Happy 4th Birthday Kobi

Unicorns! It was all about the unicorns this year with Kobi, and I was so excited to see how on-trend she was (read it made it easy to find items because they were in abundance and reasonably priced). So this year Kobi turned four and we had several celebrations: we went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, we had dinner and ice cream with some great friends, met up with a past teacher of Kobi’s during the weekend, made sure to continue the pancake breakfast tradition, had a few friends over and she received a good amount of phone calls, texts, cards, video chats, and messages! She really did have a great day and was so excited and thankful for all of her gifts!

I’m exhausted I took the day off thinking I could knock out the set up and then rest, and that didn’t happen, but I’m not even mad or sad about it, because seeing her joy and smile and excitement at the surprises was all worth it!

Hard Reset

Today was just that for me. A hard reset. There were things that needed to be done, but mentally I couldn’t do it. I was exhausted. So instead I played with Kobi, I made baked mac n cheese I actually went to several events we were invited too, and I ate good food and just spent time to reset my soul.

I spent time with God asked Him some questions I needed to ask Him and just let myself feel the range of emotions that is my life. I feel so much better than I did when I woke up.

This picture doesn’t look like much but capturing this moment let me see how much I needed to just be here and not be consumed with things I cannot control.

Thanks for the support

There were many people who reached out, who called, who made sure to say hello when they saw me on Sunday. There are many people who prayed for me throughout this past week and there are an innumerable amount of people who have supported me and kept me over the years! So, with everything that I am, I just want to say THANK YOU! I know I wouldn’t be here without each of you and I don’t take it for granted.

Thankful Tuesday

This is not a real thing, like a holiday or anything but I am just so thankful today. Although when I realized it was only Tuesday I was a bit shocked because I am that tired but on the other hand I am just so thankful!

Today I was able to take Kobi to the doctors office because she hasn’t been feeling well and her breathing had become very short. I found out she has bronchitis and wheezing along with a really bad cough. She needed and will need breathing treatments. That took too many hours, but through the whole ordeal I was able to do some work from home, my phone and by work I mean forwarding information to my boss because he picked up my slack so that I could make sure Kobi was taking care of.

Even though the doctors office and subsequent prescriptions were an unexpected expense I was thankful for the insurance that kept the cost down, as well as the money that we had to cover it all.

I was thankful that when I did finally make it to the office I had Kobi in tow and it was perfectly normally that she was there. I was more grateful for the women around me who helped me when Kobi got sick during our mail run. All of their advice and love, reassurance and grace was so appreciated.

The fact that we were late to dinner with our friends because we had to pick up Kobi’s nebulizer machine and give her said treatments along with other medicine and yet our friends still served us cheerfully was a huge blessing and I’m thankful for it.

All the calls and texts to check on Kobi have been overwhelming and I am so grateful for each one! I’m always grateful for William who tags himself in right when I need him, and still allows me to call him to rescue me from failing!!

I remembered a dear friends birthday just in time to send her a video shoutout. Y’all I am so thankful, because even with everything going on and it only being Tuesday I am blessed beyond measure!

Golden Birthday Celebration

Kobi turned 3 today! Making her 3 on the third aka her golden birthday. I feel like once she realizes what a golden birthday is, she will feel bummed because she didn’t really remember her celebration, so I tried to make it as special as I could.

For months I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and all she said was I want cake with my family. She wanted an orange cake with ten candles to be exact, so I set out to make from scratch (sans the orange color) a two layer cake with buttercream frosting and ten candles. It took waaaay to long but I had fun and she loved it!

We kept the celebration light. Pancake breakfast, naps, playing with presents, bubbles, and balloons, pizza eating, some Super Bowl style foods, tons of FaceTime/video chats, the orange cake of course and then we ended the night with a special Rockstar sized prayer for her third year of life!!

There are so many feelings I’ve felt today, but the one that stands out the most is gratefulness! She is my rainbow baby, full of God’s promises, and His power and I stand in awe that he saw fit to allow us to steward her life while we are on this earth. Happy Birthday Katherine Obadiah Harding! We love you forever!