I’m so hungry

This week has been really hard, and I’ve been hungry more times than I’d like. Not to mention this week has been pretty emotional and I couldn’t eat what I would normally drown my sorrows in. I just can’t wait to eat a great big piece of chocolate cake! I’m not even kidding! Right now all I think about is trying not to over do anything when I can eat the good stuff again. Like I know you’re suppose to ease back into things slowly but that might not happen! 

I will say that I can totally see a difference in the way that my clothes fit, and my back doesn’t hurt nearly as bad which has been fantastic! So there are benefits to continuing on, plus I’m very goal oriented so once I say I’m doing something, that’s pretty much it for me. Also, William has noted that I haven’t complained at all during the last 14 days, so I’m sure that’s a plus!

Fajita mix with Kale and Zoodle Spaghetti
Fajita mix w/kale and butternut squash/beet noodle spaghetti

I did make spaghetti earlier this week and ended up eating it for the rest of the week because William wasn’t a huge fan of it. But it definitely hit the spot. I also made a chicken fajita mix with kale and it was super yummy, William liked it. I think that’s something that I could keep in the rotation. I’m just glad to be done with this week because that means there’s only two more to go! 

The journey continues next week…

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