My husband is a good man

Maybe it’s because I just finished the unofficial Love Your Spouse Challenge on Facebook or maybe this is something well overdue but I decided to blog about, for and to my husband. See the challenge made me go back and find pictures of us but more importantly it allowed me to remember the story of each picture and the way I felt about him at that particular time in our lives and I realized that I really am married to a good man!

Trust me, we are not perfect nor do we claim to be, in fact he pisses me off at least once a day about something!! But at the end of the day he can’t be beat! He is absolutely the perfect man for me!! He loves Jesus, he loves his family, he works hard and genuinely cares about people. His intentions are good and he always tries to make me happy, which is hard for me to receive but I’m working on it! 

My dearest Lord William, thank you for being the man I thought I wanted and the man God knew I needed anyway! I know that our differences have been tedious over the years but I’m glad we are beginning to see them as the way to make each other great! I love you and am so thankful you are my husband and I get to be your wife! I know I can be difficult like all the time several times a day but I thank you for loving me through it all! You truly are a good man with good intentions and I don’t tell you enough! Thank you for always working so hard to provide for our family and for making me feel safe and secure! Thank you for the stocked fridge of ice cream, and the time to go to the gym, thank you for loving me well, sending me on trips and taking care of Kobi alongside me. Thank you that I never have to do life alone because you are right beside me in everything! I love you truly madly deeply!


Don’t believe the likes 

In this show I talk about how important it is not to solely depend on what you see on social media when it comes to reaching out to people! Just because something received a lot of likes and reactions doesn’t mean that people are reaching out in real life and we all need to be mindful of that and act accordingly. 

I do know a few things I need to work on but am overall happy about the way things turned out! I hope you enjoy the show and please let me know how you support those around you.

NICULife & Deodorant

Wow, guys! I am learning so much already about production from shooting this second show. Everything from lighting, to backgrounds, to having marks to stand on and not go out of, to writing so that the topics flow together or at least transition well. And editing, well that’s a whole other beast! I learned not to shoot three different videos for one segment amongst other things!

There is a lot of planning that goes into putting a show together let alone a quality show that I hope this becomes! Hopefully I can take what I learned this time around and make show number three that much better!

In this show I talk about encouraging families in the NICU as well as spray deodorant I received for free from! I told you guys I’d talk about whatever life brought my way. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for tuning in!

The Lord is at hand!!!

I write this fired up and invigorated by God’s word this morning…

“Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:5-7‬ ‭ESV‬‬

We are 27 weeks and 2 days along and right now every day counts even more than it did before! Why you ask? Well because this past Sunday evening my water broke but I have yet to go into labor. So it’s all just a waiting game! 

Not to worry because Kobi is doing great she continues to grow stronger every day and kicks a whole bunch and has the hiccups all the time (which is great for lung development) and is even breathing on her own plus The Lord is at hand and that’s the best part of all!!

When Bill and I came to the hospital we were just taking precautions as we thought I may have just peed my pants so we weren’t overly worried or stressed and didn’t speed down the highway and even packed a semblance of an overnight bag just in case Kobi was to make her debut… But alas we are still here waiting on Kobi and there is no stress, very little anxiety (I mean we are still human), and tons and tons of peace because we know that The Lord is at hand!!

  Our new bed rest location. 

I know that The Lord is here with me, William and Kobi as well as each of our doctors and nurses and all of those that have been checking in, praying and visiting and those who will do these things upon reading this!! He has not left my side for one moment;not one! There hasn’t been a doubt in my mind that this child that I am carrying is the Lord’s and she’s a miracle and has a great big mighty call on her life! 

If the Lord is at hand meaning He is right here with me I don’t really see a need to be anxious but instead I find myself being thankful and full of praise and honor to my King and daddy God and that brings a peace that surpasses all understanding and it also guards this mommas’s heart!! 

Y’all (yes I said y’all) God is good and faithful and so worthy to be praised! He is in the miracle working business and He isn’t looking to quit anytime soon!! If y’all need a touch, a word, a peace, a joy, a hope, heck if y’all need a cracker to rid hunger He can do it and will do it! It may not look the way you thought it should or even come from who you thought it would come from but call out to Him and He will answer because His love for you is real!!

Be encouraged and join me in thanking the Lord for his faithfulness because the joy I have right now runs deep!!

Many blessings to you all