Where Was God Today Day 31

Today, Jesus was in my memories, reminding me of His goodness and faithfulness in our lives! Today we celebrated it being 2 years since we were able to bring Kobi home from the NICU. We called it Kobi’s coming home day and had donuts for breakfast, and then went and let her pick out some things at Toys R Us with some gift cards she had. We wore matching shirts and just spent time together.

What better way to end my blog challenge than by being reminded of one of the greatest miracles God has given me thus far! Kobi was and is an answer to many prayers and she never ceases to amaze me or anyone she is around for that matter. God speaks through her and works through her to soften hard hearts and bless and brighten the day of those she meets.

I started this challenge in a funk, and I’m ending on a high note, encouraged and very aware of God’s faithfulness in my life and in the lives of those around me. He is moving and working on our behalf even while we sleep, and regardless of what we don’t see He is good and worthy to be praised!

Where Was God Today Day 28

Today God used Instagram to show up and encourage me! I was able to have a really uplifting conversation with a forever friend via Instagram and I read several things that encouraged me, one of which was from Steven Furtick and I shared it in order to encourage others, because it was that good and that timely!

It just reminded me that God can and will use anything to get His message out. It also reminded me that it really is all about who you follow and what they share that can determine the impact on your life.

Where Was God Today Day 22

Today God showed up at practice…There is always a time for prayer at the beginning and to see these young men volunteer to pray and then do it with such boldness really blessed me! I was able to teach them about integrity and several of them displayed integrity throughout practice by doing push-ups without me even asking them to because they knew they were doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing.

I was able to encourage each athlete to keep going when things got tough (a new skill) and to do their best, and I got to cheer on a girl and tell her that I believed she would be a great sprinter even though she thinks she’s not a good runner.

These are all things coaches are suppose to do and I am truly honored to be able to uplift and encourage these students in this season and regardless of what happens after the season is over, I know that I have made an impact on their lives already. I left practice today full of joy and really excited for this track and field season!! I love my job and I’m grateful for it!

Where Was God Today Day 18

Today was a long day. However, I feel like God was with me all day. He made sure that my attitude was pleasant even though I was up several times in the middle of the night with Kobi, and then had to get up early to serve in church. Normally I would be a bit grumpy and complaining but I honestly just tried to enjoy being able to serve in a new area and make sure that I was a good representation of Jesus so that anyone coming in would feel welcomed.

Then we had dinner with friends and just being able to hang out with them and seeing them interact with Kobi, and laugh and share stories with us, I felt God telling me that this was our city, these are our people and that we are suppose to be here. It was the encouragement and confirmation I needed to continue to stand on God’s word and exercise my faith!