Where Was God Today

It’s a new month. I like challenges. I haven’t written in a while. I’m in a pit and I need to encourage and remind myself out loud just how good and how faithful God has been, is being and will be to me! Therefore, I’m gonna do a challenge of my own, called Where Was God Today and I will write a little something everyday highlighting the goodness and faithfulness of my God.

So where was God Today? He showed up by way of my husband getting our daughter dressed and preparing her breakfast this morning. That act blessed me and freed up time for me to get some work done. He showed up by way of borrowed socks for a play date so no extra cost were incurred and fun could be had in abundance without worry. He showed up by way of a phone call about a possible job opportunity. It’s seasonal, but it’s provision to help carry us through.

In all of these ways God has provided. They’re not huge but they still impacted my day and showed me tangibly that God loves me, is for me and hears my prayers.

Be encouraged, and I’ll see you here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Where Was God Today

  1. Thank you, Bola! I think it will definitely be uplifting for me to continue doing this throughout the month, and I’m looking forward to how God will show up each day!

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