Date Night Tonight!!

Y’all I am so excited! William and I are going to have a date night by ourselves tonight! We are suppose to go to the movies and maybe grab something to eat. Or maybe we’ll go play Pokemon and grab some coffee. I’m just excited to spend some alone time with William before it’s bed time! I’m gonna get all dolled up and make sure we get a decent picture together too! 

We’ve gone on plenty of dates since Kobi came along (except to the movies so we may really follow through with that) and we haven’t had any major issues with bringing her because it allows us to be a family, which is something we’ve wanted for a while. However, tonight will only be the second time we’ve left her in the care of someone and went out together!

With me starting school and us both working along with the rest of the responsibilities we have the plan is to try to have a date night (even if it’s just at the house) at least once a week! 

What are some things you do for date night?

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