Happy First Birthday, Kobi!

Y’all we made it! Kobi is officially one year old today!! I have so many emotions running through me but I haven’t had time to process them all because I was too busy getting everything together for her birthday celebration that we had tonight. But I’m sure things will come rushing in soon enough.

Kobi has grown so much over this pass year it amazes me every day! She is starting to walk a little bit with assistance, she loves eating real food (we had pancakes earlier today as a birthday tradition and she ate pasta and rolls, for dinner) She loves music, dancing to music or singing to the music. She knows how to clap, and she loves animals (we’re hoping to take her to the zoo tomorrow if the weather cooperates). She’s gone from a 2lbs. 11 oz. baby to a 24lbs. infant… she’s getting tall and she just wants to see everything and figure out how things work (we think she might be an engineer). She likes watching t.v and spending time with her daddy. Kobi loves to laugh and has such a big smile, Oh and she has two teeth now!! It’s so fun to hear her crunch on different foods.

Y’all my baby made it! Despite everything that happened to get her to this point we made it and I am so thankful and grateful to my God who kept her, and us! Thank you to each and every one of you who said a prayer, who brought food, who shared kind words, who rallied around us this past year. Thank you for your love and support and for cheering us on, you are loved and appreciated and I hope that each of you get to see Kobi one day in real life!

Here are a few pictures from her celebration!

Love Y’all,


Our Christmas Family Vacation!

We have celebrated Christmas for the last few years with some great friends but this year they moved across the country and so we were left with a dilemma… What to do for Christmas? After talking it over and checking the budget we decided at the last minute to spend Christmas in Las Vegas with said friends and bonus we had my mom come up so she could finally meet Kobi! It was such a wonderful and much needed time away and time with family! Oh and I got to see one of my oldest friends after 10 years too! We went to the Hoover Dam, and to Red Rock Canyon, and ate really great food all cooked by Holly herself!

Kobi’s first Christmas was great! We snuggled in bed then she sat and listened to her daddy read the Bible explaining the Christmas story and she loved all the paper and actually played with a few toys! She was super exhausted after opening most everything but definitely needed food and a nap before continuing. William and I had a few surprises for each other which was nice because we already knew what we wanted. We decided to remember Kiwi by wearing matching Christmas socks because it’s something simple and we can continue to do that for years to come. And the highlight was seeing my mom interact with Kobi!! It’s been a long time coming and it was definitely my Christmas Miracle!! I hope each of you reading this had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Thanks for your continued reading!


Here’s a link to pictures of our adventure!

Kobi’s First Thanksgiving 

She’s already 9.5 months old and today we celebrated her first thanksgiving with family. We haven’t had a family Thanksgiving celebration in a few years and it was so nice to be together, to catch up and for the three littles to meet each other for the first time! They were all so loving towards each other!! Kobi was decked out in her first thanksgiving gear and she even tried some of turkey that her daddy cooked (it’s his specialty and it didn’t disappoint)! Everyone left full and satisfied and feeling a bit more loved and missed!! It’s hard having family so far away so this gathering was just what we needed! Blessings to all and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you! 
P.S. To see pictures feel free to look at my Facebook page you can find me under Terri Harding, Thanks!

8 months and loving it

Kobi is 8 months old today! It’s been a great 8 months. She is so full of joy and I am forever grateful for that! She really is my sunshine! She probably weighs close to 20 lbs now but we haven’t weighed her in a while… she’s eating more foods like pineapple and cantaloupe as well as oatmeal. 

She is almost sitting up unassisted and she is so close to rolling from her back to her stomach. She absolutely loves using her words and she gives the best sloppy wet kisses ever and I really do enjoy everything about her to include when she’s over tired but doesn’t want to miss anything so she cries at the smallest things! 

She’s gonna go far and I am excited to see her learn and grow in order to get to where and what God has for her! Thanks for your continued prayers love and support! 

Big Sister Day!!

Today Kiwi Hannah would have been two years old!! It’s been the hardest when I see William playing with Kobi and I know there should be a toddler there playing with them… But instead of making today a sad day the whole day… We decided that today and every September 21st would be Big Sister Day! William actually came up with the idea and Kobi made sure to keep her “Lil’ Sister” onesie clean all day!!

 Anyway we decided that we would do things that we wanted to do in order to celebrate Kiwi with the option to do things she would like doing as well… This year we had lunch with friends, got pedicures, spent time playing at home, and we had cupcakes!! It was so much fun and Kobi was tuckered out at the end of it all!  We had a wonderful time together as a family and I actually am looking forward to future celebrations… And although I miss Kiwi Hannah terribly, today made it not hurt as bad… After all she’s with Jesus and there’s no better place to be! So Happy Big Sister Day everyone and Happy Birthday Kiwi!! Thanks for the love and support and prayers. It’s been hard but we’re making it!

Church family picnic

Today was our church family picnic and it was so much fun! The food was good. We met a bunch of new people. And saw a couple of friends and even got to know some of the people we already knew better! Kobi did great and she met a few new people as well! 

My favorite part was when I got to double dutch for the first time in a very very long time like 15-ish years, and I got in on the first try and stayed in for a little while too! It was so much fun!! Then William got to participate in the Bethel Olympics and he did the obstacle course that almost killed him but he made it through and his team ended up winning that event!!

Sometimes it’s just a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and get to know the people that you see every Sunday but don’t always get to connect with… And since we just transitioned to this church a few months ago it was a great time to do just that! 

Random thoughts 

Am I the only one who counts down the time until she can see her child(ren) again?

What kind of things can you negotiate when offered a job?

If you could live anywhere where would you live?

I don’t understand how people don’t take vacations? Like how do they survive?

Even though it’s been weeks, I still want that assassination by chocolate milkshake from Burger Rebuplic and I don’t even like milkshakes but I can’t shake the desire!

I don’t understand why college textbooks are so expensive and always try and find a deal before paying full price!

I just learned that there is safe access to view lava in Hawaii at a National Park from a report on NPR.

I enjoy having good conversations with William preferably over a good cup of coffee or while driving somewhere.

I missed going to the beach this summer but am hopeful to see what next summer brings!