Happy First Birthday, Kobi!

Y’all we made it! Kobi is officially one year old today!! I have so many emotions running through me but I haven’t had time to process them all because I was too busy getting everything together for her birthday celebration that we had tonight. But I’m sure things will come rushing in soon enough.

Kobi has grown so much over this pass year it amazes me every day! She is starting to walk a little bit with assistance, she loves eating real food (we had pancakes earlier today as a birthday tradition and she ate pasta and rolls, for dinner) She loves music, dancing to music or singing to the music. She knows how to clap, and she loves animals (we’re hoping to take her to the zoo tomorrow if the weather cooperates). She’s gone from a 2lbs. 11 oz. baby to a 24lbs. infant… she’s getting tall and she just wants to see everything and figure out how things work (we think she might be an engineer). She likes watching t.v and spending time with her daddy. Kobi loves to laugh and has such a big smile, Oh and she has two teeth now!! It’s so fun to hear her crunch on different foods.

Y’all my baby made it! Despite everything that happened to get her to this point we made it and I am so thankful and grateful to my God who kept her, and us! Thank you to each and every one of you who said a prayer, who brought food, who shared kind words, who rallied around us this past year. Thank you for your love and support and for cheering us on, you are loved and appreciated and I hope that each of you get to see Kobi one day in real life!

Here are a few pictures from her celebration!

Love Y’all,



Guess Who’s 11 Months Today?

Well of course that would be our beautiful here on earth daughter Kobi not be confused with our in Heaven daughter Kiwi because she’d be two! Anyway Kobi is growing so fast I’m both excited and want it to stop! She loves to eat new foods and I’m not just talking puréed foods (today she had half of a plain slider) her sitter feeds her papas and carne asada (with our consent of course)! She’s eating real food people, real food!!!

We’ve noticed her personality really coming out a lot more lately. She sings, she dances, she absolutely LOVES music, everything interests her to where you know she wants to know more about something. Kobi crawls when she wants to and is learning to stand up. She also takes a few steps when holding mine or daddy’s hands.

She weighs 22.4 pounds is about 30 inches tall and wears a size 18 months!  She loves to laugh, and watch Super Why on Netflix and she is learning to play with other kids her age (thanks Cami). She’s so smart and strong (she can kick me out of a chair if I let her) and she’s really kind and compassionate she always wants to make sure other babies around her are okay when they cry. We have to reassure her that they are okay so she can relax. She is a great communicator and she is rarely upset and she likes most everything except rabbits and guinea pigs (she legit cries at the site of them). Kobi amazes me every day!

Here are some pics of her.

Thanks for following our journey!



What’s there to do in Jersey???

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while… practically a month really… I have been busy with school and getting everything prepared for my upcoming India trip at the end of July… As I have just a few minutes before my class starts I was wondering what there is to do in Jersey????

Should I take a ferry and go here?

Should I take a ferry and go here?

See, As it stands I will have TWO massive layovers in Jersey and I don’t want to be confined to the airport the whole time… I would actually love to explore my surroundings and maybe even get a decent hotel room…. any suggestions? I love food (the greasier the better), and museums too!!! I saw something about the Liberty State Park with ferry service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty… is that any good? I’ve always wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty!! Are there any areas I should avoid? Should I just forget about Jersey and take a train someplace else?  Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m all ears!!!

Picture courtesy of William Warby

Make A Note Monday: True Friends

A true friend is a blessing from God.

A true friend is a blessing from God.

Today I needed to be rescued. I had no place to go and couldn’t make it home. I called a friend and she answered. I strapped on my shoes a bit tighter and made it my mission to get to her. I arrived and walked in. She provided a gentle smile solace and chicken noodle soup with corn bread and coffee. It warmed my body and my heart. It was exactly what I needed and I am grateful to have True Friends like her in my life.


** Attribution for the picture goes to Patrick Ashley from Flikr Creative Commons

My Stress Relief

I have been a tad bit stressed this past week so I decided to take a little time and do some cooking… I looked up a few recipes for potato soup on Pinterest and then made my own version… It was really good and my husband enjoyed it. Plus we have enough left overs for each of us to have another serving, which will probably be lunch sometime during the coming week…

In case anyone is interested I’ll let you know what I did below:


I put on a pot of salted water about a quarter full to boil.

I chopped up a bunch of potatoes into chunks about 12 (they were going bad so I wanted to use all of them that I could).

I added the potatoes to the water and let them boil until they were soft.

Once they started to boil I pre-heated the oven for the bacon to 350 (I used 4 strips).

Once the bacon was done I took the potatoes off the burner (they had been on for maybe an hour) I didn’t really pay attention to the time… I just watched for how soft they were, stirring them constantly.

I then added some almond milk that I didn’t measure I just poured until I was happy with the amount in the pot, next I added chicken broth the same way and put the soup back on the burner to heat up stirring constantly.

Once everything was mixed together I seasoned it with a dash of onion salt, garlic salt, and pepper then I added two big spoons of sour cream and stirred it… Let that sit while I broke up the bacon and added it to the pot.

Once the bacon was added I took out the Mexican blend cheese and added it to the pot and stirred.

When it was ready to serve I topped mine off with sharp cheddar and my husbands off with black pepper (he doesn’t really care for cheese).

And that was it! I did it while taking part in a live chat for an online group project so it wasn’t very hard nor did it have a lot of parts to it… The whole thing probably took 2 hours from start to finish!

Not only do I feel accomplished for making this for the first time but I am relaxed and can go and do all my other homework assignments knowing that I cooked a meal for my family in the process.

Do any of you cook to relieve stress? What’s your go to recipe?

Well off to homework land I go… Until next time…

Be Blessed,


Life Update…

Can you believe it’s already the 15th of August?! Where has this month gone, better yet where had this year gone?!?! Am I the only one that can hardly believe that this year is already half way over? Man… Just like this year has flown by so has my life… I have gotten so busy I have barely had time to blog about it all so I decided to give you guys a little update via pictures and a synopsis…


This is what my body looks like since I’ve started doing CrossFit… I have scrapes and bumps, bruises and clots, calluses and my shoulders are always tender to the touch but I love it!!!


This is a picture of a few of the WOD’s that I have encountered… as well as a few after WOD pictures of me… they have been intense!! But I have learned to drink water starting days in advance because when I don’t the dynamic warm-up smokes me and to eat before I workout that way I don’t pass-out (I learned that doing “Barbara”)… I am staying pretty consistent with the amount of weight I can lift… which is anywhere from 70-85lbs so I’m happy and still loving it!!


I am loving my hair and finally feel comfortable wearing it in different “stretched” styles!! There’s the faux hawk, the bantu knot out, a protective flat twist updo, and the top knot. I still do enjoy the protective styles especially since I have finally figured out how to do the infamous top knot/messy bun; I had been trying to do those styles on hair that wasn’t stretched… which equaled no bueno… but it’s definitely been my go to style and probably will be for months to come…


The minute I started CrossFit I wanted to make sure that my diet didn’t hinder my growth so I started to eat healthier… and it’s been hard but worth it… I’ve learned a lot about protein, carbs, and fat and how to eat them in order to fuel my body! I’m not an expert at all I’m barely almost a novice… but I do enjoy the consistency that it brings…so far cheese has been the hardest to stop eating (it makes everything taste so much better) and I do still like chocolate chip cookies and ice cream… but I try to only eat those on the weekends and am doing research on paleo and gluten-free recipes… I have also realized that I can cook and eat “fresh from the garden” veggies and not die or get sick… something about seeing them get picked from the dirt freaks me out… all in all I’m growing healthier with each decision I make!


Jesus has been so good to me… both in my quiet times and in my not so quiet times… He really does know what is best for me and I am learning to trust Him more so than ever and with that trust comes a freedom I have never known before. I am loving the nearest it brings me to the Creator God!!! My husband and I have been going on weekly date nights and they have been great. I feel like we are laughing more and quicker to apologize and make a situation right. We are actively trying to remember the other person throughout the day and when we are together and it’s been great!! Not to mention we have been spending more time together with God!!! Year 5 is just around the corner and I can hardly believe it but am so thankful to be married to him!!!

SO there you have it… my life thus far… There are things getting ready to happen like school starting, worship team tryouts, a trip to Ohio, and hopefully more focused content on this here blog… I have been putting it off long enough and since I seem to manage my time better when I am in school or working full time that shouldn’t be a problem… thanks for your continued support and readership, I very much appreciate it!!



Lifeway Kefir Anyone?

So recently I had the opportunity to try this Lifeway Kefir product which I had never heard of before and probably would have refused to try it six months ago but I’m trying to do a better job of eating healthy so I was excited when Influenster sent me a voucher to try it out!! With the voucher I was able to get any size Lifeway Kefir product I wanted… They have a ton of smoothies in a bunch of different flavors but I know that I am very picky when it comes to smoothies so I played it safe and picked up the Frozen Kefir in Pomegranate…


How can something so healthy taste so good?

I was pleasantly surprised!! It was soft and creamy, sweet and tart and it was overall refreshing!! I was excited because of all the good stuff it boasts about… 90 Calories per (half a cup) serving, 10 Probiotics, 99%Lactose Free, All Natural and Gluten Free!! I would definitely buy it again as a substitute for my ice cream that I enjoy so much…

The one thing I didn’t like about it was that it can only be found in one store in our city (Kroger)… And it was in the produce isle not the yogurt or ice cream isle… And although I had a voucher for a “free” product I still had to pay tax which was something like 37 cents… Which isn’t bad but to me free is suppose to mean free!!


The different products that are available!!


The set up and price at Kroger for the Frozen Kefir


Where you can find the smoothies at Kroger and the prices of them

Have you ever tried Lifeway Kefir? What product is your favorite? Was I the only one that had never heard of it? Let me know in the comment box below!

**Disclaimer: These are my own opinions on this product I was not made or paid to say anything at all about it and it was given to me free of charge from Influenster. Thanks.**