Happy Big Sister Day!

Today Kiwi Hannah would have been three years old! So we slept in, had pancakes, took naps, played and played and played in an indoor play room, Had waaaay tooo many sweets, and just enjoyed today! We really celebrated Kiwi’s life, her memory and did things we thought she would have liked. 

A family snuggling
Enjoying some snuggle time.

We were also blessed with pumpkin scones from a dear friend who lives thousands of miles a way… When everything happened with Kiwi, and I was finally home, these scones appeared on our door one day with a note, it wasn’t until over a year later by happenstance that I finally realized who they had come from and was blown away and completely shocked it took me that long to find out, so when the same scones showed up on my doorstep with a similar note I cried for the first and only time today! I felt like the Lord remembered me and remembered my baby… it’s silly because how could he forget her, she’s with Him all the time, but it still just spoke directly to my heart, and I cried happy tears.

I also received just enough text messages/other messages that wished Kiwi a Happy Birthday that made me grateful for family and friends! Leading up today I was a mess, but we really did just enjoy playing hooky from work and taking Kobi out for some fun!! 
I miss Kiwi every day, but I am so grateful to God who gave us the time we had together and then gave us the creativity and healing enough to come up with Big Sister Day! 

Happy 1-Month Kobi!!

Our precious little girl is one month today, that’s four whole weeks old!! William and I still look at her as if she’s brand new and are always reminding each other that we will get to take her home one day cause she’s ours!! 

Kobi has made such huge improvements the nurses are telling us to make sure her room is ready at the house! As of right now she is 3 lbs and 13 oz! She has less oxygen going through her nasal cannula and today she got to wear clothes in order for her to be able to regulate her own temperature! 

They will do this for a couple of days and then open her pod to see how she does. Once she shows them that she can maintain her temperature and still gain weight they will put her in a crib! After the crib we get to have a few sleep overs with her so the nurses know we can take care of her and then she’ll come home!! All of this is still a couple of weeks away but it’s sooner than expected!! 

Thank you all for your continued love support and prayers!! We wouldn’t be where we are without you all! 


Life update

This has been long overdue and I wanted to give an update before the end of the year seeing as how it’s only days away…

The procedure I had done went well, and I’ve been on bed rest ever since. I’m not gonna lie being on bed rest was really hard the first couple of weeks and I kept hoping I was gonna get released but that hasn’t happened. Instead I was told I need to get weekly shots to strengthen my cervix and remain on bed rest.
So that’s where I’ve been since the last week of October. 

I’m taking things week by week and letting the days go by as quickly as possible. Today I am 23 weeks and can feel our baby girl move more and more everyday. Oh yeah, we’re having a girl!! Her name will be Katherine Obadiah or Kobi for short. We’re super excited!! 

Every day is a blessing and I’m looking forward to many more! 



10 Years Later

Today is my baby Cylis’ 10th Birthday!! Every year I reminisce on all the things that I never got to do with Cylis because he went to heaven too soon… but this year for the first time I’m happy that he’s there because that means that my baby Kiwi Hannah was greeted by him in heaven when she first got there and I’m sure they continue to hang out now!


I’m so incredibly sad. Words truly aren’t good enough to express the sorrow that I’m feeling today but knowing that my two babies are together in heaven puts a smile on my face through the tears and makes me a bit jealous that they get all the fun with Jesus and all I get is His still small voice.

Happy Birthday Cy!!! I loved you from the moment I knew you existed. Thank you for showing my baby Kiwi around heaven… I look forward to celebrating in heaven with you one day.