Good evening everyone! I hope you’ve had a most wonderful start to this new year. I just wanted to share my resolutions with you all because well that’s what you do this time of year and I like to keep you all in the loop on my life.

So I was looking back on last year and realized that I didn’t make resolutions because I was helping a friend in need but I still had a wonderful year without the resolutions. I have always tried to make my resolutions realistic anyway and I think this year’s resolutions are on the same level. I only want to do two things this year.

The first thing I want to do is dress in a business casual look five days a week. If you guys know my life as a student it’s a bit hectic so this will be a feat. Being a student is hard work but I figured that it’s my senior year and I should always look prepared for any opportunity that may come my way.

The second thing I would like to do before the year ends is learn to play the piano. This is something that I have always wanted to learn and I am tired of putting it off! I do have a short-term goal to be able to fit into my wedding dress by our anniversary and an overall goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually as well as mentally and financially, so technically that’s about four or five… but there you have it my new year resolutions!!! Happy New Year I hope this year is filled with the most abundance of blessings!!!


Head Shoulders Knees & Toes…

So those of you who are my Facebook friends or who follow me on Twitter may have noticed (or maybe not) that I started a new blog… Why on earth would I start another blog if I already talk about so many different things on this blog… well it’s simple… I had to. Yup that’s right, I had to start a blog for a school assignment… and although many of my classmates will probably give up on their blogs after this semester is over… I intend on keeping my blog going. So what is this new blog about you ask??? Simple, Natural Hair and Fashion!!!

Two things that I love and sometimes hate in one place… I don’t think it will ever get deeper than different shades of purple… not that this here blog always has something for you to chew on… but in my new blog which you can check out here. it mostly talks about my struggles with my hair; my journey to find a style that I can be happy with and it will mention things about fashion that I am loving and maybe even some beauty things as well. I really want to do a bunch of copy cat/looks for less posts but I think I’ll have to wait until the summer time to get those going… but we’ll see… Feel free to go take a look, leave a comment, or some advice, or just a kind word of encouragement…

School Was A Success!

So today I started my official first day of my junior year at Austin Peay State University!!! Besides the fact that I already have a quiz to study for and an assignment to work on I am super stoked! I did arrive an hour and half early because I caught a ride with the hubs, which was a good thing because it gave me time to scout out my classes which I failed to do earlier because of the weather. I even ate breakfast because I told my mom I would… and someone told me that I was all swagged out today (which means my outfit was cute) I ended up wearing my natural hair in a puff and and a pomp. It was easy and I felt cute… I had fun in my classes and look forward to what the year will bring!! All in all today was a huge success!! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me and sent encouraging texts to me and showed me love while I was on campus… I greatly appreciate all the love that was shown to me… now to do it all again tomorrow!!


Freaked Out…

It is so funny and a little upsetting that even now I still get scared about the first day of school… I mean college isn’t really like real school… no one makes you go to class or cares if you brought your own lunch but here it is two days from when I return to school as a full-time student and I am nervous and cant focus on anything else… I am thinking about really insignificant things like how I’m going to wear my natural hair and what outfit I’m gonna put together for the first day of classes. I already know that I will probably be the oldest student in the class and I’m okay with that but I don’t want to give off the impression that I am unapproachable… because although I am NOT looking forward to other people’s drama I know that God has a plan for me in the lives of those I will be around… It may not happen that first day but on that first day everyone will know and see who I am via the introduction that usually comes during those first days… which I have been thinking about ever since my husband gave a suggestion on what I should mention… I want to let my classmates and professors know that I am who I am: serious yet a little goofy when necessary, caring, artsy, loyal, dependable, reliable, married, in love with Jesus… who wants to already be done yet knows there are tons of things to learn… and yeah it reads really well now but the minute I try and put these words together and make them come out of my mouth it’s never gonna be the same… and maybe that’s okay too… but I won’t know until I wake up, get dressed, do my hair, and walk out the door Thursday morning what will transpire… so until then pray for me.