Where Was God Today Day 26

He was with me today as I took care of Kobi. She isn’t feeling well at all, and to be able to stay home with her on a weekday to ensure she gets better is a huge blessing! Usually William would stay home with her because he’s the one that had sick days or tía Silvia would take phenomenal care of her!

Although my skills are limited on how to make her feel better, I’m still happy that I’m the one that gets to be here. This small thing has definitely allowed me to reflect on how God has orchestrated these last few months and I am truly grateful for the blessings that have come from this hard time we’ve been in.

Where Was God Today Day 25

God met me during worship this morning at church and stayed with me all day! I danced and sung and reflected on His goodness during the drive to go see family. His presence was close and welcomed and it brought with it a sense of peace that I didn’t even know I needed. I’m so grateful for what the Lord is doing in and through me in this season of my life.

Where Was God Today Day 24

Today the Lord made himself known in the way my husband loved on me. We both had a rough night with Kobi so I slept in and he made us breakfast this morning. He actually brought mine to the room for me so it was breakfast in bed!

Before dinner he also took the time to do Kobi’s hair which was so precious and one less thing I had to do! I am very grateful for the husband the Lord gave me and I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of how the Lord loves me through William.

Where Was God Today Day 23

He was in the still small voice that whispered to me to change my socks this morning, and not only change them but wear the new ones I bought a while ago but refused to wear. He also whispered to me to stop worrying about how much everything costs all the time especially when it’s going toward my self care, as in it will be okay, just enjoy this… The Lord is speaking to me to trust Him, to let him figure it all out and to let him worry about the details.

Where Was God Today Day 22

Today God showed up at practice…There is always a time for prayer at the beginning and to see these young men volunteer to pray and then do it with such boldness really blessed me! I was able to teach them about integrity and several of them displayed integrity throughout practice by doing push-ups without me even asking them to because they knew they were doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing.

I was able to encourage each athlete to keep going when things got tough (a new skill) and to do their best, and I got to cheer on a girl and tell her that I believed she would be a great sprinter even though she thinks she’s not a good runner.

These are all things coaches are suppose to do and I am truly honored to be able to uplift and encourage these students in this season and regardless of what happens after the season is over, I know that I have made an impact on their lives already. I left practice today full of joy and really excited for this track and field season!! I love my job and I’m grateful for it!