonderful which has led me into a continuous praise of Thanksgiving!! His love is real and He will do everything He needs to do in order to show me and you just how real is love is!!

The Countdown is on…

Operation Relocation is set to take place in T-minus 14 days….! I can hardly believe it. But the day is nearing and we are leaving! I don’t even have a job yet and we don’t have a place to stay that we can call our own but we do have God and He said go and so we are gonna listen and obey and not hesitate.

This has been a journey, one that I never saw coming yet I don’t regret it. I can’t, because If I do then it would be like denying the fact that Jesus lives inside of me. Even though there are many unknowns I know that God is in control and He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me… His love is real and He has called us to go and share it with the people in Miami, Florida…

Please be praying for us. We know that it’s going to be a grand adventure for Jesus and with all of that comes obstacles and the like. Thanks for reading.