My Prayer

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for all of your blessings, all of your provision and of your grace and mercy that you’ve given me and my family in 2018. Lord we wouldn’t have made it without your hand on our lives and I’m just so grateful!

Father God in this new year, in this new season I pray that we would know more of you, that we would be bold and that we encounter a fresh anointing of your presence.

I pray that 2019 would be full of joy and peace not just for my family, but for everyone reading this. That this would be the year where we fully surrender and trust you in every moment of our lives and that hope would arise, that love would arise, that faith would grow deeper and stronger and that we would lean not on our own understanding but on every word that you spoke, wrote down and promised.

Thank you Lord for the miracles that are coming! Thank you Lord for the signs and wonders, for the restoration, for the reconciliation, thank you for the healing and favor, thank you for the new life that will come forth. Thank you Lord for all good and perfect gifts come from you and you will give it all to us! Thank you in advance for those things we are waiting for to come to pass. Thank you Lord for your continued goodness and for every answered prayer, in Jesus name Amen!

Enjoy your blessings

They may not look the way you wanted them to, and they may come when you least expect it but it takes intentionality on our parts to be present enough in any moment to see what’s in front of us and to enjoy something for what it is.

This could be as easy as the sight of our breath on a cold morning or the warm light the sun provides in the afternoon. It could be a held door, a carried box, or a smile. It could be a gift card, or a written note of thanks. It could be an answered prayer, a clean bill of health, a reconciliation.

Blessings come in all kinds of packages and some require time to unwrap and others are instantaneous. But I would encourage each of you to take a moment especially in the next couple of days to really enjoy the blessings all around you.

Where Was God Today Day 26

He was with me today as I took care of Kobi. She isn’t feeling well at all, and to be able to stay home with her on a weekday to ensure she gets better is a huge blessing! Usually William would stay home with her because he’s the one that had sick days or tía Silvia would take phenomenal care of her!

Although my skills are limited on how to make her feel better, I’m still happy that I’m the one that gets to be here. This small thing has definitely allowed me to reflect on how God has orchestrated these last few months and I am truly grateful for the blessings that have come from this hard time we’ve been in.

Where Was God Today Day 22

Today God showed up at practice…There is always a time for prayer at the beginning and to see these young men volunteer to pray and then do it with such boldness really blessed me! I was able to teach them about integrity and several of them displayed integrity throughout practice by doing push-ups without me even asking them to because they knew they were doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing.

I was able to encourage each athlete to keep going when things got tough (a new skill) and to do their best, and I got to cheer on a girl and tell her that I believed she would be a great sprinter even though she thinks she’s not a good runner.

These are all things coaches are suppose to do and I am truly honored to be able to uplift and encourage these students in this season and regardless of what happens after the season is over, I know that I have made an impact on their lives already. I left practice today full of joy and really excited for this track and field season!! I love my job and I’m grateful for it!

Where Was God Today Day 16

Today I had a work meeting via Slack and it was brought up that because of our customers we are able to work from home. Then I thought about how my new job as a track coach will allow me to be at home with Kobi during the day. A few other opportunities have presented themselves that will allow for flexibility as well.

This is how God showed up today because I want a job that allows for ample flexibility so that I can still be an active part of Kobi’s life and not miss too many of the moments I want to hold onto. I have several jobs that allow that… they don’t look like I thought they would but He has provided for us and that’s all that matters!