NICULife & Deodorant

Wow, guys! I am learning so much already about production from shooting this second show. Everything from lighting, to backgrounds, to having marks to stand on and not go out of, to writing so that the topics flow together or at least transition well. And editing, well that’s a whole other beast! I learned not to shoot three different videos for one segment amongst other things!

There is a lot of planning that goes into putting a show together let alone a quality show that I hope this becomes! Hopefully I can take what I learned this time around and make show number three that much better!

In this show I talk about encouraging families in the NICU as well as spray deodorant I received for free from! I told you guys I’d talk about whatever life brought my way. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for tuning in!

Refresh Vox Box


This is a bit late but better late than never right? Plus you can get these items at anytime so it’s totally okay. 

I got a whole bunch of awesome FREE goodies from my last Influenster box and I want to share what I thought with you…
First up is the Beanitos Chips!! I had 2 different flavors I got to try the Nacho cheese and the Restaurant Tortilla chips and they were both amazing!! Full of flavor and super healthy!! They run about $3.49 which is a little steep but they are non GMO certified organic, gluten-free and certified kosher… For all the healthy benefits I think its worth it!!
Next we have the cover girl Ultra Smooth Foundation! I absolutely loved the packaging!! It was convenient to open and came with an applicator!! The color wasn’t exactly correct so I ended up using it as a concealer. It’s suppose to give you a flawless look while hiding tiny hairs that we ALL have on our faces… For the price it’s between $12.99-16.99 I think it’s not a bad deal… I did like the way it went on, it was super smooth and light!
This next goodie had me a little skeptical… But turned out to be a gym hidden in a tiny container! It’s the L’occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream. As described it truly is non-greasy which is always hard to find and it actually works!! Not only did it help my SUPER dry skin but it also kept my skin moist for the entire day! The ONLY thing I don’t like about this product is the amount you get for the money you pay!! It’s $5 for an 8ml container!
size comparison!! I’m NOT paying $5 for this!!
I’m not even gonna lie, I didn’t try the Orgain Certified Organic Nutritional Shakes! We received a couple of coupons to try them but they are not my thing at all so I plan on giving/gifting them to my friends who are into that sort of thing. The shakes themselves run between three and four dollars and they gave us a coupon to try one for free and then another coupon for a dollar off…
At $1.49 the Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques aren’t bad at all! I’ve tried this brand before and wasn’t disappointed. I’ll definitely be enjoying this!
Probably the thing I loved the most besides the aforementioned chips was the Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars!! They were gluten-free low-calorie and tasted yummy!! Like really good and not at all like most gluten-free things I’ve tasted that make me want to immediately spit it out!! No, this is a total winner and I was sad when it was gone!
I ate the bar before taking a picture so this image is from
I also received Listerine Pocketpaks and loved the convenience of them. It dissolves so much quicker than a regular mint and lasts just as long of not longer. Let me tell you when you’re at the altar praying for people it can get a bit tricky to maneuver a mint that hasn’t yet dissolved, so this may just be my new best friend. At $1.40 the price is pretty comparable to the mints I already get… The only downside is how small the package is. It totally gets lost in my purse because I don’t always have pockets to put them in. 

I also got some DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks which were super awesome and convenient. I keep them in my purse and love the fact that I don’t have to wait until I get home to get a stubborn piece of food out. At $1.39 for a pack of 30 it’s totally worth it. They also gave me a sample of some of the flavored kid flossers you can find them at a store near you, they can run anywhere between $2.19- $3.39 for a pack of 75.
Overall I was very happy with my Refresh Vox Box and would highly recommend everything I tried!! And as always please note that these products were given to me for testing purposes and the opinions are all my own. If you’ve never checked Influenster out be sure and do that.

Dove Advanced Care: A product that works!


So I had the opportunity to try Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant from Influenster and I was actually surprised that it worked for me!! I like to say that I sweat like a man so I was kind of skeptical of using another deodorant after it took me years to find something that actually worked for me!

I will say that it even worked better than what I have been using! And I am sure that they are comparable in price because I usually pay close to $8 for my secret clinical strength…

So what don’t I like about it? The scent is super strong! So much so that my husband figured out that I had changed deodorants… But despite the strong smell the thing that will probably keep me from purchasing it is the fact that it’s a solid!

I know it shouldn’t matter but for me it does! I like wearing tank tops and other sleeveless shirts and I HATE when you can see white deodorant when I raise my arms!!! My secret brand is an advanced solid which goes on solid but becomes clear once it hits the skin and I ABSOLUTELY love it!

So if you don’t care about what your pits look like when you raise your arms I would highly recommend trying Dove’s Advanced Care deodorant!

** please note that these thoughts and opinions are my own and receiving the Influenster box was completely free and can be had by any one.**


Make A Note Monday: Good Everyday Products

So I had the wonderful opportunity to review some pretty good products last month before school started thanks to the people at influenster! I received the violet vox box and it had some really good every day products in it!

I got a banana nut flavored SOYJOY bar that retails for less than a dollar, I was able to try Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine polish in a wonderful tangerine color, as well as my favorite product of the box; a Goody Athlétique Headband that’s two toned and moisture wicking, as well as a Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa mask, and a 1.6 oz sample size of dry shampoo from Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak. All of these items retail for $6.00 or less which makes them easy to pick up on my own dime!

I was a little nervous about the SOYJOY but I ate it on the way to church and it actually wasn’t that bad! To me it had the consistency of a fig newton which I hate but the flavor was good! So if you like fig newtons you’ll probably really like them. And you can get them for 99¢ so you can’t go wrong with that.

Between working out and playing volleyball the Goody Athlétique Headband was a life saver! I had my hair straight at the time and wearing that literally kept my edges from reverting! I sometimes even wore it in the shower under my shower cap for extra protection and it never disappointed! At $6.00 you can’t beat it!

The Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa mask was really interesting. It felt great and it left my skin feeling wonderful and for $2.50 it’s definitely worth the extra treat… But the cutouts didn’t really fit too well so it made it a bit awkward.

I have never tried dry shampoo and have heard about it for years so I was really excited to get to try Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo on my straight hair!! I absolutely loved this product because it gave me the volume I’ve always wanted!!

My hair is very fine but I love BIG hair and when I used this product I finally got the hair of my dreams!! The only thing about it is I don’t know if I could use it properly on my tight coiled hair. I can’t ever brush my hair dry so the thought of brushing this product out of my hair is torturous! But it’s only $5.99 so when I get my hair straightened again I can always buy another can of it.

The only product I was disappointed with was Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine polish. Don’t get me wrong I loved the color but it had a fat brush applicator which for me makes things super difficult and it didn’t last but four days before it started to chip!

For $4.99 I expect more! I know that may not seem like a lot of money but if I buy other brands for $1.99 and they last six to seven days before they start to chip I expect more from a better known and more expensive brand.

For the most part this influenster box was a huge win! It has definitely been one of my favorites! All of the items were very practical and I could see myself buying these items again and recommending them to my friends!
If you have a chance or are on the fence about any of these items I highly recommend you go for it!







have you tried any of these items before?

***I received these items completely free from influenster. I was not paid to review these items and all of these thoughts and opinions are my own.***

Wife After God Devotional


A great way to strengthen your marriage.
A great way to strengthen your marriage.

My friend Tracy showed me this offer a few weeks ago to sign up to review this devotional and I am so glad that she did! The devotional is titled Wife After God. It’s by Jennifer Smith and you can check it out here for more information.  I like the fact that it doesn’t matter what time of day you do it, there is always time to complete the challenges that are given. I also like the status updates that are provided even if they are a bit canned but that’s mostly because I am on several different social media platforms and that gives me a morsel of content…

But my favorite part about this devotional is the fact that there are questions that can be answered in a small group setting (or if you are like me, on Facebook) and they invoke reactions!! They are not controversial questions more like thought-provoking ones that allow people to think and ponder and really reflect on their lives and marriages… I mean just the other day I asked my Facebook friends this question: Why is it important to know God’s purpose for your marriage? and one of my friends simply put, “so you can see the end result and not get bogged down by the in between-growing into it-stages, and won’t give up when (not if) it gets hard.” I mean I love the wisdom that comes from just sharing one of the questions on a social platform.

If you all know me I love prayer… And she has a prayer for each day that will surely leave you full of joy and encouraged… In fact as soon as I read her opening prayer I knew this would be a great devotional to read and share and do over and over again…she prayed for our hearts to be softened and for us to have the courage to go through and accept the challenges, she also prayed that our hearts would be guarded from distractions and prepared by the Holy Spirit… My faith was built up from the very beginning… not to mention I get to look forward to all the different topics that are covered such as Pure Joy, Marriage Is To Make You Holy, Who You Are Called To Be and Intimacy in Marriage just to name a few!If you are interested in buying a copy for you or a loved one (this would make a great gift) you can buy it here from Amazon. I can definitely see myself learning so much about my marriage during this devotional and I am excited to see what comes from this and how I can incorporate the things I learned into different aspects of my life.