NICULife & Deodorant

Wow, guys! I am learning so much already about production from shooting this second show. Everything from lighting, to backgrounds, to having marks to stand on and not go out of, to writing so that the topics flow together or at least transition well. And editing, well that’s a whole other beast! I learned not to shoot three different videos for one segment amongst other things!

There is a lot of planning that goes into putting a show together let alone a quality show that I hope this becomes! Hopefully I can take what I learned this time around and make show number three that much better!

In this show I talk about encouraging families in the NICU as well as spray deodorant I received for free from! I told you guys I’d talk about whatever life brought my way. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for tuning in!

Dove Advanced Care: A product that works!


So I had the opportunity to try Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant from Influenster and I was actually surprised that it worked for me!! I like to say that I sweat like a man so I was kind of skeptical of using another deodorant after it took me years to find something that actually worked for me!

I will say that it even worked better than what I have been using! And I am sure that they are comparable in price because I usually pay close to $8 for my secret clinical strength…

So what don’t I like about it? The scent is super strong! So much so that my husband figured out that I had changed deodorants… But despite the strong smell the thing that will probably keep me from purchasing it is the fact that it’s a solid!

I know it shouldn’t matter but for me it does! I like wearing tank tops and other sleeveless shirts and I HATE when you can see white deodorant when I raise my arms!!! My secret brand is an advanced solid which goes on solid but becomes clear once it hits the skin and I ABSOLUTELY love it!

So if you don’t care about what your pits look like when you raise your arms I would highly recommend trying Dove’s Advanced Care deodorant!

** please note that these thoughts and opinions are my own and receiving the Influenster box was completely free and can be had by any one.**


Anyone Looking For A New Breakfast Bar?


If so, you are in luck! Quaker just came out with a great soft baked bar and it really is pretty tasty! I had the wonderful opportunity to try it out in my Influenster box that was sent to me for free!

I got to try the Banana Nut Bread Flavor and boy does it taste like fresh bread especially warmed up! With it warmed I could really taste and feel the contrast of how soft the bar was and how crunchy the almonds were… if you’re a fan of banana nut bread you’re gonna love these bars!

I think these are great for those quick grab and go days that we sometimes (or maybe all the time) have, because it wasn’t too sweet like other cereal bars can be. Add a piece of fruit and some water and you’ll have the perfect under 300 calorie breakfast (they are only 140 calories).

I am quite picky when it comes to the breakfast bars that i eat (or any other food for that matter) but I would actually buy them for my husband and I because I know that these would be something we’d both eat! Not to mention they’d probably serve an additional dual purpose of a before lunch snack or after dinner treat! And at $3.29 it’s definitely worth it! I can’t vouch for the other flavors (if there are any) but the Quaker Soft Baked Bar in the Banana Nut Bread Flavor is a home run in my book!! Happy Eating!!

***Disclaimer: I was not paid to try these bars nor was I paid to write this review. The bars were apart of the complimentary goodies I received in my Influenster box. And this review is strictly my opinion.***