I Published My Book!

Its called So, You Found Yourself In The NICU, Now What? And you can get it on Amazon in both a Kindle and a paperback version!

My first book on Amazon

It’s a bit of a surprise even to me because although I have had this blog for almost ten years and grew up writing poems, I never considered myself a writer! Years ago, I had words spoken over me that said I would write books, so I always just waited to see what the books would be about because nothing seemed right. So I waited, and life happened, then more life happened, and even more, life happened, fast forward to now, and I have finally written and published my first book!

You can purchase it here

It’s the first one, it was written out of an ask from a friend who found herself in the NICU. I sent her this long text and then realized that maybe if I put this in a book, it would be a resource for other parents. So I got to work writing, finding different perspectives to share, and asked friends to be a part of seeing my vision come to life, and everyone said yes (thanks guys)!

The book is designed to be a practical guide, things that can be done almost immediately to help the days go by faster. It’s from the perspective of a first-time mother, a father, and a veteran mother with other kiddos to consider. I hope that this book is used in hospital NICUs as a resource for parents all around the world!

So if you are in the NICU, this book is for you, and if you aren’t, this book is for you to give away! Consider buying a copy and giving it to your local hospital that has a NICU or a nonprofit you know that helps with the NICU, or you can just buy it to support me and keep it on your shelf.

Thank you, dear readers, who have thought enough of my writing to subscribe and keep coming back over these almost ten years! I appreciate your encouragement and support, and I look forward to continuing to write for you!

Where to go from here?

This month is over! There was so much stuff going on I really don’t know what my focus should be for the coming month. Trying to find the balance between work and life has been unattainable and will probably remain as such forever, but my goal is to be at least 60/40 at any given moment. Therapy is still much needed. I actually had fun doing our budget and keeping track of what was going on with our money at any given moment. It actually brought about a freedom I don’t think I’ve felt in a long time when it comes to money. It would be nice to add another date night into the budget as well as a few other line items. I want to start running again, and continue to be mindful of what I put into my body mainly dairy and processed sugars. I want to get to bed at a decent time again, instead of past midnight. I really want to refocus and readjust my goals going into the last 3 months of the year and I want to continue to go deep with Jesus and His word. I didn’t really narrow anything down, but I do know that I feel much better about going into this new month with a fresh perspective and newly outfitted goals! Thanks again for your support and encouragement!

Sometimes you gotta apologize

I have found this to be true, even if the person you have to apologize to is 3.5 years old. Maybe especially if the person you have to apologize to is 3.5 years old. Kobi was having a hard time sleeping through the night last night and I had already stayed up late doing work. So needless to say I wasn’t that pleasant when she woke me up.

As I lay in my bed trying to go back to sleep, I felt that tinge in my heart that comes with God’s loving conviction and I didn’t want to get up because I was tired, and I felt the Lord say would you rather be tired or would you rather have her heart damaged?

So I got up, went in to her room snuggled up in her bed and I asked her to forgive me for being unpleasant. I explained to her that I had stayed up late to work and that I was still very tied but that didn’t mean I should be rude. She forgave me, and I thanked her, and then told her I was going back to my bed to go back to sleep because I was still tired. As I write this, I’m still tired but at least I know I can sleep well tonight knowing that I did my best to take care of my treasure’s heart!

Happy Big Sister Day!

Today Kiwi Hannah would have been three years old! So we slept in, had pancakes, took naps, played and played and played in an indoor play room, Had waaaay tooo many sweets, and just enjoyed today! We really celebrated Kiwi’s life, her memory and did things we thought she would have liked. 

A family snuggling
Enjoying some snuggle time.

We were also blessed with pumpkin scones from a dear friend who lives thousands of miles a way… When everything happened with Kiwi, and I was finally home, these scones appeared on our door one day with a note, it wasn’t until over a year later by happenstance that I finally realized who they had come from and was blown away and completely shocked it took me that long to find out, so when the same scones showed up on my doorstep with a similar note I cried for the first and only time today! I felt like the Lord remembered me and remembered my baby… it’s silly because how could he forget her, she’s with Him all the time, but it still just spoke directly to my heart, and I cried happy tears.

I also received just enough text messages/other messages that wished Kiwi a Happy Birthday that made me grateful for family and friends! Leading up today I was a mess, but we really did just enjoy playing hooky from work and taking Kobi out for some fun!! 
I miss Kiwi every day, but I am so grateful to God who gave us the time we had together and then gave us the creativity and healing enough to come up with Big Sister Day! 

Life Since Graduation

Exactly a month a go today I graduated with my Master’s in Communications from Austin Peay State University. I never wrote anything on the blog on that particular day because I was too busy enjoying my family and friends! Now, a month later I have so much free time, it’s incredible! 

I love being able to cook dinner and not feel rushed, I can let Kobi come up and ask to read her a book at anytime, and actually read it more than once, because I have time! I love running errands with her, and playing with her outside! It’s been great to be able to do laundry the same day, and help clean the kitchen and not just Kobi’s botttles. I love having time to go on date nights with William and really enjoy our time and it not be rushed because I have homework due the next day or chapters to read! I mean we just went on a family vacation to the beach and did absolutely nothing, because we needed a break and it was marvelous!! 

Life since graduation has been absolutely wonderful! It’s still hard, and I’m still tired, but now it’s because I stayed up too late watching the movie Matilda ( true story) and not because I was finishing a paper or submitting a quiz! Y’all freedom feels good! Thank you for all your prayers and support while I was in school, I’m grateful and glad to be done!