I’m so hungry

This week has been really hard, and I’ve been hungry more times than I’d like. Not to mention this week has been pretty emotional and I couldn’t eat what I would normally drown my sorrows in. I just can’t wait to eat a great big piece of chocolate cake! I’m not even kidding! Right now all I think about is trying not to over do anything when I can eat the good stuff again. Like I know you’re suppose to ease back into things slowly but that might not happen! 

I will say that I can totally see a difference in the way that my clothes fit, and my back doesn’t hurt nearly as bad which has been fantastic! So there are benefits to continuing on, plus I’m very goal oriented so once I say I’m doing something, that’s pretty much it for me. Also, William has noted that I haven’t complained at all during the last 14 days, so I’m sure that’s a plus!

Fajita mix with Kale and Zoodle Spaghetti
Fajita mix w/kale and butternut squash/beet noodle spaghetti

I did make spaghetti earlier this week and ended up eating it for the rest of the week because William wasn’t a huge fan of it. But it definitely hit the spot. I also made a chicken fajita mix with kale and it was super yummy, William liked it. I think that’s something that I could keep in the rotation. I’m just glad to be done with this week because that means there’s only two more to go! 

The journey continues next week…

Whole 30, thus far…

It’s been seven days since I started the Whole 30, and it’s hard, and has sucked more days than not, but I have already seen and felt changes. I have found that I have way more energy during the day, that I am sleeping better, and that I am not so bloated, which make my clothes look better! Therefore, I’m just trying to remember my “why” and keep chugging away day by day. 

This week was hard because there was a lot of celebration going on at work, which equaled cupcakes galore also giving Kobi her snacks proved to be difficult, but I made it through by eating lots of fruit while others were eating their sweets and remembering to drink water.

Whole 30 food
Some of my food choices this week.

So what’s my “why” anyway? My overall health! I’m wanting to do my part in getting in shape and healing my body so that when my next pregnancy gets here, I would have done my part to be as healthy as possible and maybe not be on bedrest this go around. I know that I can only be healed by Jesus but I also know that the food I put in my body can also play a part in my healing so I should do my best to honor the process. 

Going forward the next couple of weeks should be interesting. I know that I will have to make some adjustments but it will all be worth it in the end. So here’s to 3 more weeks of this Whole 30 journey! 

Happy First Birthday, Kobi!

Y’all we made it! Kobi is officially one year old today!! I have so many emotions running through me but I haven’t had time to process them all because I was too busy getting everything together for her birthday celebration that we had tonight. But I’m sure things will come rushing in soon enough.

Kobi has grown so much over this pass year it amazes me every day! She is starting to walk a little bit with assistance, she loves eating real food (we had pancakes earlier today as a birthday tradition and she ate pasta and rolls, for dinner) She loves music, dancing to music or singing to the music. She knows how to clap, and she loves animals (we’re hoping to take her to the zoo tomorrow if the weather cooperates). She’s gone from a 2lbs. 11 oz. baby to a 24lbs. infant… she’s getting tall and she just wants to see everything and figure out how things work (we think she might be an engineer). She likes watching t.v and spending time with her daddy. Kobi loves to laugh and has such a big smile, Oh and she has two teeth now!! It’s so fun to hear her crunch on different foods.

Y’all my baby made it! Despite everything that happened to get her to this point we made it and I am so thankful and grateful to my God who kept her, and us! Thank you to each and every one of you who said a prayer, who brought food, who shared kind words, who rallied around us this past year. Thank you for your love and support and for cheering us on, you are loved and appreciated and I hope that each of you get to see Kobi one day in real life!

Here are a few pictures from her celebration!

Love Y’all,


Guess Who’s 11 Months Today?

Well of course that would be our beautiful here on earth daughter Kobi not be confused with our in Heaven daughter Kiwi because she’d be two! Anyway Kobi is growing so fast I’m both excited and want it to stop! She loves to eat new foods and I’m not just talking puréed foods (today she had half of a plain slider) her sitter feeds her papas and carne asada (with our consent of course)! She’s eating real food people, real food!!!

We’ve noticed her personality really coming out a lot more lately. She sings, she dances, she absolutely LOVES music, everything interests her to where you know she wants to know more about something. Kobi crawls when she wants to and is learning to stand up. She also takes a few steps when holding mine or daddy’s hands.

She weighs 22.4 pounds is about 30 inches tall and wears a size 18 months!  She loves to laugh, and watch Super Why on Netflix and she is learning to play with other kids her age (thanks Cami). She’s so smart and strong (she can kick me out of a chair if I let her) and she’s really kind and compassionate she always wants to make sure other babies around her are okay when they cry. We have to reassure her that they are okay so she can relax. She is a great communicator and she is rarely upset and she likes most everything except rabbits and guinea pigs (she legit cries at the site of them). Kobi amazes me every day!

Here are some pics of her.

Thanks for following our journey!



What’s there to do in Jersey???

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while… practically a month really… I have been busy with school and getting everything prepared for my upcoming India trip at the end of July… As I have just a few minutes before my class starts I was wondering what there is to do in Jersey????

Should I take a ferry and go here?
Should I take a ferry and go here?

See, As it stands I will have TWO massive layovers in Jersey and I don’t want to be confined to the airport the whole time… I would actually love to explore my surroundings and maybe even get a decent hotel room…. any suggestions? I love food (the greasier the better), and museums too!!! I saw something about the Liberty State Park with ferry service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty… is that any good? I’ve always wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty!! Are there any areas I should avoid? Should I just forget about Jersey and take a train someplace else?  Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m all ears!!!

Picture courtesy of William Warby