Prayer Challenge

I was recently convicted by God about my prayer life. It’s not that I wasn’t praying because I was. But I wasn’t allowing myself to pray what God wanted me to pray. See I wanted to pray for specific people, intercede on their behalf. Lift them up and cover them. Which is all find and dandy, but God wanted me to take it one step further and pray through the seven key areas of our nation. For those of you who have no idea what the seven key areas are, they are the areas that have the most influence on our nation as a whole: Family, Government, Education, Media, Church, Business, Military. They are usually brought to the forefront during the National Day of Prayer which is always the first Thursday in May.

I always pray about all of those things on that day… and some of those things more often than others the rest of the time… but God wants me to pray for all of those areas ALL of the time NOT just one day a year… so I was challenged to pray through all of those areas everyday for a week. and it was amazing! I started off praying for how these areas effected me, The next day I prayed for my city and how these things effected it, the next day I ended up praying for the city of Chicago… and every day I was reminded to pray through these areas because our nation needs to be changed.

That’s were the challenge comes in… I challenge you my wonderful readers, subscribers, and random passer-byers, to pray through those seven areas: Family, Government, Education, Media, Church, Business and Military for one week… each day pray through those seven things just to show a unity like never before. Listen to what God is asking you to pray about concerning each of those areas and watch your hunger to see change and pray grow abundantly…

During the challenge and after I would love to hear from you, about what you’re praying for, what God wants you to pray concerning these areas, what you thought of the challenge, and what you got out of it… The challenge officially ends Next Monday (but of course you can do it longer) and I’ll write a follow-up blog post which may include some of your responses to these questions next week. Are you ready? Set. Go…

National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer (it’s always the first Thursday in May) and you are never too young or too old to pray for our nation… I remember when my husband and I were teaching youth group a few years ago and we participated in this day by simply praying for one another and prayer for the seven areas of influence. It was quite remarkable to watch 9-12 year old boys and girls seek the Lord on our nation’s behalf.

I would encourage everyone whether you have a corporate event to attend or not to take some time out of your day and pray for the following areas:

  1. Government– your local and state government as well as the President of the United States and his cabinet
  2. Military– the men and women who are serving in the armed force and the military family members
  3. Media– the influence of the media and the distribution of good, solid, moral materials
  4. Business– small and large business owners, and CEO’s of corporations
  5. Education– for your local school system,  the board of education in your area, students that you know
  6. Church– your pastor, pastors of other churches, unity between churches, the true word would be preached
  7. Family– your family, other people’s, family, that more families would stay together, that divorce would NOT be an option

These are just some ideas that you can pray for regarding these seven areas of influence… by all means seek the Lord and pray what He would have you pray. If you have time stop by the National Day of Prayer website and just remember you can pray every day not just today for these specific areas. Many blessings to you today and every day.

Prayers Welcomed…

a flyer that has a blood splatter and a cross for Good Friday
Please join us in praying for this service!!

So I need some people who can come together in agreement with me and thank the Lord for two things!!! The first thing is our (Bridge Church) Good Friday service that will be held tomorrow at 7pm… This will be our first public meeting and we are so excited and ready!! Please give thanks to the Lord for all the people who will be in attendance and for all the lives that will surely be changed during this time! Thank Him for the miracles that will be done and the team that will be formed. It’s been a bumpy ride these past few months so we are thankful to have this opportunity to impact our city for Jesus!!

The second thing would be thanks for a second interview that I have today at about 5:30pm eastern standard time. Ever since I stopped working at the local grocery store I have been waiting on God to direct my path on what it is that He wants me to be doing while bettering myself as a wife. But plain and simple I WANT THIS JOB!! I want this job even more than I wanted the National Parks job back in September… because it’s everything I like to do and I know that I can do…

It’s an administrative assistant job where I would keep a calendar and update social media; did I mention that it’s for an event planner… HELLOOOOOO!!! yeah I know…  HOWEVER even though I WANT THIS JOB, I WANT WHAT GOD WANTS FOR ME MORE! And if that means I get to continue my stay at home wife job full-time then so be it because I love this job too!!! So if you could just give thanks to the Lord for allowing me to have such a wonderful opportunity to find a job that I know that I can do in a field that I equally enjoy that would be very much appreciated. Regardless of the outcome I want to thank Jesus for showing me that it is still possible to do what I fully enjoy without compromising and I simply need your help in giving thanks!!! And I’ll be sure to let you all know how both events turned out!

Prayers Needed

Hello everyone I know that you all may have been expecting pictures from my recent travels to Bolivia but I promise I will get those up in the next few days… I just wanted to take this time to highlight a great need that I feel which is; the need for prayer!

woman praying
It's time to PRAY!

Now these prayers are not just for me although I will gladly take them, No in fact they are for people around me who are going through some tough times. Most of these people are in my church family but either way they all need to be lifted up to God the Father… They are going through things like the lost of a child, the death of other family members, sick children, sick family members, sick and disease stricken people (I’m not just talking about the common cold I am talking about things like cancer), loss of jobs, loss of houses… I could go on and on… a lot of people are in serious times of need, where they need more than a smiling face, they need action and by action I mean saints praying to God on their behalf!

So if you are reading this please say a prayer for my church family members and friends in need. I am not giving any names because God already knows exactly who I am talking about and He can bring the healing and the miracle to them without us ever discussing small details. That’s just how wonderful He is. Thank you in advance for all the prayers that will go forth on the behalf of all my family and friends in need. And if you need prayer don’t be afraid to ask for it whether you ask me or someone else… there are people who are willing to pray for and with you, and don’t ever think that something is ever too big or too small to pray about… because it’s not.

Thanks so much again for stopping by and reading this and thanks for your continued prayers. Blessings to you now and always.

**Miracle Update**

So today, just a few minutes ago I received the call I’ve been waiting for!!! My dad called me from the facility and told me that he would continue with the program! If you have no idea what I am talking about click here to read the back story…

God is soooo good! My dad told me that the only reason he agreed to do it was because I got a hold of him yesterday… God has a mighty plan for my dad and I can’t wait to see it!!! I know that while he is there, God will begin to deal with him and show him the love and understanding he’s needed!

Please agree with me in prayer for my father to see the one and only true God! To understand who HE is and what HE has done for us… Thank you Jesus for calling my father out of darkness. Thank you Lord that he will be set free once and for all. Thank you Jesus that you are showing him unconditional love, through me and my husband. Help me never to forget that. I love you and am so humbled by your love for me; for all of us! Thank you for hearing my prayers and for answering them like only you can! In Jesus’ Name Amen!!

Oh and what’s also great is my dad ran into one of his cousins that helps out at the facility!!! They grew up together in Mississippi, lived in the same house and all of that… So they are reunited and I got a chance to talk to him. He is going to help my dad take things one day at a time… So keep praying… press in and pray even when you don’t know what to pray for cause the Holy Spirit knows… thanks for reading and even more so thanks for praying!