So close yet so far away

Monday will be my last day of the whole 30!! However I still have 10 days of reintroduction to do afterwards. I’m so excited to be done, the temptations to binge is huge! Walking through the grocery store has been torture! I just think knowing that I can have treats is making me a little crazy! 

I had a goal to drink more water, and workout every day this week. I worked out but my water intake was hit or miss. It’s hard to drink water when it gets cold, but I tried. My back is also starting to hurt more than it did, but I think that’s a combination of the weather, my workouts, and clearing out boxes. 

Lots of food
Some of the food I made this week.

I made chili this week, a huge salad, some roasted veggies, as well as zuppa toscana soup tonight and it was so good. I had two bowls! The chili was okay for not having any beans and having veggies in it, but I definitely prefer the soup! 

This has been a struggle. The benefits have been nice but I enjoy food! I have learned some good habits and I think once I reintroduce foods and see how they affect my body it will help me to determine the way I want to pursue eating in the future and what I absolutely need in my life and what I can live without.

Thanks for all of the support throughout this journey. It’s much appreciated! 

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